Levels by Byte Buster & Impulse Berlin 2007


Walkthrough by manarch2


NOTE: The compass often does not show the right directions. The given ones are the direction of the red needle if you head to the places given in this walkthrough.


Level 1: Lara's Forgotten Adventures


Run S and then NW around the corner. Climb the block and take the Pharos Knot, then leave S. Go E and place the Pharos Knot in the black receptacle SE. The door beside you opens, run up the stairway and then N to get two Horsemanís Gems. Run down again and place the gems N to open the second door. Take the Music Scroll and leave, run up the stairs again and at the end of them turn E and jump to another roof. Head NE and place the scroll there. A door opens behind the N waterfall, run up the stairs, at the two forks choose one side and get to the very end of the long stairway avoiding the mummies and skeletons. On W and E blocks before the balcony are two Large Medikits. At the balcony turn SW and jump to the roof. Go to SW end and drop to the lower area. Go to SW door and the SECRET 1 sound appears. Get three Large Medikits and 2x Flares.


Jump to the slope which transports you down, then climb all the stairs up again, this time turn W and climb the red stairs, then again turn left and climb the short ladder. Jump into the central hole and slide down on a slope of your choice. After falling into the water swim to the middle and up and down again and find the Crossbow and 3x explosive ammo. Climb out of the water on NE corner and jump to the closed door. It opens when coming nearer. Kill the two mummies with the Crossbow and take the Pharos Pillar, then jump in N hole and follow the stairs leading you down. Place the Pharos Pillar in the receptacle. The door opens; follow E and take the right path as the left is deadly. At the end turn S and in the next room head W and climb the block for SECRET 2: a Large Medikit. Then follow the passage SE. You arrive at a green pool, notice the E receptacle. Wade through the pool and climb the SE ladder, follow the walkway W and take the Crowbar to get the Golden Star. Place it in the receptacle you saw earlier. The S door opens. Get through and then jump above the slopes W and E to get two Little Medikits.


In the pyramid room watch out for spiked stones falling from above. Head further S and get into W platform where you can kill two mummies. Behind NW crawlspace you can find the Shotgun and Normal Ammo, behind SW one 2x Wideshot Ammo. Go back and S to a room with deadly water. Turn around and climb one of the two ladders N to a high transparent platform. Jump two platforms S and take the Horsemanís Gem, then N again, climb the block for the second gem and place both in the receptacles. Jump to S ladder right of the opened door, climb down and enter a new room. Jump into the water and swim SW into a water passage. Go E, then S and follow the tunnel. Get out and get the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy. Go S and climb the ladder. E is a tunnel so get there and follow the tunnel. At the end fall into the hole and find yourself on the other side of the water pool. Combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy to a Portal Guardian and with that open the door nearby. Follow the long tunnel and near the pool kill four skeletons. Get Normal and Poisonous Crossbow Ammo on a W ledge.


Jump into the pool and follow W tunnel to the very end, climb out and jump into another pool, head E and get the Revolver and 2x Revolver Ammo. Get back to the starting pool and further NW push the two walls, go through the open door in a dark room with another two pushable wall levers opening another door. Go in and get the pushable gravestone on the marked tile, process like this with the second gravestone. Kill three mummies and two skeletons. Go through the open S door and get the two Golden Stars with the crowbar. A door in the far NW corner of the room opened; get in and follow the stairway, then go S through the opening door. Place the stars in the receptacles, the door opens, get the Pharos Pillar.


Outside kill the two mummies and take 2x Explosive Ammo for the Crossbow. Place the Pharos Pillar N and another door opens. Watch out for the fire blocks and push the floor lever W to open the door. Push the walls near the door and go further. In the next room kill four skeletons and find two Horsemanís Gems in the green pool. Climb out in the middle and climb the high W structure to find a Pharos Pillar and another two gems. Jump to the other structure E and find a fifth and sixth gem. Place the Pharos Pillar in the N receptacle, follow the tunnel and pry the Golden Star off the wall. Pushing the SE floor lever doesnít affect anything; I searched all over the level but didnít find anything so please exit to the main menu.


Level 2: The Adventure Goes On


Slide down the pyramid and head E. Jump into the pool and after swimming climb out at the other side. Watch out for mummies in the next room and take the four Hands of Sirius from all four fire platforms. The fire is not deadly so you can behave to it like air. Jump in one of the four pools; in all of them is a Little Medikit each but in SW one there is a tunnel too so get on there. If you get out of the tunnel you canít get back so be sure to have the Hands of Sirius. Jump to S ledge and go through the water to the W door. Open it with one Sirius Hand. Use another two ones N and S inside to get the Crossbow and Poisonous, Normal and Explosive Ammo. Then use the last Sirius hand W to open the next door. Jump onto the S block and monkeyswing SW into the opening at the other side of the big room.


Monkeyswing above the N pit, climb down the ladder and get both Eye Pieces. Back and you donít have to monkeyswing anymore Ė just sprint down the NE ledge and around the corner to NW entry. Place the combined Eye of Horus in the black door W which then opens. Climb in the W tunnel and reach a big pool area. Jump in and climb out on the middle E platform and push both statues one time back and then right/left. Get Normal Crossbow Ammo and the Hand of Orion. Do the same with the two other statues W and find Normal Crossbow Ammo and a receptacle for the Orion Hand. A S door opens so get in. Kill the two bedouin and get two Little Medikits where they came from. In the next S room watch out for spike boulders dangering you; quickly jump into the water.


Climb out W or E at the end, climb the ladder, backflip and jump from a ledge to the next area. Kill three bedouin and at least eight scorpions in this room and two mummies near the S doors and push the statues S on the N marked tiles. Four doors S open; in the SE and SW there is a Large Medikit each and an Eye Piece each, in the more W of the big gates is a passage; go through and N are four Large Medikits. E is another passage; after passing it place the combined Eye of Horus in the door. Slide down the long N slope and climb the E block, pass the tunnel to get a Ba Cartouche. Get out via one of the two tunnels and come to the central room. Go E and find the Shotgun on a block, place the cartouche in the wall, then go E through the door and then N. Go to the end and then E to get a Sirius Hand. Go W to the very end to get another Sirius Hand. Get back to beginning of the maze then E to place the Sirius Hands. The two doors open, go through and onto E slope. Slide down to end this level.


Level 3: In The Dark


Go E to get two Large Medikits. Get out into the big city sea and find a tunnel a bit N on E wall. Follow it to find two Horsemanís Gems. Back on the dry shore place them on the S wall. The door opens after some time, get through the dark tunnel and then get on the block for a Large Medikit. Watch out for some skeletons Ė run away quickly NW. Follow the tunnel and the stairway to a big room. In N red tunnel find a crowbar. Use it on the door at the end of the tunnel. Find a Hathor Effigy and an Ornate Handle. Run-jump E to the roof. Quickly run S and E to get a Crossbow and Normal Ammo. If you still have Explosive Ammo kill the skeletons. Get into NE corner, crawl (skeletons can follow) and climb to the top roof. S is SECRET 1: Revolver Ammo, Explosive Ammo and a Little Medikit. Back to the last room kill two crocodiles and get out into the water.


Climb out at the known place and put the combined Portal Guardian on N receptacle. Watch out for skeletons and climb the ladder to the very end, then backflip. Kill four warthogs and pry two Golden Stars off the W wall. Jump into the water and get back to the other tower and go to the highest point, then jump to the highest roof of this building. NE place the two stars and the next door opens. Kill three skeletons and go further N. Then arrive at the roof of the other building and get across the high bridge W. At the roof of the big water building take the Crossbow and Explosive Ammo. Climb down the ladder and get 4x Explosive Ammo and the Pharos Knot. Get up a wall ladder again, backflip and then jump into the water. Get out N and place the Pharos Knot to open the big door. Notice four receptacles. Jump into the green pool and then swim E.


At the end of the very long tunnel climb out E and get four Large Medikits, then go and swim back. Up the long stairway E kill four skeletons and climb the W ladder. SE and NE are four Horsemanís Gems; place them down in the noticed receptacles killing three skeletons while picking up. Two doors open, kill two crocodiles in each cave and get a Token and a Large Medikit there. Put the token in the box and the nearby door opens. Run down the dark corridor to the cinema. Spot a tunnel SW or NW... Get 2x Flares E. Running W ends this level.


Level 4: In The Dark II


Right at the beginning get 2x Flares E. There is a hole W so get down there. Get on N and S ledges to find 4x explosive ammo. On a lower E ledge is Normal Ammo and the Crossbow so hang down and drop there. Climb up again, hang from W side and below backflip behind the slope. W are two skeletons to shoot, climb the ladder and backflip through a water wall in a pool. Swim into N corridor, then directly up W or E and then around the respective corner. Shoot the four skeletons roaming around and take Normal Shotgun Ammo and the Crowbar from a S block. Get back into the canal and swim further N. Climb out E and pull up the S ledge and go for a Large Medikit and a Horsemanís Gem. Then use the gem on the E receptacle; the door opens so kill two crocodiles behind. Take four Horsemanís Gems and kill the two skeletons.


Go N to the central room and kill three skeletons, a crocodile and two warthogs there. Then use the crowbar on the W door near the water and kill two crocodiles inside. Go to N door and jump over platforms to E exit. Dive into the pool and on the floor get the Crossbow and 7x Explosive Ammo. Swim into the middle and climb up the ladder, then another corner ladder to the highest platforms W or E to jump to and grab the ledge. In the next room below kill eight skeletons and two warthogs. On the NW bridge are not less than eighteen skeletons to shoot. Take the Gate Key and go on N. Climb down the ladder and take Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit and place two Horsemanís Gems in the N receptacles. The nearby trapdoor opens, place the other gems in the NW corner and jump into the pool.


