The City of Broken Dreams
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web page, along with the corresponding level for download:  

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are plenty of skeletons, demigods and harpies to blast, items to pick up and rooms to explore.

This is a short level as it is intended to be the second of a two-parter and should be played back-to-back with the Cathedral Of The Fallen level.

You enter this level by sliding down a sloping passage and dropping into a pool. In this pool, you will find the Breast Plate. This is the first of the parts you are looking for in this level. You don't have to get them all to finish the level, but it does give you a purpose for being here.

There is a pillar in the centre of the pool which, if you climb out of the water onto it, will yield up a crowbar.

There is also an underwater passage leading out of the pool. This is where you go next. Swim down the tunnel and into another pool. There is a revolver on the bottom.

Climb out of the water and find yourself in a room with two fire grates. The fires light and go out depending on where you are standing so move with caution. Exploring this room will reveal some revolver ammo.

In one corner of the room is a ladder with a fire preventing you from climbing. In the corner diagonally opposite, is another fire with a wall switch behind it. Walk toward the fire. It will go out as you approach. You can then jump up and activate the wall switch. This opens a door in the room at the top of the ladder.

Once the switch has been activated, go back to the fire at the base of the ladder. It will go out but don't be fooled. The moment you step on the grating, it will relight. Move as close as possible to the grating without stepping on the square it rests in, take one step back then jump and grab. The fire should remain out but you are now able to climb.

At the top of the ladder, you will find yourself in a small room with some flares and an open trap door. Drop through the trap door and climb down into the next room. At the base of the ladder you will find a LaserSight.

This room has four jars, three levers and a stone half pillar in the centre of the room. Arm yourself now as, when you move into the room, an enemy soldier will attack from behind the pillar.

Once he has been dispatched, shoot the jars. They contain various items such as a small Medipack, Revolver Ammo and the Left Gauntlet from the armour you are seeking.

Activate the three switches and a door will open in the wall. Go through this door, along a short corridor and into anther small room with fires in each corner, a pillar of water in the centre and a blue ornament on a rope opposite where you came in. At some point you will hear an explosion.

Walk around the pillar as you cannot shoot through it, shoot the ornament and another door will open. Go through this door and you will find a sort of well. Drop into this well and swim through the tunnel. It turns upwards after a short distance and goes up through the pillar you saw earlier.

Climb out of the water and you will find yourself in an open-air room with some dark corners. Look around - There are two closed doors, one of them has a raised platform in front of it. There are also some flares to pick up and a large canister. From a safe distance, shoot the canister. A door will open at the end of the raised platform. Climb up and go through this door.

This tunnel is not very tall and you will need to crawl through it. It is also dark so I would recommend lighting a flare.

The passage leads to a large room with a deep fiery pit, six columns five closed doors. Jump up and monkey swing to the first of the centre pillars. From this point, the order in which events take place is totally up to the player. The order I do this in is as follows:

Turn to the right and walk to the edge of the column. Standing jump to the next column so that you are facing the wall with only one door in it. Turn left and get in position for a running jump. Running jump to the column ahead. When you land on it, two of the doors will open. Behind the doors are more blue ornaments on ropes. I use the revolver with the laser sight to shoot these.

When both ornament are broken, turn so that your back is to the wall with one door and do a standing jump to the column ahead. The two doors that were open will now close and another of the doors will open. Shoot the ornament. then turn so that your back is once more to the wall with only one door. You will need to do a running jump to the next column ahead.

Once again, one door will close and another will open. Shoot the ornament then turn so that you are facing the door you entered this room by. Another running jump will get you to the last of the columns from which you can shoot the ornament behind the last door.

Turn so that you are facing the wall with only one door once more and do a running jump back to the central column. Monkey swing back to the entrance to this room then crawl back up the low passage to the room with the dead soldier in. You will now find that the second door has opened.

Go through this door and follow the passage down to street level. If you wish, have a little explore. The street is quite deserted .

On the wall opposite the passage you entered by, there is a blue door which you can open, but beware. There is an enemy soldier within.

Inside, you will find a dark warehouse. feel free to have a look round but the only item of real interest here is a motorcycle and sidecar. Get on and drive it either through the door or smash your way through the boarded up section at the end of the building. Once outside, turn right then right again, through the barriers and up the hill.

At the top of the hill, the road turn left and you enter the main part of the city. There are quite a number of enemy soldiers here to tackle. I like running them down with the bike but beware of the automatic machine gun. Have fun.

One alley is guarded by an automatic machine gun. This is where you need to go. Once you get so far down it on the bike, the ground will collapse and you will find yourself in a hole with passages sloping downward under the buildings either side of the road. A quick look down these will reveal that both of them are blocked by gates. The first thing we need to do is open at least one of these gates.

Go back up to the road and climb out of the hole toward the alleys dead end. There is a door which you must open. Enter the building. This room is quite small. Have a look around and you will find the Right Greave of the armour, a grating and a lever.

To open the grating you must operate the lever. Drop down through the mow open grating. You are in a short passage with another lever at the end. Operate this lever and one set of the gates in the underground passages will open.

Make your way back to the street and drop back into the hole. Find out which gates have opened then drive the bike through them and follow the passage. You will soon come to a junction. If you want to, stop here and check out the passages. You will find that there are two main passages with wide holes and ramps which will allow you to leap them on the bike but only in one direction each.

