The Cathedral Of The Fallen
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web page, along with the corresponding level for download:

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are plenty of skeletons, demigods and harpies to blast, items to pick up and rooms to explore.

This is a short level as it is intended to be the first of a two-parter and should be played back-to-back with the City Of Broken Dreams level.

You start this level on one side of a long bridge. Run to the door on the other side of the bridge. On the right, just inside the room, is an alcove, which contains a grenade launcher that may come in handy later.

There is a ramp leading up to door opposite the entrance to this room. There is also a switch high on the wall to the left of the door. You must go to the top of the ramp and do a running jump and grab to activate this switch, which will open the door.

Go through the door and you will find yourself in a similar room with two blocks against the opposite wall. If you stand at the top of the ramp and look up, you will see a plate in the ceiling.

This is an illusory plate and you will be able to climb through it into a short corridor with a hole in the end wall. Reach through the hole then go back the way you cam and drop back into the ramp room.

One of the blocks has dropped, revealing another hole in the wall. Reach into the hole. The other block will now lower to reveal the exit.

You are now in a large pool room. The water level is low but deep enough for diving. In one corner is an alcove which can be accessed via a shimmy way, and in this alcove is a wall mounted switch, it is too high to reach yet so dive into the pool.

There is some shotgun ammo on the bottom of the pool. There is also a tunnel leading out of the pool area, which cannot yet be reached, and a closed door below the water level.

Open this door and swim down the short tunnel. Climb up into a short corridor with a hole in the end wall. There is also a shotgun to be picked up here. Reach through the hole. A brief camera switch reveals a block raising in the corner of the pool room with the wall switch.

Drop back into the water and swim back to the pool room. There is a platform onto which you can climb. Climb the wall with the lighter coloured bricks. Beware at the top of the climb. There are now three skeletons waiting for you. Dispose of them if you like.

Make your way round the room to the shimmy slot but beware. A harpy will appear and attempt to damage you. Shimmy round to the alcove, climb onto the block and activate the wall switch. This will fill the pool.

You must dive back into the pool and swim along the tunnel, which was previously above the water line. This leads into a cistern with an exit at the top. Climb out into a short corridor and jump and grab over the deep pit. Continue on along the passage. You will find two boxes of shotgun ammo along the way.

The end of this passage terminates in mid-air and you will need to jump onto the roof of a tall tower. Be ready though, there are a couple of harpies patrolling here.

Once these have been eliminated, run to the other side of the roof. There is another passage in mid-air here. Jump and grab and climb into this passage. Run into the fountain room avoiding the steam jetting from the floor.

There are holes in the floor beneath each fountain. Climb into the first one and you will find a shotgun. Under the second, is a wall switch. Activate this switch and the room exit opens.

Go along this tunnel, avoiding the blades, and you will emerge in a library. In this room, you will find some grenades near the stone chair and some exploding crossbow bolts by the hole in the wall. You will also see a large double door with a high wall mounted switch to the right of them.

Reach through the hole in the wall. This will cause two blocks to rise either side of the double doors. Climb onto the one to the right of the doors and you will now be able to jump up to the switch. This opens the doors.

Go through these doors and up a short ramp. At the end, you will see the partly submerged 'Cathedral Of The Fallen.'

Drop onto the walk way and head off to the left. Under the first arch and follow the path on to the right to the next arch. Watch out for the skeleton coming towards you. There are two of them guarding the cathedral so be alert for another one.

As you approach the next arch, you will see, to your right, the roof of an outbuilding protruding from the water. To get onto it, stand beneath the arch, jump, grab and monkey swing over to the other side. There is a hole in the roof near the cathedral wall. Dive into the out building and collect a crossbow and some exploding bolts.

Swim back to the walkway. Continue on round the cathedral, past the submerged main doors, and on round to the other side. There is another arch here which you need to monkey swing over to reach a pillar jutting from the water. On the top of this pillar is a Pharos Knot which you will need to gain access to the cathedral.

Once you have it, swim or walk to the front of the cathedral where the main doors are. As you face the doors, there is a ledge at the level of the water to the left. Climb onto this and then up the two steps. Use the Pharos Knot on the holder on the wall. The doors to the cathedral will now open.

NOTE: A swim round the cathedral, inside and out, will reveal exploding crossbow bolts, shotgun ammo, grenades, flares six-shooter ammo, medipacks, etc. should you need them.

Swim into the cathedral. Feel free to explore and take in the sights, but if you just want to finish the level, climb out of the water by the staircase at the main door end. Two skeletons will attack you here. If you explore this floor, you will also meet a demigod and find a couple of pickups.

Climb the stairs. At the top you will encounter a demigod and another skeleton. There is also a bookcase on this floor, which has a small medipack on top of it. You may also meet a harpy at this point. Head off in the direction of the stained glass window by which, you will find a rope. Another harpy will probably attack at this point.

Swing on the rope to get to the other side. Be ready, There is a skeleton on this floor and another harpy attacks.

Run to the bookcase on this floor and climb up onto it. You will find a music scroll on top, which you will need to exit the level. On the floor in the corner behind the bookcase is a medipack.

Having got all these items, we are now finished in the cathedral and may now exit. Dive off of the balcony and swim back out of the main doors. Keep going straight ahead until you reach a submerged door. Open it and swim along the short passage and then up to air.

Climb out of the water. You are in a smallish room with a strange musical instrument in it. Place the music scroll on it and a door will open onto a dark passage. Run along this passage to end the level.