Follow the long tunnel to the pool where you picked up the 7x Crossbow Ammo earlier. Put the Gate Key into the E door keylock and the door opens. You arrive in a tremendous room. Jump to the far E passage. Take the token and go upstairs to place it, and then go down again. The room is now flooded so jump in. Swim in the hole and then W go on. Watch out for boulders and reach the other side of the room E, then climb the N stairs to the end and receive the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy, combine them to the Portal Guardian and use them on the floor receptacle in the far N corner below the stairs. A former invisible door opens so get through, climb out into a courtyard and in NW and NE corner is a Horsemanís Gem each. Use them near the door N to open it. Kill four skeletons and three crocodiles here, and then pry two Golden Stars off the wall. Jump into the pool and take another token somewhere NE corner. Back to the ledge kill two skeletons and place the token in the N box to dry the pool. Jump in and place the two Golden Stars on N wall. Run along the corridor and the level changes.


Level 5: The Tower of Harpyr


Run N and kill five harpyrs. Get down via the lattice and in the S passage. Climb down the ladder to the very end, jump into the water and wade/swim N behind the stairs to achieve the Pharos Knot and two Little Medikits. Then get back to the large ladder and climb it halfway up, then to the ledge with two Large Medikits and a receptacle for the Pharos Knot. Get back down and the N door has opened. A pharaoh guardian appears, donít waste your time shooting it, instead run away. Run up the stairway NW and combine the effigy and the handle findable on the top to the Portal Guardian, then jump into the pool, climb out and use the Portal Guardian on the N receptacle. Jump over the blocks and get a Large Medikit and a Horsemanís Gem avoiding another guardian. Place it at the S corner of the last room, near the entrance.


A NE underwater door opens so swim through and follow the passage down. Climb out of the water and get to the higher platforms via the NE structure. On the S end there is the Crossbow and 2x Explosive Ammo to find, afterwards go through N door. Kill eight skeletons and take a Large Medikit from NE block, then head N into the next passage. Follow it to a dark room, then in the next passage and jump over the spike pits. Jump to E walkway (full health), run down the slope and jump into W opening. Follow the stairs and climb the N ladder for a Music Scroll, then back, follow the S corridor, up the blocks and further S. Follow the endless rooms to a W jump lever. Jump there, using it opens the N door near the beginning of the level. Jump into the pool and place the Music Scroll on the shore. The E door opens. Kill five skeletons N and go further E. Get to the central pool below and then in one E passage arrive at a room with many kinds of Ammo, Medikits and Flares, then climb out and search the maze for a NE slope to end this level.


Level 6: The Forgotten City


Run down the street N and kill two bedouins. Jump into the green pool and follow N. Donít climb out in the first pool yet but head S and at the end climb out. Follow the stairway and kill the bedouin, then take the Cartouche Pieces 1 and 2 from the highest ledge. Combine them and you receive the Ba Cartouche. Run and swim to the former ignored first pool and get out there. Kill around twelve scorpions, then go E and arrive at a room with four mummies and two Eye Pieces, so be careful while picking them up. After that jump to the W sloped platforms, get jumping to the highest ledge, then in the W corridor. Place the Ba Cartouche in the left receptacle which opens the door. Watch out for mummies while jumping in the next room and jump into the pool. Swim through the passage and at the other side get out and get down one of the two stairways.


The combined Eye Pieces become the Eye of Horus which you can place on the W door. Downstairs is another deadly pool so monkeyswing to the middle of the room and let yourself fall in the safe water hole. Swim to the far S and climb out. Shoot the W and E vases to achieve two Hands of Orion. Then go W and take the Large Medikit. E and S appear ten scorpions so kill them and on the far E wall place the Hands of Orion. Four cages with a mummy each open, push the floor levers inside to open the S door. Inside is Ė aside of four more mummies Ė a S passage so quickly jump in. More enemies are waiting for you inside: Two bedouin and two mummies that cannot attack you because they are ďtrappedĒ on the fire block. Run up the long stairway to the very end and into the next courtyard. Approach the S doors and run down the corridor which is the end.


There is a very short continuation of this level right after the finish trigger:

You are trapped into a dark room, and cannot move, you only can turn around and draw your weapons. There is no end trigger so get to the main menu.


Level 7: Library Of Mystery


Run down in the inner courtyard W. There are two jump levers SE and NE so use them to open both W doors. Go into the right one and take the Music Scroll, then quickly jump into one of the two pools SW or NW to kill two fire ghosts. Place the scroll on the W pedestal and go through the left door and see an opened gate W. Push/pull the four globes onto the marked tiles near the central pyramid, then jump into one of the two pools and follow the water passage to the middle opened door. On the floor are two Horsemanís Gems so take them, come back to the pyramid room and place them on the S platform to open the big blue door. In the lava room follow the lattice E, up the stairway, on the roof turn W and jump to a ledge.


Climb up and find a Large Medikit S and further N the Crowbar. Use it to pry the Golden Star off the wall, then go back to the lava room. Place the star S to open the nearby door. Go down the stairs, watch out for wall knifes and jump over them or crawl below them. Follow to an opening with a big cogwheel. Climb down the ledge and run through the room (the wheels arenít dangerous), then climb up at the other side again. Get to a room with a Music Scroll receptacle so go searching for it. Head S for another cogwheel room and climb up the SW or SE ladder, then get over the walkway for a Golden Star. Get into S passage on the floor again.


S is a closed door but W and E corridors lead to two Horsemanís Gems. The door has opened now so get through. Jump over the pits with the swinging chains. Jump in the green pool and get a Large Medikit on the S end on a W block. You can see two Golden Stars through the bars. Get back N via the ladder and this time avoid jumping into the pools Ė just get to the other side. Climb the big block for a Large Medikit, then use the gems on the E wall.


The door opens, use the Golden Star at the other side of the room. Get 2x Explosive Ammo, the Crossbow, a Large Medikit and the Music Scroll. Get back all the way over the water pits and chain pits, the stairway and the Cogwheel Room. Use the Music Scroll W and the doors open. Jump into the big room and take the Music Scroll from the central block. A NE door opens, kill two knights with the pistols (crossbow doesnít work here). Then get two Horsemanís Gems in the room where they came from, then place the Music Scroll on the NE pedestal. Get the Revolver, 2x Revolver Ammo, the Lasersight and two Large Medikits, then combine either the Revolver+Lasersight or the Crossbow+Lasersight and shoot four bells on the high E wall.


The door opens so head through, go to the passage end and pry the two Golden Stars off the wall. If you go to the pool the door behind you closes and you have to get back to the central room. So first get back to where you placed the scroll, then go N through one of the three openings. Back through the first cogwheel room, then the wall blades passage and the lava room. Place both stars at the W platform to open the second blue door. Get into the courtyard below and kill two knights. Get into the long W passage and then further W to a room where four boulder danger you, climb the W and E blocks for a Little Medikit each. Get back to the last room and push the four globes onto the big middle marked tile. The S door opens. Arrive at another courtyard. Get near the far S platform with the effigies and the level ends.


Level 8: Library Of Mystery Part II


Push the four wall levers on the E and W wall. Avoid the fire ghost triggers N near the gem receptacles and get through one of the doors and up the stairs. If you triggered the ghosts you can jump into E or W pool to kill them. Swim to the darker room with four Horsemanís Gems in the Corners. Get all the way back to the first room and place two gems on the S wall. In the next room push or pull all four globes on the corresponding tiles in the four corners to open one door in the middle. Get inside the area and kill two knights. Jump into the pool and follow the long passage to the end. Place the remaining gems on the S wall near the horse statues to open the next door. Jump into the green pool and down in the water cavern. Get out in the first opening and take 4x Flares and two Large Medikits. Back in the water swim further W and get out at another opening.


Follow the next pool to a ladder N. Climb it and jump over the platforms NE. Up to the next area via a ladder follow the W stairs. Jump to the middle platform and receive two Horsemanís Gems, then climb the lattice to a higher area. Place the two gems left of the W door. Get into a large and blue room and just run to the W exit, else there is nothing to do here. You enter a church and music begins to play. In the corners jump over the railing and get a Large Medikit in each four of them. Jumping from NE or NW corner to the middle N one means getting SECRET 1. Afterwards jump to the middle platform for Ė surprise Ė two Horsemanís Gems. Get to the floor with hanging from a N ledge and then falling, then enter the hole inside the structure and get the secret goodies: 2x Normal Shotgun Ammo.


Get down of it and kill four knights, then shoot the S vases for a Crowbar. Pry the Golden Stars off the altar and then jump in the pool behind the altar, follow the passage and swim up then. Climb one of the ladders and get into the high area. Place the stars in the N receptacles, then slide down for a long time. Use one of the two wall levers to get to the higher ledge and place the two gems in the N receptacles to open the blue door. Get another two gems N, run out of the temple and use them in the far N corner behind the temple (donít use them for this first, otherwise you get stuck) for two Large Medikits. Then go finally downstairs inside the temple to end this level.


Level 9: The Search Goes On


Climb the S pedestal for both Cartouche Pieces. I didnít find anything worth looking for in the water so just go N of the pool, shoot all four vases on the two blocks and get two Little Medikits and both Eye Pieces. Go to the NE to find a stairway, at the end combine the pieces to a Ba Cartouche and place it in the NE receptacle. The door opens; take the Hand of Orion from the block. You can jump to roof from there, go S and jump to a block with another Hand of Orion. Go back to the beginning of this level and place both Hands of Orion near the cages. Get a Little Medikit and a Cartouche Piece in each. Then go W around the red building and use the combined Ba Cartouche there.


The door in the red building opens; run up the stairs and climb the S red roof for the Hand of Sirius. Follow the bridges E to find a Large Medikit on a block there. After that jump into the pool and follow the N passage to the area where you found the Eye Pieces. Get out and head NW for a large area with a receptacle for the Hand of Sirius. Place it in and the level ends.


