Psychedelic Caverns
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web site, along with the corresponding level for download:

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are plenty of bad guys to shoot and some strange and interesting rooms to explore.

You start this level looking at the demolition of St. Paul's church hall. Turn round and head off down the room past the pillar and statues. Shoot the bad guy at the end (notice a grating on the wall at the end.).

Follow the room on round to the right and run down another long passage with a pillar and tomb in the centre. There are some shotgun cartridges to pick up by the tomb and two bad guys to shoot at the end of the passage. Once the bad guys are despatched, you can climb up onto the raised section and collect some more shotgun shells and a small medipack. Back onto the floor and you will find a large medipack by the Windows logo.

Follow the room on to the left where you will be in a large, torch-lined passage with another raised section flanked by two pillars. There are three bad guys to shoot here.

When they are out of the way, climb onto the raised section and shoot the urn, inside it you will find half a cartouche, which you will need later. Notice a hole in the ceiling above this urn. You cannot get into it from here but you can get back to this room if you missed the cartouche first time round. (You may not need to use this door at all.

Back on the floor and you may see another urn (unless it was broken during the battle) which contains a large medipack. There is also a hole in the floor that contains some flares, which you may need later.

Climb back out and face the door beneath the C&A logo. Enter cautiously and dodge the rolling ball trap then shoot the scorpion. Drop into the hole at the end of this passage and pick up the shotgun. This will open the grating you saw earlier.

Climb back out of the hole and make your way back the way you came toward the grating, disposing of three more bad guys on the way.

Climb into the now open doorway where the grating had been and get rid of two more scorpions. Proceed into the green room where there are two more bad guys and a mummy for your shooting pleasure. There is also a crossbow and some exploding bolts to be picked up in this room.

On the wall opposite the door you came in by, you will see a crawl space. You need to go into this space and crawl along the tunnel picking up the poison crossbow bolts, wideshot shotgun ammo and six-shooter ammo along the way. You should end up in an area in which you can stand and look into a blue room.

Slide into the blue room and despatch the mummy who greets you. In this room, you will find two closed doors, a lever switch and The Hand Of Sirius. Pick up this item then operate the lever. This will open the leftmost door, which leads to a short corridor with another lever switch in it. Operate this lever and the other door will open.

This new room contains four tombs, some Uzi ammo and a selection of bad guys and mummies, which need to be disposed of. Run through the door at the end of this room and despatch one more bad guy, you can then pick up the large medipack and proceed into a corridor to your right.

This corridor is blocked by a large door ahead of you and has another corridor leading off to the right. Follow this latest corridor and you will eventually enter a stone walled, temple like room after first meeting another bad guy. In this room, you will meet five more of the bad guy's friends who need disposing of. You are then free to operate the lever switch and pick up the several items lying around (including Uzi guns, ammo and health packs). Don't miss the Eye Piece, as you will need this later.

Head back to the corridor where the door is. It will be open now and you can continue along this corridor to the shaft at the end. Pick up the other Eye Piece on the way and combine it to give you the Eye Of Horus.

Climb the long shaft to the wooden room at the top and get the bad guy guard before he gets you. Dive into the water and swim down and along this flooded passage, which is blocked by a door at the other end, until you come to a hole in the floor which contains a health pack. Swim straight up into a nicely wallpapered room where there are four items to pick up. On the wall by the torch is a keyhole for The Hand Of Sirius. Use it; watch the flyby then kill the scorpion biting at your ankles.

Jump back into the water and swim along the rest of the flooded corridor then up into a big poolroom. As soon as you step onto dry land, three guards appear. Dispose of these, then use the Eye Of Horus on the door. This will lead into a short corridor, which ends at the top of a slide.

Slide down and pick up the large medipack and Uzi ammo. Proceed into the circuit room and activate the lever switch. A door will open which leads into a grassy cavern with a central pillar, one marble wall with a grating in and two bad guys. Head toward this grating. It will open as you approach, enter and shoot yet another bad guy.

You will now be in a blue room with a small well ahead of you. (You may enter the well and swim into a tunnel which slopes up to a very long passage at the end of which, you will find some six-shooter ammo and the roof door back into the first room. You only need to use this passage if you missed the cartouche piece or really want the ammo). Straight-ahead is a closed door; a closed grating to the right and to left is an alcove containing a lever switch. Operate the switch and then head for the door, which is now open. Shoot the bad guy to your left then head towards the next closed door, turn to the right and follow the passage to another lever switch, shooting another bad guy on the way.

Operate this switch and prepare to defend yourself from another bad guy released by the opening door. Head through the open door, operate another lever switch, beat off another bad guy, through next door and operate final switch, kill final guard, pick up exploding bolts in doorway then collect the other half of the cartouche at the end of the passage.

Head back for the grating in the well room. It will open as you approach. Go in and operate the lever switch. This will open a door in the grassy room. Head for this door and pick up the medipack by the door then enter the passage until you come to a computer monitor set into the wall with THE END? displaying on it. On the wall to the right is the keyhole for the cartouche. Use it and enter the maze.

You are on your own in the maze but there are a number of items to pick up in it. There are also a number of scorpions and a mummy lurking within it. The most valuable item you should find is the laser sight. This is located in an alcove opposite the maze exit. (A tip for getting through mazes - follow one wall at all times. It may not be the quickest way through, but you will find your way out.)

You will recognise the exit by the very large steps up all faintly marked with an up arrow. Ascend and be amazed.

This is the final room. It's big and you must monkey swing, shimmy and jump your way to a platform where you will find The Hand Of Orion which you will need to exit this level.

Having got this key, you must rope swing, monkey swing and jump to the exit on the opposite side of the room to where you came in. Once in the exit corridor, jump over the deep hole full of lava and inset The Hand Of Orion into its keyhole.

A final gate opens and you may now slide into the next level.

I hope you enjoyed it.