Walk out of this alleyway and push the button on the right. Get in and pick up the KEY to set off the alarm: you have company. Get outside and use the key on the opposite wall, head up the stairways and push the button in the end to open a door back down there. Once through it, crawl into the new area: throw the lever on the alcove to the right and push a button inside the little chamber to the left. Get back outside. Head left to find a newly open passage. Kill the guards, push the button and follow the corridor to reach the new area. Take the corridor to the right, climb up the wall ladder and back flip, crawl into the alcove, push the button and return. A door straight across the room has opened - get there. Head upstairs and dash through the spiked area using the collapsing floors. Push the button to open the gates outside and slide down back there, through the nearby door. Get into the tower, slide down and crawl until you reach main hallways. An alarm will be set off. Head left and up through the alcove on the right. Just before the crawlspace, turn around and climb up the high wall ladder to throw a lever. Return to the place where the first alarm was set, run around the central column and climb down through the trapdoor. Climb up the wall ladder on the other end and pull the first crate to reveal a lever. Push it and drop down through the hole, grabbing the lower edge just beneath it and then safely dropping onto the ground level. Head to the area past that alcove on the right wall and climb up through the trapdoor. Follow the ramp upwards and push the button in the middle of the path. Slide down and crawl back to the area with the first alarm again. Climb the wall ladder and jump to the crawlspace. Go down on the left side, kill the guard and pick his KEY. Use it on the other passage and head up the trapdoor in the end. Work your way up and push the button in the alcove to open the exit doors. Walk out until you reach the terrace.

End of Level.
Secrets: none