As an alternative route, just climb up the ladders near the pool then jump to the S Hand of Sirius and place it in the NW receptacle.


Level 10: The Temple Of Hope


Turn around and press the music button if you want. Jump into the NW or NE pool, get the Guardian Key and climb out NE. Use the key near the W door to open it. Kill two red-masked bedouin and climb the stairs, afterwards slide down E onto the bridge. Further E kill a crocodile into the pool below, then youíre free to push the music button or not, then jump in the pool and get the Golden Vraeus in the tunnel. Swim and take 2x Normal and 2x Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Further youíre back in the first pool, swim out and get back to the bridge again. Put the Vraeus in the first receptacle before the stairway and kill four masked bedouin. Take the Guardian Key and a Little Medikit.


Slide down the pyramid, hang from the ledge and fall to the ground. Climb the ladder in the central room and get to a room with Normal, Poisonous and Explosive Crossbow Ammo and the Canopic Jar 2. Back downstairs kill four masked bedouin and get into SE passage. Climb the E ladders and place the Canopic Jar 2 into the wall receptacle. Kill five scorpions and use the Guardian key in the SE corner and run up the stairway behind the now open door. Kill a red-masked bedouin and push a button to open another of the five doors. Climb the ladder inside, push the button and run through the third door; upstairs take a Little Medikit off the window ledge and push both buttons.


The last doors have opened so head through one of them and arrive in a pool room with four crocodiles. Kill them and jump in the water to achieve the Crossbow and an package of each Crossbow Ammo. Back on the bridge run S to kill two scorpions and to fall into the middle hole. Pull out S for secret #1 and two large medis and dive again. Swim W and climb out at a shore. Get the Canopic Jar 1 and a Little Medikit. Swim further N and run N to a door which then opens. Place the Canopic Jar 1 into the receptacle just right of you and another W door opens. Climb a ladder and backflip onto a roof and kill two red bedouin. At the top of the pyramid get 2x Revolver Ammo and two Little Medikits. Shoot the E vases for two Golden Vraeus and climb the ladders beside you. At the other side of the building climb down to the well-known bridge.


Run down the steps NW and place a Golden Vraeus near a door. It opens; place another Vraeus right under the stairway. The next doors open so head in and kill two red-masked bedouin and six crocodiles in the pool, in which you can find several Medikits and different kinds of Ammo. Climb up to the walkway where the bedouin were, then jump into the W opening and monkeyswing over the fires (run-jump to grab it). Then overcome the following knife traps and at the end of the next corridor turn E and push the button. Run down the purple bridge and take a Large Medikit. This is secret #2. Get back and into the closest red water which seems deadly but isn't. Swim through the door, open another one, resurface below the ladder and climb it to backflip on the ledge. Press the button to change the music to more fitting as you fight four ninjas for four small medikits. In the next room hop into the central pool for two flare boxes, pull out and safety drop to hang below.


Let go for a screamer fall down the shaft into more water. There you have 12x revolver ammo and, more important, 2x Guardian Key. After you kill two ninjas around, get the Canopic Jar from the S ledge, two crocodiles also appear in the water. Place the keys in the E slots for more Guardian Keys (aha), to repeat in W slots and proceed. Press the music button on the wall and get through the gate. Check the side doors for medikits and crocodile fight. But it's a fake way out - get back to the last music button and pass the crawl-through gap next to it, into the outside. Optionally shatter the vases from the water then dive, loop around the croc and the left pillar, press the button for underwater getaway and make the croc follow you through into the exit staircase. Here blow it up together with the approaching ninja. Claim the large medi from the pedestal and climb the stairway to jungle (quite long one).


Level 11: Jungle Temple


You start this level at a higher ledge. Kill the five jackals in the S pool and jump into the SE water pit and take two Large Medikits there, then get Revolver Ammo at the higher S ledge. Go E and climb to the passage with the closed door. Turn around and jump NE to pull the chain once. The last door opens to head through and get the Large Medikit. Take the Music Scroll (sand clock) from the W pedestal. and then jump to the NW corner for another Scroll.


Now youíve explored the room get SW and place the first scroll in the right statue. The door opens, go S and place the second scroll to get to the next area with eight receptacles. From the entrance get near the third left, shoot the jackal and take a Load. Get to the opposite cage and kill another jackal and take his Little Medikit. Place the Load in the second left passage, kill the jackal, get his Load and take the Music Scroll from the end of the passage. Place the found Load in the second right receptacle, kill the jackal and get a Golden Star (Ba Cartouche) in the passage. the Golden Star (cartouche) and a Little Medikit. Place the star in the third right passage. If you want you can leave the room, there are just jackals to shoot and Loads to get, if not do it as you like.


Get out of the passage S, watch out for moving spikes and climb the S wall and backflip on the higher ledge. Again watch out for spikes and arrive at the N exit. At the green roof jump to the middle platform for a Scroll. Jump E and place both Scrolls at the statues. Follow the E corridor to the end, jump down the room over the S and E platforms. Kill the two jackals on the stairway and climb up the pole far E. Jump back E at the top and take 2x Flares. N is a door requiring an Eye of Horus, jump NW and shimmy N and around the corner W. Get down to the floor and place the Load near the E doors to open them. Get both Eye Pieces and come back to the big door. Combine the pieces and place them on the door to open it. (The pieces are all called ďLoadĒ).


Follow the dark cavern and then go S up the long ramp. Get the Large Medikit on S receptacle. Hang from N ledge and fall pressing Action for another floor lever in the passage. Jump into the pool and swim through S door, follow one of the parts to the middle of the room, then swim through the wall up and then climb out. Pull the S floor lever and climb one of the ladders around the pool. Go S and a door opens itself for you. Open the two W and E cages by running in front of them and kill a jackal each. There are two Loads in the passages, with them open the front door. Take the scrolls from the pedestals and use them on the two statues N and S. The E doors open so get to them and enter. Get up the NE stairs to the SW and get a stairway down there. Jump into the pool and arrive in the next room N. Follow to the very end and climb the W ladder (behind that high blocks). Push the N lever to open the S door. Get down the structure; follow the lattice to the NE big statue to end this level.


Level 12: Way Of Pyramid


Turn around and run S and E around the corner. Follow the little maze to the central pool and swim all the way through the passage. Climb out and then the long ladder. Follow one of the two monkeyswings N or S and jump down the platforms. NW take the Canopic Jar 2 and the Golden Vraeus. Kill two masked bedouin. SW are two Large Medikits. Go S or N for some music if you want, then use the SE button to open the doors. Place the Vraeus at the end of the corridor. Follow the yellow stairs and place the jar in the NE corner. At the next room take two Guardian Keys N. Jump down the bridges to the ground and place both keys in the receptacles. In the maze head SE and on the little block jump to the upper ledge, then climb up. Find your way to the N exit. Kill two masked bedouin and follow into the W hole, find two keys, the Crossbow and a Little Medikit in the room. Jump in a pool and get to the other side where you have to kill four masked bedouin. Get 2x Explosive Ammo and another two keys. Push the buttons for music and get two Large Medikits on the central pedestals, then climb up into the next area. Jump down and while approaching the Golden Star the level ends.


Level 13: Library Of Mystery Part III


Swim E right at the beginning where three boulders felt down before. Take the Crowbar and two Horsemanís Gems on your way to the air, then climb out of the pool and pry two Golden Stars off the W wall. Jump to the structure above the pool, climb up and pull the S lever for music, then place the stars in SW and SE corners. The middle door S opens so head through and kill two knights. Follow to the end and then E to run downstairs. Place the two gems on the receptacles to open the door. Get to W passage and climb in. The vases here only have fire ghosts in them so donít shoot them. In the corridor is a Large Medikit. Jump in the pool; swim down and E or W and follow the passage to the very end. Climb the N ladder and take both Music Scrolls in the blue N room.


Watch out for boulders in the NW passage, kill the two knights and get on then. You get back to the first pool room. Jump up the structure again, and then use the scrolls N. Enter in a room with four receptacles for Golden Stars. You can see two crawlspaces SE and NE so shoot the vases before them and crawl into the NE one and light a flare. Get on there and arrive at a room with a Crossbow and all three ammos of it. Pry two Golden Stars off the S wall and pull the lever SE. Back in the hall kill a knight and place the two stars N to open the E door. Get two Little Medikits there and another two Golden Stars. These ones are made for being placed at the W wall to open the middle door. Climb down the S stairs and in the middle go E for 3x Flares and a Large Medikit. The blue pool S is the starting point, but you canít get there so just follow the corridor.


Jump to the N platform avoiding the fire pit. Jump in the water and swim the E passage to the end. In the next lava room let yourself fall to the ground, get Explosive Crossbow Ammo, Revolver Ammo, Normal Shotgun Ammo and a Music Scroll. Jump SW and arrive at a new room with two knights. After killing them get two stars off the central pool platform. Use them on the W receptacles and climb one of the ladders near a corner to the top. Jump to an adjacent ladder and also climb it to the top. Finally jump to the middle ladder, after climbing backflip onto the ledge. Run to the S door and it opens. Follow the bridge above the deadly floor to the very end to finish this level.


Level 14: Museum Of Weapons


Jump down into the courtyard and run NW to a pool, get in and find the blue Load. Get to the first courtyard and then S to use it near the big door. Kill two soldiers inside and take a yellow Hand of Sirius and a Little Medikit. Get W of the pool to use it there and the left doors open. Get in the museum and see many display windows with weapons and ammo. Luckily you can shoot them so get the Revolver+Lasersight and ammo, Grenade Launcher and ammo, the Crossbow and ammo and several Flares. Running on the SW ledge of the stairway triggers two more soldiers, get in the N passage and jump to the left of the far E door. Run up the ramp, jump to the S platform and get into the E hole to receive a Load (CD). Back to the museum place the Load N on the S wall of the central block. The middle doors open so head in and take a Large Medikit and a Hand of Sirius. Kill two soldiers and run NE to the closed door to open it with the Hand of Sirius. Get down and take the blue Load at the end. The doors open so go through. I think the Load should have been red so he would fit in the left receptacle, but because there is no way to place this blue one this level canít be finished.


