Lara starts in the bedroom, push the button by the stereo and walk into the hall. Go downstairs and enter the kitchen to find another set of stairs. Go down and push the button to the left. Enter and throw the lever on the opposite side of the book shelves. Return back to the third floor, climb up to the attic and use the blue crate to climb up to the beam and pick up the KEY. Pull out the other two crates to retrieve your Pistols. Return to the garage and use the key on your left. Go out and enter the next building, pull the middle block to reveal a lever, throw it to open a door in the mansion, and then push the block on the right twice. Press the button, get out of this depot and enter the greenery to throw a lever in the end. Return to the little building and go downstairs to find four blocks. Pull them out to find the KEY. Get back into the mansion, go up to the second floor and push the button beneath the T-Rex head. Enter and use the key to Walk out of Sakul's house...

End of Level.
Secrets: none