Leap the hole in the passage with the ramp nearest to you. Once over, turn left then right. Leave the bike at the end of the passage by the stairs and climb up. At the top of the short staircase, the passage runs to the left and right. Turn left and follow the passage. Just round the corner, you will find the Left Grieve and, at the end, a lever. There is also a grille that allows you to see into the next room.

Operate the lever and you will be shown a door opening. This is the door at the opposite end of this passage. Retrace your steps so far but continue ahead when you reach the passage you entered by.

Stepping through the door activate a flyby showing more details of the next obstacles.

Ahead of you, is a large closed gate, long drops either side and a rope hanging from the ceiling to your left. Swing on the rope to the platform opposite. Walk ahead, almost to the wall then drop off the edge to your right and hang on. Make sure that you are above the floor below then drop down to it.

Turn round and walk to the edge that juts out. You will see that this is the top of a steep ramp. Slide down. Do not be alarmed by the flame which suddenly sprouts in your path. It will go out again as quickly as it started.

At the bottom of the ramp, follow the path to the right and do a running jump and grab over the gap. Pull yourself up the other side and continue along the path. At the end, there is another slide which will take you down to the floor of this room. A quick look around and you should find some revolver ammo and a pool of water.

At the bottom of the pool you will see a tunnel. Dive in and swim down to, and along it. At the other end, it widens into another pool in which you will find two small medipacks should you need them.

Climb out of the pool and you will be in a smallish room lit mainly by flame but there is one shaft of light illuminating a wall switch. Jump up and activate this switch. You will be shown the other pair of gates opening back at the hole in the road tunnels. Now all that remains is to get back to the bike and retrace our rout so far.

Jump back into the pool and swim back to the large room we entered by.

To exit the room, you must now climb back up to the door. On the floor in the diagonally opposite corner of the room to the slide we entered on, are some climbing blocks. Climb these and turn right at the top. Walk to the edge and jump onto the platform ahead.

Turn right again and do a running jump and grab to the floating platform ahead. Turn left. There is a larger floating block ahead of you now. You must jump, grab and climb onto this block. Turn right round. Ahead and above is another platform with bars on two sides of it. Jump forward and up, grab and climb onto it. You will find a large medipack on this block.

Turn left, walk to the edge and do a standing jump, grab and climb onto the large beam ahead. Walk up the ramp to the edge then jump up and grab. Climb onto the ledge. Turn right and walk toward the wall. On your right, you will see a rope hanging from the ceiling. There is also a double gate on the next ledge across which should open as you walk on this ledge. Do a running jump to the rope and swing on it to the next ledge. Be careful not to swing too far as there is hole in the floor which lets you drop back down to the floor a long way below.

Once on this ledge, run through the gate and back down the passage to the motor cycle. Ride the bike back along the tunnels you came through originally, jumping over the large pit using the ramp, through the double gates, back up the ramp to the city and then down the ramp on the other side of the hole in the road.

These double gates are now open. Ride through them, they will close after you. You are now in a similar tunnel to the one you have just left. Ride the bike along the passage, left, until you come to the end wall.

Dismount. As you face the wall, you will see a passage on the right. If you go down here, you will find a closed door so, unless you want to see for yourself, leave this passage for now.

In the shadows near the ceiling opposite this passage is an opening into a crawlspace. climb into this opening and crawl along the passage. When the passage turns right, you can stand up. You will also find the Left Greave here. Turn right again and there is a lever switch just ahead of you.

Activate this switch and you will be shown a door opening. This is where you need to go next. Return the way you came and crawl along the low passage. Drop back into the passage where the bike is parked, then climb into the passage on the opposite wall.

Go through the now open door and you will be at the top of a tall room. If you have a look round, you will find some revolver ammo and a small medipack should you want them. Run down the ramp by the door then drop off the edge to your right and hang on.

There is a shimmy ledge just below you. Drop and grab this ledge and shimmy round the room. You will have to drop and grab another shimmy ledge at the corner of the first full wall. After turning the next corner, you can climb up onto a ramp which slopes down and follows the final two walls.

At the bottom of the ramp, there is a ladder which lets you climb down to the floor. Go down this ladder. The floor area is quite small down here and all you can see is a lever switch, a closed grating in the floor and a closed door.

Operate the lever switch and the grating swings open. In the pit, you can collect the Right Gauntlet which completes the armour you were looking for. Picking up the gauntlet also opens the exit door.

Exit through the now open door and follow the passage up a ramp into a small, narrow room with shallow water on the floor. Wade through the water to the end of the room where you will find a ladder on the right hand wall.

Climb. At the top of the ladder, you will be standing on a flat platform and will see, diagonally opposite, a similar flat area. To reach it, you must keep jumping and turning on the steeply sloping stonework.

Once you have reached the flat area, you will see an exit. Climb into the passage and follow it into a room. The passage you entered this room by will be blocked as soon as you enter. There are some flares here if needed. An exit will open as you approach the red block opposite the flare passage.

Just follow the passage. Various blocks will raise or lower as you pass or approach them. There is some revolver ammo to be found on the way. You will eventually come to a straight passage that leads into darkness. This is where the level ends.

Hope you enjoyed it.