Level 15: Museum Of Weapons II


You start this level right there where you should have come at the last one. Get through the corridor, take the Load (CD) and jump up the blocks and ladders. As in the last level jump to the S platform and then E to place the Load in the computer. Jump down into the pit and follow the lava rooms to a bridge with six soldiers to shoot. Go SE and the door opens for you. You arrive in another ladder room. Climb one of them, backflip onto a block and jump to the central ladder from there, backflip again and kill a soldier there. Jump to the highest glass platforms. N get down into the hole in the corridor, slide down and follow the passage. In the next room you get to see two frozen soldiers who canít harm you. Climb the ladder and on the next floor there are four Large Medikits waiting for you. Climb further up and the very far and run to the wall to fall into a corridor. If you fall into the N one the level ends.


Level 16: Cleopatra's Palace


Slide down the red slope and run above the walkways to the middle. Get a Load (key) and a Horsemanís Gem (Hand of Sirius/Orion). Jump into the pool and push two floor levers in the middle. The N doors open so swim through killing two crocodiles first. Then just follow the way, swim up and climb out E. Run down all the stairs and place the key N on the central S wall. Kill three crocodiles and take the Revolver+Lasersight. Jump into the N pool to find 2x Revolver Ammo and two Horsemanís Gems S. Climb out and use them S in the room to open the E doors in the pool. Follow and at the end use the E underwater lever to open the W doors. Finally get air and follow the corridor. Climb the ladder to a movable block. Push it five times, then push the second block to the right twice.


Follow the room NE to climb a ledge and fall into a deep hole. Get 2x Revolver Ammo, 2x Explosive Ammo, another Revolver+Lasersight, the Binoculars (?), the Crossbow and another key Load at the ledges around the pool. Back in the water head N, in the middle of the passage swim up to get two Little Medikits. At the end of the pool climb out SE and up the high stairs N and W. Climb up the long W ladder and get further jumping the SE stairs. Climbing another ladder followed by running above a bridge leads to four Large Medikits. Back down the ladder monkeyswing to the other side. Pull only the E lever so the N door in the pool opens; swim through to the end of the room and the level changes.


Level 17: The Other Way


Swim S to the end of the pool and climb out. There are four levers in this room opening the doors beside.

W one: Run S to the very end, kill two knights. Take the Revolver and a Large Medikit.

S one: Run W to the very end, kill two knights. Take 2x Revolver Ammo and a Large Medikit.

N one: Run down the corridor to the E openings, then climb the N or S ladder, backflip and take a Music Scroll. Jump over the E platforms to the next big platform with another Music Scroll. Jump into the pool, swim W and get two Horsemanís Gems and two Large Medikit.

E one: Run up the stairs and push two jumplevers to open the door. There is an invisible pool under them so swim back twice to the area.


Enter the new room and place the gems into the E receptacle. Jump through the chains and in the next room avoid the boulders. Get into the pool far E and swim to the ground, then S. At the end climb out and follow the maze to one of the corners, then climb the ladder there (N, W and E) and shimmy to the middle to get two Large Medikits. Shimmy S then and you arrive at a door. Place the Music Scrolls at the receptacles and the door opens. Kill two knights in the NE room and take the gems they leave. Do the same with the two knights SW. Place the first gem NW and inside take the Crowbar N. Then place the second gem SE to pry four Golden Stars off the wall. You can place the last gems either S or W to get some extra goodies (like Medikits or Grenade Launcher).


Finally run up the E stairway to arrive at a balcony. Jump into the pool and under the water platform to come further NE. After seemingly endless tunnels finally swim up and jump down into a new room. Place all four stars in the receptacles in this room but only the E and W doors donít lead to a dead end. Follow one of them and get to the next area. Jump down and kill five knights. On the blocks are goodies like Medikits, the Crossbow and ammo for it. Then jump in the central pool and run N into the pitch black passage to finish this level.


Level 18: The Temple of Hathor


Head S and the door opens for you. In the next room go W into the a bit higher room where you can find Uzi Ammo SE and NE Revolver Ammo. Climb the NW ladder and follow the passage, then jump to the central platform killing four scorpions. Push the floor lever and the far S door opens. Get there, donít forget the Uzi and Shotgun Ammo SE and SW and then enter the door. After jumping on the block with a Little Medikit kill the approaching bedouin. The next door opens itself so go up the ramp, watch out for spike boulders. Then jump W or E to the ladders, climb them up and backflip on the highest ledge. Monkeyswing over the pool, take the Ornate Handle and watch the cutscene. Jump in the pool and swim through the newly opened door. After swimming climb out and kill six scorpions. Jump to NW pole, climb down and run into the cave to kill another six scorpions. Take the Revolver for SECRET 1 and go back into the last room, pushing the SE floor lever.


Run further, avoiding two mummies, then NW. Use the NW lever, opening the door and triggering a spiked boulder. Inside is a Large Medikit. NE is a Large Medikit, too. Kill the bedouin and jump in one of the E holes in the ceiling, watch out for two mummies and quickly take the Hathor Effigy off the pedestal. The combined Portal Guardian can be used at the N door, jump over the spike pit and follow the passage. Climb the ladder, kill the bedouin. Slide down into the next room and jump into SW pit. Go down the stairs, jump deep into the water and follow the water. Up another stairway is a floor lever, open the door and kill four bedouin inside. Afterwards climb the red block NE and the other red-translucent ones, too. After several jumps kill the bedouin S and climb down the ladder into the next pit with 2x Flares, two Large Medikits and both parts of a Portal Guardian (Eye of Horus).


Climb back and jump to and over the red platforms again until you reach the very end of them, then climb the W hole into the N direction, get down the slope after the corridor and place the Guardian in the door. In the dark room get the Crossbow, 3x Explosive Ammo and both parts of the Ba Cartouche. The following three doors open without doing anything but running in front of them so get on and slide down in the jeep room again. Place the Ba Cartouche W and a door S opens. Inside, climb the ladder and follow the stairway to a room with two floor levers. After pushing them kill four mummies and four bedouin inside. Then go through the N door and get two Horsemanís Gems (stars) in front of the statues in the middle. Pull the NE statues from the wall and climb into a red passage and place the gems upstairs to open the next door, there push one of the two floor levers to make your way free.


After the lava room bridge kill four bedouin in the following room. Hang into the black pit, fall and then grab a platform with SECRET 2: Two Large Medikits and 2x Flares. Hang yourself down, fall and grab the next ledge for SECRET 3: same as secret 2, do it once again to get the same things once again (no secret here). Finally jump into the pool and swim down to end this level.


Level 19: Temple Of Mystery


Jump onto the N, W and S block to get a Little Medikit each, then you can go through the W block. Follow the straight passage and get Flares N. Avoid the skeleton and jump to the middle blocks to get a Large Medikit, two Horsemanís Gems and an Ornate Handle. But unfortunately these artifacts are not the ones you need here so thereís no way out. Just go to the main menu.


Level 20: Pyramid Of Water


You begin this level falling into a hall. Jump through an E window and climb down the big stairs to the pool below. Take the Pharos Knot off the E pedestal and use it in the even more E receptacle. Two doors beside you open so head through into a big pyramid room. There is no way to jump on it alive so run S and then go W into the dark. Take the left path and if running on you get directly into the water. Get a Large Medikit, the Crossbow and 2x Explosive Ammo in the pool, then swim up and follow the wide corridor to some stairs. Get a Music Scroll there and jump down, killing four skeletons on the floor. Get to the E wall and shimmy all the way N to kill two mummies and take a Large Medikit and another scroll. Place both Music Scrolls in the W receptacles and the middle door opens. Follow the yellow translucent bridge to the pyramid.


You can skip the following paragraph if you want:

Jump in the deep pool. Get two Little Medikits, the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle on the ground, and since you canít get out here you have to swim into the SE passage. At the end climb out N and take a running jump to the S ladder, climb it and backflip onto the little platform where you can climb another ladder. Follow the bridge into the pyramid again, combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle to the Portal Guardian and use them to open the next door. Run down the stairway and you get to hear the sound of approaching mummies. There are eight of them to shoot in this room. Afterwards, as there is no crowbar to pry off the star, go back.


Jump to the slide of the pyramid, slide down to the very end and go E for a long passage with water pools beside. Run to the other side and the level is over.


Level 21: Pyramid Of Water Part II


Donít jump into the water as it is deadly, instead run E to the end of the long hallway and go up the stairs NW or SW. If you shoot the vases two skeletons will appear. Jump in the W pool and get the Pharos Pillar right there. Afterwards swim W through the passage, climb out S and head on, get downstairs and through the long corridor. Youíre back at the beginning of the level, once again climb all the stairs but this time donít jump into the pool; go NW and place the pillar in the receptacle. Let yourself fall into the pool, climb out and fall into the W hole. Jump into the courtyard with four skeletons to avoid, push both floor levers, watch out for eight more skeletons, run away faster than possible and finally jump W to a series of platforms. Climb them to the top, avoid two mummies there and jump NW. Run up the ramp in the room youíve climbed the platforms to get 2x Explosive Crossbow Ammo and two Large Medikits. Then run up the blue ramp avoiding twelve skeletons. Follow a monkeyswing W and then S to a high area. There is a closed door you cannot open, so go back Ė this time to the main menu.


