The Scottish Ruin
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web site, along with the corresponding level for download:   

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are plenty of skeletons to blast and rooms to explore.

This is a short level as it is intended to be part of a two-parter and should be played back-to-back with the SS McGreer level (The Scottish Ruin being the first of the two).

You start this level in a very large greenhouse type structure with a mansion facing you. There are some large steps up to a front door, which is closed, and a couple of openings into the rocky basement. To your left is a closed grating. You may explore this area if you wish but watch out for a number of skeletons.

The fastest way through this level is described below.

Head toward the main building after disposing of the warthog. Head toward the right hand opening in the rock wall. Keeping to the right will avoid releasing most of the skeletons. Run along the corridor and climb at the end of it.

Turn right and ascend the steep stairs. Follow the passage until you come to the first room. A skeleton will rise from the floor when you enter this room so, to avoid it for now, drop into the room and run for the exit (slightly to the right and ahead as you enter the room). Just inside the next room, on the right, is a short passage and some stairs leading up. Go up the stairs and turn left. Continue up the stairs, turn right at the top and enter the room on the left. Run around the packing cases and you will find a grenade launcher on the floor which you can use to dispose of the skeleton that is following you. There is also a warthog in this room. There is also a coin slot and a small plinth on the ledge by the window.

Exit this room, turn right and go into the next room on the right. Search on the packing cases and you will find a small medipack and a token. You will need the token later.

Exit this room, turn right and go into the last room on the right. On the packing case in this room, you will find a Hathor Effigy. Take it then exit the room and go back to the coin slot room. Place the token in the slot. This will open the grating in the garden.

Go back downstairs. When you get to the main room, turn right and enter the end room. There is a door in the wall which leads to another tunnel in the basement where you will find a crowbar that you can use to get the scarab off the wall of the passage you entered the mansion by. You will not need the scarab so therefore, you do not really need the crowbar either.

At the end of this room are two windows. On the ledge by these windows you will find some six-shooter ammo.

Go back to the centre room. On the ledge to the right of the door, you will find the six-shooter, and on the other ledge, by the map, is a small medipack.

Back to the first room and, in the alcove to the right of the window ledge, you will find a key whilst on the ledge are some flares. Another small medipack is the other alcove.

Go back to the garden via the door in the wall and the basement passage and make your way to the now open grating. Go along the mossy passage to the well and jump in. At the bottom of the well, you will find an Ornate Handle that can now be combined with the Hathor Effigy to make the Portal Guardian.

Go back to the garden. There will be two skeletons coming to meet you that you can dispose of. Now that you have the grenade launcher, you may climb the steps to the front door and collect the grenades at the top.

Re-enter the basement passage and go back into the mansion, up the stairs and back into the coin-slot room. Use the Portal Guardian on the plinth. A camera shows the gate halfway up the stairs opening and a skeleton rising from the floor.

Exit this room and head for the gate pausing only to blast the skeleton. Go through the gate and down the stairs to another gate. Use the gate key on this gate.

Follow the passage down the winding stairs and into a dark room. Drop into the room. Another skeleton rises. Dispose of it then light a flare. If you want to work out how to open the gate by yourself then stop reading NOW.

Run around the room. You will notice five areas of the floor are blemished. You need to run over all five of these blemishes to activate the gate.

Run into the passage and round the corner. The path slopes down and enters some water. You will need to swim along the passage a short way to attract the attention of a crocodile. Lure it back to the ramp and dispose of it. You will then have to repeat this operation for a second crocodile.

Once both of these have been cleared, you may swim to the end of the passage and into a larger flooded corridor. Turn left and follow the corridor round two corners until you come to an opening in the wall. There is some six-shooter ammo to pick up just a little further along the corridor if you have enough air to collect it.

Swim through the opening then go up for air. You are now in a flooded copy of the room above. You can see a little of it through the grating above you.

Once your lungs are refilled, dive and go into the room through the door with a step outside it. There is a large medipack on the floor to the right as you go in. You will also see a mossy tunnel leading off of this room. It is best to get as much air as possible now so go get some.

Next, you must swim along the mossy tunnel to...........

The next level.

I hope you enjoyed it.