The S. S. McGreer
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web page, along with the corresponding level for download:  

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are some challenging puzzles to solve, skeletons to blast and interesting rooms to explore.

This a short level as it is intended to be the second part of a two-parter and should be played back-to-back with the Scottish Ruin level.

Enter the large flooded cavern through flooded tunnel from the Scottish ruin. There is a crowbar right at the end of the tunnel but don't worry if you missed it, there is another one in the ship. You may need to get some air before exploring the big flooded area. When you do explore this area, you should find some grenades, a grenade launcher and some flares.

Once you have some air, swim back out into the cavern and turn to face the ship. At the bottom, there are two openings. Swim into the one on the right and keep going until you come to an air space. You will need to climb into this space and activate a lever situated there. This will open a door into the ship.

To reach this door, you can either swim back out to the cavern the same way you came in, then go to the other end of the cavern and up to the ships walkway, or you can get back into the water and turn right and follow the flooded passage up to the ships walkway. Once at the walkway swim to the end nearest where you entered the large flooded cavern. There you will find an air space where the door was which you have just opened. Climb into the airspace then drop down into the cabin.

In this cabin is a Horseman's Gem and a skeleton. If you picked up the grenade launcher, now is a good time to use it.

There is a doorway out of this cabin onto a corridor. If you turn right and follow the passage, it will lead to a dead end where the ceiling has collapsed. You can just see a bit more of the corridor through the gap but you cannot get through. If you go to the other end of the passage, there is a lever, which opens a submerged door. To get to this door, you need to go back to the large cavern and get back into the water again.

Swim out into the cavern and turn to face the ship again. Swim to the passage at the bottom left of the ship. The door is now open. Swim into this passage and keep going. The first airspace you come to is where you will find the other crowbar. You don't need this if you got the one at the entrance to the level.

Swim on into the ship. The passage turns right and there is a small gap ahead and an airspace above. Climb into the airspace and you will find yourself in a short passage with a ladder at the end. Climb the ladder and you will be in another section of the collapsed corridor. There is a door to the right. Enter this cabin and you will find a scroll of music on the floor, which you will need later and a large button on the wall by the windows. Press this button which will open another door.

Now, go back the way you came and climb back down the ladder. Go back to the water and swim through the small gap to the right and on to another airspace.

Climb out of the water and run up the sloping passage to the end. You will find yourself in the last part of the collapsed corridor with a closed door to your left and behind, and a door on the right of the passage ahead.

There are two items to pick up in this cabin. Pharos Knot and Pharos Pillar. Once you have these leave this cabin and turn right. Near the end of the passage on the right, you will find a lever. Push this lever then go back down the passage to where the closed door was. It should now be open and there will be fire coming from the gratings in the floor.

Jump over the flames into the new corridor and be ready to meet another skeleton. Run down the passage into a small room with a hole in the floor. There is also a star shaped keyhole in this room but we do not yet have the key so climb down through the hole.

You should now be in a similar, but darker room. Look around and you will see a sloping area with a place for the music scroll. Beware in this room. Another skeleton could appear at any moment. Place the scroll on its holder and a door will open.

Run down this passage to a room with water on the floor, a closed door and a small platform. Run to the platform and use the Horseman's Gem in the keyhole.

Climb into the corridor where the door has just opened and run to the other end. You will find yourself in a room with a wooden floor and four large objects. You must move the large object onto the floor areas where the floorboards are laid differently. This will cause another door to open.

At the other end of this passage you will find another room with large objects in. These need to be manoeuvred about so that they cover the three fires, which are also in this room. Two of the fires are easy to cover but the third object can only be positioned correctly by blocking the access door. To get this block onto the fire, you will need to block the doorway with the object ready to push it into place, then jump back twice and climb onto the platform on your right. There is a shimmy way that you can use to get back into position behind the large object. Covering the third fire causes a raising platform to rise enabling you to get at the keyhole in the corner.

Use the Pharos Knot and open the door. At the end of this short passage is another keyhole. Use the Pharos Pillar to open this door.

You should now be in a large hold. Just inside this room there are some more grenades for your launcher and at the far end of the room is an alcove which contains the tip of Neptune's Spear and a Golden Star. You will need the crowbar to get the star. There are also a number of skeletons in this room for you to blast if you wish.

Once you have the spear and star, you must make your way back to the room with the star shaped keyhole. So retrace your route back to the room where the music scroll was used then back up through the hole in the floor and use the golden star on its keyhole.

A door in the flooded cavern will now open so now you must make your way back along the white corridor to where the fires were burning. They are now out allowing you to make your way back down to the water. Swim out of the ship and up to the newly opened passage near the roof of the cavern. Keep going until you reach a wooden shed.

Go out of the shed onto a boardwalk over a large pool. Keep going until you get to a white pad. This marks the end of this level.

I hope you enjoyed it.