Level 22: Temple Of Mah Nuh Elah


Slide down into a big pool. Swim to the middle to receive the Crossbow, 5x Explosive Ammo for it and two Horsemanís Gems. Climb one of the ladders in the corner to the next storey. Kill four skeletons here and place the gems E. That opens a nearby door, climb the ladder and backflip onto the platform. Kill another four skeletons while running up the stairway. At the top climb the S or N (middle) ladders. You get to the upper floor with four doors opening while approaching:


N door: Six mummies, two Music Scrolls in there.

W door: Two mummies, two skeletons and two Large Medikits in there.

S door: Two skeletons and two floor levers in there.

E door: Two skeletons and two floor levers in there.


Afterwards climb a ladder to the top floor and kill twelve mummies here. Here are also four doors:

N door: Four mummies in there.

W door: Four mummies in there.

S door: Four mummies in there.

E door: The exit!


Push all wall buttons in this room to open the doors (I think you only need the one in NW corner, facing S, but if this doesnít work, try all other). Near the pool kill four skeletons and take some Explosive Ammo, the Pharos Pillar and the Pharos Knot. Place the Music Scrolls in the receptacles there and both doors open. Choose one, get downstairs and take the Crowbar with you. Place the pillar and the knot and the doors open. Go through the left one, jump into the pool and take a Horsemanís Gem, then behave equal with the second door. Place the first gem NW to open the door there to get the Revolver and 2x Revolver Ammo for SECRET 1. Then use the other gem SW and follow the ramp into a lava room. Climb the S ladder at the other side, kill ten mummies and jump into the first S pool for two Music Scrolls and two Large Medikits. After that place the scrolls further S to open the underwater doors. Swim there, watch the skeletons at the bottom, then into the next room and into the lower E passage. Swim a bit and the level ends.


Level 23: The Other Way Part II


Swim N and climb out NE for a Pharos Knot. Use it on the pillar on the N wall. Get the Crossbow and 2x Explosive Ammo inside and blast six skeletons away. Run NW to two openings. Get into the left one, avoid four skeletons and get the Pharos Knot E. Use it in the last room (where you came from) on the W wall to kill two skeletons and get two Large Medikits. Then run to the little pyramid in the bigger room and jump into the hole W of it. Find a crawlspace N, after getting through run down the corridor to a pool. Jump in, follow in the N direction and in the maze there is an exit NE (inside there are several Large Medikits to find). Kill two harpyrs and use a jump lever N inside the pyramid. Run downstairs and in the next room see another jumplever SW. Use it and the door beside opens. Get 2x Explosive Crossbow Ammo and a Music Scroll. In the last room, on the red receptacle W, you can use it to open the door behind the passage. Take two Horsemanís Gems and outside avoid or shoot two pharaoh guardians while placing the gems E.


In the following area run E and down the stairway, then W around two corners for an entrance to the middle part of the last room. Kill four Harpyrs and climb the middle blocks for 2x Revolver Ammo, the Revolver+Lasersight and a (when combined) Portal Guardian. Get back to the last room and go N; there climb the S ladders to a room with two skeletons and four Little Medikits (SECRET 1). Climb back down S and use the Portal Guardian to open the next door. Monkeyswing to the other side and run SW into the next room. Kill two skeletons and get both Music Scrolls there. Use them in the last room SE, then climb the E ladders, monkeyswing W (donít jump at the deadly platforms) and follow the long hallway, kill eight skeletons on the way and get two Horsemanís Gems at the end. Back in the hallway use a gem NW to open the door, follow the bridge and corridor to a climbable ladder. At the top monkeyswing to the other side N, at the stairs kill ten skeletons, quickly run to the other side avoiding a guardian and finally go E to use the second gem. Run E around the cage, be careful at the spike trap, jump into a pool, climb out and get into another pool and climb the long ladder at the end. Backflip, hold Action and climb up at the ledge. Climb down the ladder at the other side, take four Large Medikits and run further E around the corner and the level ends.


Level 24: End Of Beginning


After the flyby go E and jump through the wall onto a slope. At the bottom go S and push the floor lever. Go inside for SECRET 1. Back to the hall jump through the red opening E. Kill two scorpions in the S pool, avoid several mummies and swim down into the middle passage. Swim one time W and one time E for both Cartouche Pieces. Use the combined Ba Cartouche on the E wall in the big room. Through the door go N upstairs and climb the ladder on the W wall onto some spiderwebs. Jump N to get a Hand of Sirius, then SE to get another one. Place both at the lower plateau S. Go up the red ramp and arrive in a very big chamber. Jump into the deep water pit, climb out in the middle and climb the W ladder facing E. Run around the house, push a floor lever and pick up Explosive Crossbow Ammo.


The door near the ladder has opened so head through, avoid two mummies and jump into the pool for four Large Medikits. Climb the ladder to the roof of the building, watch out for mummies and go further via the S spiderweb bridge. Jump on the next web platforms to get to a N ladder. Climb it and then take the right tunnel for both Eye Pieces, The Hand of Orion, Flares and 2x Explosive Ammo for the Crossbow. Jump back into the pool, climb out E and place the Hand of Orion there. Run up the long stairway, leaving four mummies behind, and climb the E or W ladder to a high platform. Slide down N to place the combined Eye of Horus in the door which opens then. Get to a door requiring two stars you donít have at the moment, so go S and push all three floor levers to have access to a room with two mummies, a Little Medikit, Explosive Ammo and a Hand of Orion. Get back and this time go N and do exactly the same as earlier to get exactly the same as earlier. Place both stars in the receptacle, jump into the pool and climb out at the other side. In the middle there are two Large Medikits; when taking one of them the level is over.


Level 25: The Search For Hamunaptra


Jump into the N pool and swim into one of the holes near the walls, then into the central hole. Get on S and take the Pharos Pillar from the ground, then climb out N to place it near the door. It surprisingly opens then, in the next room jump into the middle pool. At the fork swim N and climb out E after few meters to get SECRET 1: Two Large Medikits. Swim to the middle of the W wall to climb out there. Push two wall buttons and turn around. Enter the castle and jump into the pool. Swim NE; a door has opened there. You can find a Music Scroll at the end of the swim passage, afterwards climb back out of the pool, run SE and place the scroll in the receptacle. Get the Pharos Knot and two Horsemanís Gems inside. Place the gems in the far SE corner of the castle. Take the Ornate Handle from the left block and climb the ladders to the roof. In the far NW corner of it is the Crowbar. Jump off the roof and use it to pry off two golden stars in the S. Place them W to get the Hathor Effigy inside. Watch out for mummies or skeletons and combine the Hathor Effigy with the Ornate Handle for a Portal Guardian which you can use in the NE corner.


Inside push the floor lever which opens the W door. Get four Horsemanís Gems on the platform and leave N into an opening where you can place the first gem to open the next door. Place all gems and the Pharos Knot in the next receptacles so all doors open. Run up the S ramp, follow the bridge, the corridor and the pool to a room with a mummy. Quickly run S and directly jump up to a ladder. Climb all ladders, pry off four Golden Stars there and jump into the pool below you. Swim S and somehow find your way up the yellow room, then find a Revolver and 2x Revolver Ammo on a SW block (mummy!). Jump to a NW platforms and follow the other ones E, then N and W to get to a gem receptacle, but since you have no more gem the level has to be finished by manual exiting.


Level 26: Part 02


NOTE: This level is full of stoppers which either make you skip items or, more likely, get you permanently stuck unless you proceed in recommended order. The following shows 100% completion except two impossible items.


Jump into the E pool and get two Loads (Guardian Keys) N or S. Then climb out and go to the E poster, climb into it left of the ďTomb RaiderĒ-font. Get a Little Medikit in the tunnel and follow E. Get another Medikit at the end and further E. Press the button and come back to the first pool area. Go SE or NE to some newly opened trapdoors, jump into the water tunnel and swim to the end. Climb out and up the ladder W. After the long corridor climb down again and place the keys in the receptacles to open the nearby door. In the next room go S, IGNORE the Little Medikit which will be our clue for later and climb into the opening, run W and run-jump to the other side. S kill three crocodiles and jump to the platform with three Large Medikits. Donít jump into the pit! Instead go E, note the receptacle to remember for later, proceed into the next opening and climb into the black pit for two Medikits. Back up jump S over the water, then to the next platform where you slide down. In the last possible moment jump to the last blocks. At the ladders shimmy E and S, then backflip to the next blocks.


Monkeyswing NE to get the Revolver+Lasersight on a block, now DON'T jump N into the passage. If you do that you will not be able to finish this level. Hop into the water, pull up into the opening where you started this room from, and go back all the way to the medikit you left in the hall as a clue. Pick it up, it's been waiting for so long, and follow N to the dark-circled pillars. Turn E, get into the opening in the wall and take a Portal Guardian (Golden Vraeus) at the end of the passage. Go back to the hall, climb the nearest dark-circled pillar and platform to the very last one on the S. Standing on it opens the nearby doors, go through and kill two crocs inside. From the furthest windowsill on the E, grab the crack and shimmy left to the end. Pull up, press the button and fall down.


Go S, loop around the central structure, climb through the open door and another pair opens. Now if you don't want all secrets you can ignore the receptacle on the left but if you place the Guardian here you MUST collect later secret or you will be stuck forever. I assume 100% completion so open the doors for crossbow and all arrows. Hop over the pits and proceed through the passage until you climb to the transparent room. Pick up another Guardian from beneath the tree and use it for the door in the next room. Quit to slide down and perform epic scorpion fight in the open space. Climb the S rocks and platform around this valley for another Guardian. One more to go - slide down, go E, loop around the central structure and climb another set of rocks into the room with more scorpions and the last Portal Guardian.


