The Doom Temples
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web page, along with the corresponding level for download:  

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are plenty of ninjas to battle and some strange, mysterious rooms to explore.

You start this level plummeting down a wide shaft from the Sewer level and landing in water at the bottom. While at the bottom, you can see, through a grating, a few objects you will need to collect later. First thing to do is climb out of the water onto a ledge. Ahead of you should be a short passage, which you must enter. There is some shotgun wideshot ammo and a button to press. Go back to the ledge and climb up the ladder on the wall to a door, which is now open.

There is another button to press at the end of this passage. This will open the first of two underwater gates you need to go through. Go back to the water. You can climb, jump or dive. The gate that has opened is situated in a low underwater passage in an alcove beside the ledge you first climbed on to. Swim along it (there is a shotgun to be picked up if you need one located near the open gate). The end of the passage opens into a room where you can fin some flares. Swim up and climb out of the water.

You are now in an arched room divided into two halves by a large wall and door. Go through the door and look for another button to press. There are several scorpions in this room and you may need a flare to locate the button.

This button opens two gates. The one you will need to go through and another, which releases two crocodiles.

Go back to the pool and swim back to the room you first fell into avoiding the crocodiles. Alternatively, if you can lure them into the open, you may be able to kill them.

The gate you need to go through is on the same wall as the ladder and has an ornate door, now open. Swim along this passage until it opens into a shaft. There is a crossbow to pick up at the bottom of this shaft. Swim up and climb out of the water. You are now in a dark room with one short, tall passage leading out of it. In the corner there are some exploding crossbow bolts to be picked up.

There are rooms leading off to the right, left and straight-ahead from this passage, and several ninja's who seem to not like you at all.

The room on the left has a door in the wall on the left as you enter. If you go through this door and follow the passage, you will come to a slide which drops you into the water in a passage which leads to the pool you started the level in. You do NOT need to go here.

The room on the right has a laser sight to pick up should you need one but nothing else.

The room straight ahead is where you need to go. It is quite a long room with a closed door on a ledge ahead of you and a door in the wall to the right as you enter. It is dark in here and you may need to use a flair to see where you are going. Go through the door in the wall and follow the passage down a slope. There is an opening on the left and some flares to pick up in an alcove ahead.

Go through the opening and follow the passage to a downward shaft. Do not fall down it, it may kill you. Climb down. Jump into the water and follow the flooded passage into a room where you may pick up some six-shooter ammo and a Golden Vraeus. You will need the Golden Vraeus later.

Open the underwater door and swim into the sunken temple. If you go into the middle of the room and swim up, There is a small air gap in the ceiling of this room. You may wish to explore and find all the goodies scattered about and this makes a perfect safe haven.

At the other end of the sunken temple, in about the same place as the door you came in by, is another underwater door. Open this door and swim in and then up. You will come to an air space with a ledge where you can pick up a small medipack and some shotgun ammo. While here, look up and you should be able to see into a room where the keyhole for the Golden Vraeus is. You cannot get into the room from here but will be there soon enough.

Get back into the water and swim along the new tunnel. You must pick up two Canopic jars here and there is also a shotgun if you want it. This is the passage you saw through the grating in the first pool. Once you have the items, go back along the passage and get some air, then swim down and re-enter the sunken temple.

You need to go back through the temple and back through the room and passage that led you here, then back up the ladder to the dark passage again. Back along this passage to the dark room with the closed door.

Place a Canopic jar in the hole in the wall and the door will open. Go into the poolroom and dispose of the ninja who may drop a small medipack.

Jump or dive into the pool. There is some shotgun wideshot ammo in here if you want it. Open the underwater door and swim along the passage until you reach air again. Climb onto dry land and place your second Canopic jar into the hole in the wall.

Go into the newly opened passage and follow it until you reach a passage on the right. If you look about here, you will see a door halfway up the wall on the left with a Vraeus logo above it. This door is closed for the moment.

The passage to the right leads into the other half of the water room with the platform. If you want some more shotgun wideshot ammo or just want to have a look, then explore. There is no other reason to go in here. You need to go straight ahead. Be careful though. There are darts in this passage. Fortunately though, if you look up, you will see a ladder attached to the ceiling enabling you to monkey swing over the darts. But be warned: a hungry crocodile may come exploring while you are hanging around.

You are now in a large flooded room with a number of pillars with gratings on top of each. There is one safe path to reach one of the doors on the side and if you want to work out the safe path yourself, stop reading NOW.

Standing on certain gratings will cause them to belch flames, but if you examine a non burning grating like the one at the entrance to this room, you will see a yellowish spot in each corner of the block. Any block that has these spots are safe to stand on. Any other block burns. Now cross the room.

Once over, go through the open door opposite the centre passage and you will be on a ledge high up in a very deep room. Monkey swing to the opposite ledge and go through the door into the double-barrel room.

This room is constructed like two pipes laid side by side and joined at the centre. One side is filled with water, the other air. There is a mysterious force keeping the two sides separate. The door in the wall ahead leads to the bottom of a slide from a higher level and offers no access to other rooms.

Face the water wall and jump through. There is some six-shooter ammo in an alcove nearest the door you came in by and an exit leads up a steeply sloping passage at the other end of the room. Go up this passage and emerge in a room which is dark at the far end. Beware. A ninja lurks here.

There is a hole in the floor about halfway along the room, which leads to the slide back to the double-barrel room. No need to go here. Continue to the far end of the room and you will find a passage to the left that goes on for some distance sloping downward. Go down this passage to the end where passages lead off to the left and right. Turn right then right again.

You will enter a room with lots of slides in. You must jump grab and pull yourself up on the first one then slide and jump your way to the other end of the room. Arm yourself when you reach the other end, as another ninja will attack. He should leave a large medipack behind once disposed of.

Go through the door and turn right. You will enter the Golden Vraeus room. If you look down near the keyhole, you will be able to see the flooded passage leading to the large flooded temple.

Place the Golden Vraeus in its keyhole. A camera shot will show a door opening back in the passage with the darts. A ninja also appears at the door.

You must now go back some of the way you came. Go back out into the passage and run to the end. Turn left and jump and slide to the other end of the room. Go through the door into the passage and follow it until there is a passage on the right. Go along the right passage until you come to a door. This will open as you approach. It opens into the large fire pillar room. You can either jump back the way you came in. The same guide holds true (yellow spotted blocks don't burn) or jump into the water and swim to the other end.

Watch out for the ninja when you leave this room. Monkey swing over the darts once more. There is a small medipack in the passage if you wish to collect it before monkey swinging.

Enter the now open door, walk along a short passage and you will come to the outer Doom Temple. A ninja is on guard here and will come to get you unless you get him first. Drop to the floor and run toward the gates to the inner Doom Temple. They will open as you approach.

Two more ninjas will attack as you enter. On raised platforms between pillars, you will find some shotgun ammo and six-shooter ammo. On the raised alter you will find the object of you quest. But as you pick it up, you pass out.

You wake up.........................
In Scotland?

I hope you enjoyed it.