Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[Note] If you use this level as the TR3 full game house level, you cannot save but you can access the basement aquarium for an important item. Rename shore.tr2 to house.tr2 and use the TR3 full game. According to the reviewers, if it run the level as a demo, the level crashes when you enter the basement. [End note]


You start with Sophia in Lara's bedroom. Turn left and go to press the pushbutton on the wall. The door opens so enter and pick up flares (1). Go to the end of the bedroom and exit the door and onto the balcony.  Go left on the balcony and press another pushbutton to open the attic door. Then continue down the balcony into another open door into the piano room. Go left and up some stairs. Use the book switch in the bookcase and the fire goes out in the fireplace. Climb the left wall of the fireplace and shimmy to the right at the top. Follow the corridor into a room. At the far end pull out the blue block and go behind it for flares (2). Go onto the ledge and pull out a blue block out of its opening and push it out of your way. This is a short cut to the attic. Go the end of the ledge and find a switch. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of a door opening under the stairs. Roll and run up through the opening into the attic. Go down the attic entrance and jump over the railings of the staircase. Run under the archway and into the timed door before it closes. Pick up the flares (3) and continue down the stairs. Loop at the end and go to the end of the corridor. Turn left and see an aquarium structure. Go to the end of the area and see a key on the floor just outside the right window. Go back to the entrance and pull a box under a hole in the ceiling. Pull up to a tunnel. At the other end, drop into the water and swim with the harmless fish. Swim around to the other side and pick up the Racetrack Key (4). Go back up the stairs and press the pushbutton on the wall to open the door.


Exit and go to the right into the gym. Go to the pool downstairs and press the pushbutton behind the diving board. You get a cut scene of a door opening near the front doors in the entrance lobby. Go to the open doors that you saw and get ready for a timed run. Pull the switch, roll and sprint across the entrance lobby. Near the end, hit ALT to roll under the closing door. This is the usual trophy room. Press the pushbutton by the door twice to open the door and exit back to the lobby. Go under the left archway and press a pushbutton at the back of the room near the stereo. This seems to play music on the stereo. Return and go into the kitchen. Go left to open the freezer door and it is empty.  Exit and go to the front door. Press the pushbutton and the front door opens. Exit and go to the left past the horse statue. You can go left along the side of the house to the outside training area. Otherwise, use the Racetrack Key to open the gate. Inside the gate you find a quadbike. At this point, you can drive around the racecourse until you get bored.

Exit the racecourse and go to the main gate. Press the button by the main front gate and the front gate opens. Run out the gate and the level ends.


Basically this is the standard house level with Sophia instead of Lara.


End of the level

Pickups: 4

Kills: 0

Secrets: 0