Get out, place the Guardians to open the nearby doors, hop over the flaming trap, proceed and climb into the next passage. Press the switch, go through the door, clear the corridor and repeat these until you can fall into the surrounded room. Do that and blow up the ninja on the platform. Don't fall to the very bottom but in case of fail mind the return ladder below you. Platform to the far switches, press both of them for later escape. Loop further along the ledges until you can get on the middle platform for multiple Guardian Keys. Two crocs appear at the bottom, kill them or they will die of starvation. You're ready to go back into the entrance corridor. Inside, go N, press the last switch and you're back where you came from. It seems that gives you nothing but go back to the scorpion valley and climb the rocks next to the slope which led you here. Hop back to the transparent room and return all the way through the flaming pits and the adjacent hall to the room with the long transverse gap.


Across, fill the receptacle for the Guardian Key and enter a room with a dry pool. Step into the water for SECRET 1. Now be quick with getting all the kinds of arrows and swimming through the corridor what gives you a mystery tune. Get the two Vraei, the pool is now filled so resurface for air and dive again for remaining items, that is wideshots, poison arrows, grenades, flares and small medi. Now go back all the way to the scorpion valley, over the fire trap and this time left (S) in the corridor surrounding the platform where you picked up the four keys. Follow through the escape doors (which you had opened with the twin switches by the middle platform) into a very long corridor. At the end with the low ceiling you need to run and duck to get on the stepped part. As you go down you can see a hole in the left wall.


This is where you would come from the revolver pillar but it would skip the Guardian Keys, leaving you stuck in the future. Continue E and climb N into the opening. Kill two scorpions, a red-masked bedouin and two crocodiles in the next room and jump to the middle platform. Climb the ladder there and jump into the E pool, then swim into a W tunnel. At a first fork go right, then right and finally left. Climb out, follow the passage into another pool without forks and climb out then. Go E, right and 2x left to a crawlspace. At the end jump into the pool and swim into a little SW passage for SECRET 2 (if you didn't get the first one this one counts as SECRET 1 and SECRET 2 together): A Large Medikit. Kill two crocodiles in the water and swim NE, climb out and get up the ladders. Go N, climb the ladder and use the Guardian Key in the W ledge receptacle. Then run E and through the further passage until on the left you find another receptacle. Use the second key and since the trigger for next secret is misplaced step on the MIDDLE square in the room. Continue to the end of the corridor, from where you can notice the barrier around the pool is gone. Slide down and dive in.


There are four passages, take the rightmost one, the door inside is the one open with that middle square near the latest receptacle. Swim through for SECRET 3 and a large medikit. Swim out and into the closest passage for yet another laser sight and SECRET 4. The other two passages both lead to the exit but the left one is faster, so swim through and pass the following rooms until you ascend into the surface. Pull out and get through the automatic S door. Go left and into the opening in the end. Pass the trap corridor (ahhh my ears! I like silence but this...) and enter the large room with a giant structure with two receptacles in the middle. SAVE here. If you are curious how this level was REALLY supposed to be, take a ladder in the SW corner, proceed through the passage and take more ladders to descend. If you climb the blocks you can see the two Vraeus pickups but the crack is too narrow. I think you were supposed to swim through for them, but either the flipmap was forgotten or this map is just a huge troll.


Now if you didn't have the first secret or if you didn't skip the crossbow you would be stuck few metres from the finish. Climb the ladders back to the receptacle room or reload a save from there for quick return. Fill the right Vraeus receptacle for Eagle Jar and the left for Wolf Jar. Return through the bird trap to the previous hall. Go to the opposite end of the room, passing by a large door, and open that one with the remaining Guardian Key. Go through and enter the floor above. To the right you can see triple poison arrows, hop for them - this is SECRET 5 but the timers overlap so it will probably fail to register. Hop back and continue to the switch on the pillar which opens the escape door. Another door opens on approach and lets you enter the staircase with a Canopic slot. That's for the Eagle. Place it, take the Wolf for reward and descend through the gate to the finish which throws you back to the first part of In the Dark.


Level 27: Part 03


At the starting point turn around and get a Golden Star (Canopic Jar). Run along the passage and place it in the first left passage, get the Uzis in the second and enter the opened door. Use one of the N or S passages to get into the next big room. Get two Loads (Guardian Keys) there and go back up the ramp, then W to place the keys near the door which then opens. Run down the long S corridor, then jump into the pool, swim SE and swim on. At the end climb out and run into the E direction for a walkway with several knife traps. Be fast running through them. Slide down to the middle and climb the very long ladder to the top. Climb on a block near the very SE (two squares more W) to climb down a ladder. Run N and jump into the passage. At the end of the very long passage kill two bedouin. Get W of the maze and get Normal and Poisonous Crossbow Ammo, then get NE for a Portal Guardian (Golden Vraeus).


In the maze go right and follow the stairway. Get two Load keys W on the chequered floor and then run up the ramp to the very end where you have to place both keys. In the next room press the N button and then kill four bedouin N and get a Large Medikit and a Golden Vraeus on the pedestals there. Place it E on the bridge and further the second one you picked up earlier left of the door. Kill a bedouin and get a Golden Star there. Back N run all the way until you reach a ladder. Climb it and then left on a higher platform, afterwards slide down W. Climb another ladder facing N, then jump into the water pit and swim E. Get a Music Scroll (urn) on a pedestal E. Kill two bedouin N, climb where they came from and further N, up the ladder, then W. After endless running arrive in a courtyard. Go SE to place the Music Scroll. Run to the E side of the next room to finish this level.


Level 28: Part 04


Turn around and run down the corridor. Go W or E and all around the central room to enter it N. Kill three dogs and pick up two Large Medikits from the middle blocks. Climb the ladders around the blocks and jump over to the N platform for a Load (Hand of Sirius). Then get E to the room exit. Place the Load in the inner room to open the adjacent door. Run down the ramp and jump three times over the S platforms avoiding the spike pits between. After that avoid the ramp boulder and run into the left door. Climb the ladder and jump to a jumplever in front of the next pit. The next door opens so head through and run down the stairs. At the end climb up the high block, swim through the little passage and then climb out again. Do that two times more, then climb a crocodile in the following room. Swim N, then E into the tunnel.


Back on dry land climb the roomís blocks to the S direction, push a pushable block once, the right block twice and the left block twice, too. The fourth block has to be pushed three times, in the next room run up the ramp, quickly jump left or right to avoid a spiked boulder. Push the floor lever to flood this room, swim N to an opening. Run S to kill a soldier; take the Crossbow and Explosive Ammo, then kill three crocodiles in the E pool. Jump in it (jumping through an invisible water wall) and climb out at the middle platform. Run E down the corridor, jump into the deep pool, climb out at the other side and run S. Climb the wall with the ďExitĒ-sign and run to the W wall lever. After pulling it run to the doors you passed earlier and they open. Jump into the SE passage and pull another lever to open the last doors. Run into the blue area and the level ends.


Part 29: Part 05


Run E along the shore and kill a warthog. Jump into the pool and swim S to an E opening. Run up the ramp for a Horsemanís Gem. Back into the pool watch out for many crocodiles (you can shoot them if you want) and swim to the far NW for two Little Medikits. Back to where youíve been going into the water jump to the ledge where you can shimmy very long to the S direction to arrive on a ledge high above the water. Run up the ramp and over the bridge to the roof of the central building. Run upstairs and place the gem there. A door inside the building opens so go there via the stairs leading you directly to this room. Jump into the pool and get Grenadegun Super and Normal Ammo on the ground. There are more kinds of Ammo there, but also a Gate Key. Swim back and run or jump there where you found the gem. Use the key S of it to open the door. Run further S to finish this level.


Part 30: Part 06


You start with a flyby of a large church ending in a stained glass window. You can go E to shoot two empty vases but you probably should not use guns in a church. Then go into the N section to find a hole behind a column. Drop into the hole and follow the tunnel. Go N and notice a closed door. At a T-junction, go E and see a door needing two gems. Return and go W to see another stained glass window. Follow the tunnel in the W wall. At the end, go for a very long drop into water. You are in the huge underground crypt of the church.


There is a deep pit to the E that you cannot jump over. However, if you look to the NE behind the column, you can see some white marks. This is a semi-invisible ledge. You can jump there and then jump to the far E ledge and save yourself a lot of work. I assume that the ledge is a mistake and you should get over there by the honest route.


Go to the W side of the room. In the N wall there is an opening with a slope that leads to a closed door. Hop to the block at the W wall and jump to a broken pillar to the S corner. Jump to another broken pillar to the E and then to a climbable wall. Shimmy to the left and climb up the wall. Near the top, back flip, roll, and grab a ledge. Look to the NE and up at the ceiling to see an opening. Follow the ledges S around the room. On the last ledge, run and jump to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the left and drop onto a triangular ledge. Use the climbable N wall to pull up into that opening. Look W and jump to another ledge and use the floor lever. Stand at the SE corner and do a swan dive into the water below. Go NE into the opening.


Go down the ramp and enter the open door. There is a floor lever in the middle of the room. Above you are many crossbeams and a platform in the SW corner. Use the floor lever to open a timed door on the top crossbeam. Go to the platform and pull up to the W ledge. Roll, run and jump onto a crossbeam. Run N to a ledge and pull up. Go W and pull up to a higher crossbeam. Run S and run and jump E to grab the top crossbeam. Pull up and sprint N into the open door. During you trip, you will see an opening in a NW corner. Ignore it for now. If you fail, you have to use the floor lever twice to re-open the door. After you managed it, enter the room and see a floor lever. Save the game now just in case you die. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the E pit being flooded. Carefully get down to the floor and run up the ramp. If you die, the water is gone and you have to reload to use the floor lever again. Go E and jump into the water pool. Pick up a Little Medikit from the bottom of the pit. Swim across and pull up to a ledge. As you run down the tunnel, you hear church bells. Enter the room and pick up a very fancy Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. Exit the room and swim back to the central section of the crypt. Now that you have one gem, you should save the game again.


Go back to the room with the timed floor lever. Climb the crossbeams again and this time enter the opening in the NW corner. Jump to the slope and jump again to grab a ledge. Pull up and follow a tunnel to a large empty room. Enter the opening in the S wall. Follow to tunnel to emerge onto a column overlooking the crypt floor. There are two ways to go from this column. Crawl E to the exit. First run, jump, with no grab SW and you should land on a column. Enter the opening in the W wall. Just continue to the W and run down a slope into an underground cave. Go to the NE corner and hop onto a block. Pull up to the N wall and go behind the column. Follow the ledge to the W to the very end. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Follow the monkey swing S to the end and drop onto a column. Run and jump SE to land on a ledge next to a large column. Run and jump E to another column. Turn around to face SW. Run, jump, and grab the ledge to the left of the large column. Climb the wall to the N and go east to jump over the slope.


Slide down and jump to the S into another cave opening. Drop on the other side and go W to enter a room with many high ledges. There is a closed door in the S wall. Hop on a block at the east wall and then jump south onto a corner column. Stand jump W, turn around and jump to an E block. Turn N and stand jump to grab a slope. Pull up, slide and jump to another N block. Run N to drop onto a block in the corner. Turn and jump W to a block and then to a ledge against the W wall. Pull up to a slope and back flip to a N corner block. Go E and then S to another corner block. You can look W to see a tunnel that you cannot enter yet. Turn N and run and jump to grab a block. You can see a lever in the NW comer for later. You will make a second trip back to this block.


Jump S to a block and pull up W. Jump W to a block, pull up, slide and jump to a corner block. Follow the blocks N of the next corner. Drop off the E side to a block. Then jump to the blocks at the E wall. Pick up a Large Medikit and use the floor lever. This raises a S block that you cannot see yet. Jump in the W direction to a block. You will miss and land on a slope. Slide, and jump to grab another column and pull up. You will lose a little health. You can look east to see the block that you raised. Use the floor lever and look S to see a raised block for later. Run and jump E over a slope to land on a block. Follow the blocks S to the corner. Turn around and jump N block for the second time. Jump S and pull up W. This time jump to block SE. Use the block that you raised to climb to an even higher one. Turn and jump to a corner block. Run and jump W to pull up onto a ledge.


Enter the tunnel in the S wall and press the big button. Exit and jump to the lower blocks to the NW. Jump to the N block and safety drop off the E side onto another block. Then run off the W side and you are back to the block with the floor lever. Turn S and run-jump to grab the ledge of the second block that you raised, losing a bit of health. Now go into that W tunnel and press the big button. Exit, face N, and jump the blocks to get to the corner. From there safety drop to the south side of the blocks to get to the ground floor. The S door is open so enter and get the Horseman's Gem from the pedestal.


Exit and go to the NE corner to exit. Drop back into the cave and go E for the tunnel. Jump the slope and run up the ramp. Drop onto the crypt floor and go back to the room with the timed floor lever. Climb the crossbeams again and this time enter the opening in the NW corner. Jump to the slope and jump again to grab a ledge. Pull up and follow a tunnel to a large empty room. Enter the opening in the S wall. Follow to tunnel to emerge onto a column overlooking the crypt floor.


Go E and use the columns to get to a crawl space in the wall. Follow the crawlspace to a room with a large pit in the middle. Run and jump to the NW corner to pick up a Little Medikit. Drop into the water and swim into the only exit tunnel E when it starts to widen with branches. Enter the SE comer branch and find flares in a hole in the floor. The E wall tunnel has nothing so return to the pit for air. Swim back into the tunnel and this time, turn S and swim into the upper S corner. Afterwards turn W and swim up a slope and pull up into a room with another stained glass window. Use the floor lever and the window opens. Enter the room and go SE and then N to the closed door needing the gems. Use the two Horsemen's Gems and the door opens. Enter the room and get a small flyby. Go N to pick up the Music Scroll. Exit the room and go S. Go back to where you entered this area and find the open door in the W wall. This is the door that was closed earlier. Enter and slide down a slope. The level ends and a sign "To be continued" appears.


(adapted walkthrough of ďSymbol of the WorldĒ (Max) by Harry Laudie)


Level 31: Part 07


There are three pools in the beginning room; choose the S one and in the room behind push a floor lever to open a door in the last room. In the W room is a Large Medikit and in the N one the Crowbar. Then you can go through the E door which has opened; run downstairs and climb the S wall to an opening to another room. Jump over the platforms there and kill a soldier. Further N is another soldier; afterwards climb in the E passage and get down the ramp. You arrive in a big courtyard with a dead soldier and a alive one NE so kill him. Take the motorcycle N after killing four bats there. Drive S through the barrier with it and up the ramp to the roofs, you certainly kill another four bats in the tunnel. Get down from the bike and run SW to climb a block there. If you want you can shoot the two soldiers in the deep under you. Else or after that run to the middle W to push two levers, then run and jump NE for a Large Medikit. Drop down onto the roof where the bike is, drive E with it and continue following the tunnel. Kill two soldiers at the end of the bridge and avoid two ghosts there. Jump into the water and swim into the middle hole, then S and climb out at one of the four corners. Get up the ladder and kill four soldiers at the top, afterwards jump into the W opening in the wall. Run a bit and then go W (right) to shoot a barrier, then slide down into a pool where a gunturret is shooting at you, so climb out quickly!


At the other side let yourself fall in one of the S corners and follow to an intersection. Left is a moving but dying soldier, right is a Large Medikit and another motorbike. Use it to drive through the alleys and a door which opens when driving near it. Right before some barriers climb down from it and shoot the crates. Carefully make your way to the block with the Mine Detonator and a Car-Jack (there is a big hole under the platforms) and finally jump into the pool below. Follow the green passage N and climb out, jump over the block to an orange gangway. Right before the S doors are two Large Medikits and a third Motorbike, so enjoy another ride! Follow SE to another barrier. This time you can keep driving through but this doesnít mean going on with it because there are some blocks preventing that. From the blocks jump in the ďinner circleĒ with two soldiers and four Large Medikits. Climb the central ladder and run E to an opening. Down the ladder follow the path; at a fork go right and up the ramp with red walls. Jump to the platform with a floor lever, use it and run W or E to climb down the blocks to the floor. Head through the E door, run through the passage and youíve finished this level.


Level 32: Part 08


This level is the same as ďThe Search Goes OnĒ.


Climb the S pedestal for both Cartouche Pieces. I didnít find anything worth looking for in the water so just go N of the pool, shoot all four vases on the two blocks and get two Little Medikits and both Eye Pieces. Go to the NE to find a stairway, at the end combine the pieces to a Ba Cartouche and place it in the NE receptacle. The door opens; take the Hand of Orion from the block. You can jump to roof from there, go S and jump to a block with another Hand of Orion. Go back to the beginning of this level and place both Hands of Orion near the cages. Get a Little Medikit and a Cartouche Piece in each. Then go W around the red building and use the combined Ba Cartouche there. The door in the red building opens; run up the stairs and climb the S red roof for the Hand of Sirius. Follow the bridges E to find a Large Medikit on a block there. After that jump into the pool and follow the N passage to the area where you found the Eye Pieces. Get out and head NW for a large area with a receptacle for the Hand of Sirius. Place it in and the level ends.


As an alternative route, just climb up the ladders near the pool then jump to the S Hand of Sirius and place it in the NW receptacle.


Level 33: Part 09


You start this level in a deep gap. Climb the ladder right in front of you to get out into a town. A camera hint shows you where two Horsemanís Gems are. Run a few metres S and find the Crowbar, then turn around and climb the N stairs for four Little Medikits. Go E and climb a block before running on the bridge to pry off two Golden Stars with the Crowbar. After that run to the end of the bridge and find two more stars on the blocks. N is a keyhole for later. Run further E and then S to kill three crocodiles. Donít go behind the barriers because thereís nothing to find. Instead climb the far S block to insert all Golden Stars. Then climb up the W pyramid to find a Token on the top. Slide down again and run further W to climb a building where you can find a Large Medikit at the first stage and another one at the second. Finally jump into the pool and promptly climb out at one of the sea platforms. Climb a ladder to the top, monkeyswing to the middle to achieve four Horsemanís Gems. If you donít want to monkeyswing and climb ladders four times to get all of them just do three banana jumps to the adjacent slopes near the other three gems. Jump into the pool and swim N to four open doors, there are two Pharos Knots and both parts of the Portal Guardian to find.


Back in the pool climb out SW to enter the ďEgyptian AdventureĒ-building. Put the token in the box and the door opens; you can find a Gate Key inside. So Ė after you got the key, get back NE to use it in the passage to open another door to a room with two receptacles for Pharos Knots, so use them here and climb the ladder inside the new room. Combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy to a Portal Guardian and place it onto the S receptacle. The next door opens; run over the bridge in another area where you have to climb the ramp down for a fifth Horsemanís Gem. Unfortunately you cannot place them anywhere so end this level.


Level 34: Part 10


Run forward and a door opens for you. Climb the ladder in front of the big cogwheel and run up the ramp in the next room to pick up a Music Scroll, then jump in the pool and swim W. Take two Horsemanís Gems in the next flooded room and climb out at the opening. Run S and use the first one there. Take a Little Medikit and push the globe away. A crowbar can be taken so get out afterwards and jump over the water N to use the second gem. Inside go left for a Golden Star to pry off. Use it in the right passage in the receptacle and shoot the vases for two Horsemanís Gems. Pull the E lever and go through the N doors. Run downstairs and see three different coloured hole in the floor. Jump into the W one and swim to a Horsemanís Gem, in the E one is another gem. Then go into the yellow N one, climb out, go up the stairway and place two gems. Monkeyswing E around the corner to get on safe floor again.


Run downstairs and use the Music Scroll at the right pedestal to open the big blue doors. Kill five knights inside, then use two gems on a door of your choice (E or W); then climb the ladders in the passages, in the far N direction. Get into the N crawlspaces and get NW and NE of the tunnels to get two Golden Stars. Then crawl E to find a longer straight tunnel. At the end, seems like hours to get through, stand up and jump NW to another dark tunnel. Run downstairs and kill four knights in the pit. After having killed the last the N doors open; head through and hear some loud music playing. Place both stars in the receptacles. The doors (what a wonder) open. There is a globe puzzle in the next room; push the S red one one time S and a door with a knight opens. Then push the SE globe one time N and another cage opens, kill the knight in it. Push the W red one one time E and another door with knight opens.


Level 35: Part 11


Drop through the hole in the floor. Slide down the ramp to a hallway with a circular blade trap. To get through, stand Lara as close as possible without injury, position her at the center of the blades facing into them, then roll as they begin to open. (You can also do a diving rollói.e., jump while sprintingóto get through, but I find this more difficult. Or, stand a few steps back from the blade and as it opens, take a standing jump-grab.) Continue along the hallway, passing through a second circular blade trap. Slide down the ramp.


MAP ROOM: Cross the room, taking note of the two golden receptacles on the walls. Climb up to the ramp on the west side. (The other ramp is too steep to climb.) Go through the crawlspace to the next area.


ROOM WITH LEDGES, BLADES AND TIMED DOOR: This area is shown in the diagram at left. Approach the wheel edge-on, turn it several times to raise the door on the ledge to the right. The door begins to close as soon as Lara lets go of the wheel. And, to complicate things further,slashing blades pop up from beneath the ledges in the areas marked with red x's in the diagram. If you keep moving, they'll miss you. So, run forward along the ledge, cutting to the right to avoid the hole in the left corner. Or, take a standing jump over the wheel and run forward then right. Keep running to the end of the ledge and jump to clear the gap and land on the next ledge. If possible, press Right while Lara is in the air to pivot so she's ready to go when she lands. Run along the narrow ledge and jump at the edge to land on the L-shaped ledge ahead. Veer left and run (or crawl or roll) under the closing door. Keep going to get past the final set of blades. Once you reach the end of the last ledge you're safe. Jump to the platform with the pedestal.


Approach the pedestal from the back to avoid the 3 blades that shoot out from the font and sides when you take the GOLDEN VRAEUS. Drop down from the ledge and make your way back to the other side of the room. Be sure to avoid the square depressions, as some of these containconcealed blades. There's a small opening below where you entered. Go through to a ladder, climb up, then return through the crawlspace to the ledge with the wheel. Go back the way you came, through the first crawlspace, to the MAP ROOM.


Use the GOLDEN VRAEUS in the triangular receptacle.


Cut scene: The mechanism on the ceiling activates, tracing a path over the map with a beam of golden light. When the beam alights on one of the pyramids, it opens revealing the GUARDIAN KEY. Take the key and use it in the other golden receptacle to open the nearby trapdoor. Drop in and slide down the long ramp to the hall below.


GUARDIAN HALLWAY: At the end of the hall to the left is a barred door. For now, go to the right, toward the corner. As you pass the two smaller barred doors, you can hear something banging on the other side. (EEK!) Continue to the raised area of floor and pick up a small medikit. Jump to grab the handholds on the ceiling and traverse back the way you came. Just beyond the ramp where you came in, two bats will attack. Drop to the floor to kill them. Go back to the corner and start traversing again.


Just before the end of the hall, you'll come to a small opening high on the left wall. Traverse so Lara is right up against the wall, drop and grab the edge of the opening. Crawl through a fairly long passage to find SECRET #1, a room with shotgun shells and explosive arrows on top of the chests. There are also 4 flame niches. Reach into the niche on the west wall (the only one that oscillates on and off) to get a box of wideshot shells. Wait for the flame to die down and reach in a second time to operate a mechanism that causes the flame in the opposite niche to begin oscillating. Reach into that niche for some Uzi clips, then again a second time to make the flame in the niche to the right (near the ladder) begin oscillating. Go to that niche and get a large medikit. When you do this, the flame in the remaining niche goes out. Don't reach into it, though. There are no goodies inside, only a mechanism that releases a swarm of beetles. Climb the ladder and follow the crawlspace back to the GUARDIAN HALLWAY.


Follow the hallway past the bend toward the lever at the end of the hall. You don't need to pull the pull the lever. Instead, stand in either corner near the big barred door and wait a moment for the GUARDIAN to burst through. (NOTE: This is what happened in my game. If you find it doesn't go that way, pull the lever and let the guardian out.)


This big bull is armored like a tank, so he can't be killed, and he packs a quite a punch when he gores Lara with his horns. Basically you need to outrun him while doing the business at hand. If you can get him to charge into a wall, you'll gain valuable time while he backs up and turns around. To complicate matters, a small flock of bats (3 or 4) begins to gather around as you're running. You can try shooting them as you go or wait until you get to a safe spot.


Run through the doors where the bull came out (next to the lever) and follow the passageway around several bends to the end. Here you'll find a room with a small, rectangular niche, two unlit torches mounted on the walls and a closed door. There's also a small medikit in the middle of the floor. Reach into the niche to grab a wooden TORCH. Run back down the hallway to the bend near the open doors and lever. Here you'll find a lit torch mounted on the wall with a step below it. Climb up and light your torch. Run back to the room with the two unlit torches and use your torch to light them. This opens the closed door near the torch on the right. Run through and drop down into the passageway below. Whew! Safe for the moment. . . and you've found SECRET #2.


Kill any bats that follow you down. Then continue along the passageway, which leads to a small room with shotgun shells, a large medikit and aquiver of arrows on pedestals. Approach each pedestal on a diagonal to avoid the blades that slash out when you take the item on top. When you grab the medipak, a spiked ball drops down from a trapdoor in the ceiling, so avoid this as well. Return along the passageway to the torch room.


Run all the way down the hall, past the torch and lever, past the small barred doors and the hump in the floor, past the ramp where you slid into this area, and past the secret crawlspace, to the barred door at the far end of the hall. Keep an eye out for another bat here. Position Lara in front of the door (but clear of the narrow alcove, so you have room to jump) and wait for the guardian. When he's nearly upon you, jump to the side out of the way. It may take a couple of tries, but he should break the door down for you.


BIG ROOM WITH EYE SYMBOLS: Run through the busted door and into the middle of the room. Note the three eye symbols on the square blocksótwo flanking the entrance, one in the middle on the other side of the room. You'll need to play matador again, positioning Lara in front of each symbol so the bull charges and smashes it. Use the Look key so you can see the bull coming and try to jump as late as possible without getting gored. Use medipaks as needed.


You only need to have the bull break two of the symbols to start: the single eye on the west side of the room and the left one of the two flanking the entrance (left when facing them). When these two are broken, a door opens to the right of the single symbol. Run through this door. At the end of the hall make a U-turn and climb the ladder to the upper level. Head to the left (north) around the perimeter of the room to a stairway leading up. Enter the room at the top cautiously, avoiding the spiked ball that drops from the ceiling. Pick up Uzi clips, shotgun shells and a small medikit from the ledge.


Return downstairs to the upper level of the EYE SYMBOL room. Head around to the opposite (south) side. Climb through the hole in the ceiling above the hump in the floor to discover SECRET #3. On the pedestals are a small medikit, shotgun shells and a large medikit. Take your pick because you'll only get one. When you take the first item, the other two pedestals will ignite. Be careful on the way out. Two spiked balls drop from the gray trapdoors in the ceiling. If the second ball drops near the doorway (I think that taking the shotgun shells causes this), you'll need to crawl out beneath it.


If you haven't already made the bull break the third eye symbol, you can do this fairly easily from above. Go around to the southeast corner of the balcony, where it overlooks the rectangular pillar with the eye symbol. Jump to the top of the pillar. Dangle Lara from the edge of pillar above the symbol. It may take a little while, but the bull should eventually run into the symbol and break it. (I found that traversing around the edge of the pillar to whichever side the bull was on helped get his attention.) When the symbol breaks, a door opens on the west side of the room just opposite this pillar. Drop down, roll and run through that door. Run to the end of this hallway and climb the ladder and then run up the right slope. Climb the platforms until the very end where you can jump onto a slope which leads to the end of this level.

(adapted walkthrough from ďThe Guardian of SemerkhetĒ by Stella)


Level 36: Part 12


Run W and see Winston coming from a corner. N three soldier approach, kill them and jump N of the nearby pool to achieve a Nitrous Oxide Feeder which you can use W near the doors. As soon as they open climb into the W opening to find two red Loads. Outside again kill two soldiers and place the Loads S. The middle door opens; head through and run NW around the corner to shoot two soldiers. Far NW is a Crowbar, then run to the middle of the N wall to find a S ladder to climb. Up find another Nitrous Oxide Feeder; go back to the red Load receptacles to find another one for the feeder. Find two Loads (CDs) inside the now open doors. Back in the hallway use one CD in the NE corner to open a door behind you. Run around the right corner and through the corridor. Shoot the glass in the next room to achieve another feeder on a pedestal. Climb the NE block and shoot more glass to put the second CD in the computer. Now itís time for a deep dive into the pool below you. Swim out of it via one of the corners where you can dive up in another area. On the N wall is a climbable ladder so get up there, follow the corridor and climb up through the ceiling. You somehow begin to swim so climb out at a ledge. Climb a wall ladder. You can get four Large Medikits at the corners, afterwards climb W into the opening to arrive on a roof. Run down the bridge and go left or right, as you want, to place the Nitrous Oxide Feeder in the receptacle. The door at the other side opens; head through and slide down a big invisible ramp in the middle of the wall.


This is the end of this huge levelpack.