Levels by Steve Gruner (Flake)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, using notes provided by Tom and graciously translated by him from German into English.



Level 1 - Back in India


Lara slides down to trigger a long flyby through a glade filled with square trees that ends at the ruins of an Indian village.  When camera control is restored, enter the glade and turn left to climb up onto a block as two tigers come strolling by.  If they fail to appear, go down and run around a bit to draw them out.  Shoot them from the vantage point of the block and hop down when they're both dead.


Run forward S and jump into the pond.  Swim around to the right and pull up through a hole in the overhanging ledge.  Run forward and pick up the large medipack for SECRET #1.  Return to the water and wade out on the S bank.  Pull up onto the E ledge next to the large tree and jump up to grab the sloped ledge.  Shimmy to the left and around the corner.  Pull up onto the higher ledge, then turn and take a running jump NW to the tree limb.  Take a running jump S from the end of the limb and step forward to push a block once.  A cut scene shows double doors opening directly below you, so safety drop to the jungle floor and run forward into the revealed room.  Shoot two bats and pick up the SHOTGUN and a box of shotgun shells.


Go back outside and head all the way over to the W end of the glade, just to the left of the village complex.  Just past the huge tree you'll find an alcove with some flares.  To the right of the alcove is a ledge with a section of jungle wall marked with ivy that's climbable.  Climb the wall to the top and shimmy left until Lara gets in a climbing position.  Shift left a bit more until Lara can back flip onto a tree limb.  Turn around and jump NE to the next limb.  Face N and take a running jump to grab the green rope.  Turn very slightly left and jump to the next tree limb.  Take a running jump NW to the next tree limb and walk out to the N end.  Take a running jump and grab from there to the roof of the temple building.


Pull up and run past the monkey NW into a passage where you'll find a small medipack.  Go back and walk past the roof as far as you can go E.  Jump from there to a ledge next to a tree.  Jump around the right side of the tree and continue to a ledge from which you can see another rope S.  Jump to it and turn to your right.  Jump E to the next tree limb.  Jump NE to the adjacent limb and take a running jump and grab N to an opening in the wall.  Pull up and run forward into a cave.  You can see a key on the floor in front of you, but don't pick it up yet.  Turn around to face S, and as soon as you pick up the INDRA KEY, run forward to elude the boulder trap.


Slide down to the jungle floor and return to the area where you found the flares and the climbable wall.  Jump into the alcove and turn to your left to find a moveable block.  Pull it back to reveal a receptacle for the Indra Key.  Use it to open a door nearby.  Slide back down and run to the NE corner of the glade.  Watch out for the spikes on the terrace and enter the temple building there.  Shoot two sections of the wall to your left.  On either side of the opening is a moveable block.  Move them both into the alcove to trigger a cut scene showing two blocks being moved in the jungle wall to reveal a new area.


Go outside and run E toward the lake.  Look to your right and you will see the new area.  Pull up inside and shoot a bat.  Pull two switches on the N wall and light a flare to see that the blocks on either side of the switches are moveable.  Pull them both away from the wall and get on one of them to jump to the top of the pillar between them.  Pull down a third wall switch to lower the spikes in front of the main village building.  Exit this place and run S across the glade to the main village building.  Go around to the right of the building and shoot a section of the wall at floor level (between two slab-like statues) to reveal a crawl space.  Crawl through to a small room and pull down the wall switch to open a door on the E side of the building.  Go there and run up the ramp to a floor lever.  Push it to open the main door at the front of the building.  Go there and run inside to be taken to the next level.


Level 2 - The Golden Roofs


After the long opening flyby, turn around and light a flare to identify a section of wall that you can shoot to grab some additional flares.  Do not venture too far N, however, or you will be warped back to the first level.  Go outside and turn to your right.  Go past the flame-protected wall switch and turn the corner.  Locate another shootable section between the Shiva statutes and pull into the revealed crawl space.  Lower Lara into the next room, avoid the flame and pull down the switch in the E wall.  The flame behind you, and the flame protecting the wall switch you saw earlier are both extinguished, so go back there and pull the switch.


Continue around the walkway in a counterclockwise direction and shoot a section of the wall between the two tiger statues.  Walk (do not run) through the spike field, shoot the next section of the E wall and enter the next room for the REVOLVER.  Enter the opened SE doorway and avoid the flame blower while running into the alcove to your right.  Pull down the wall switch to open a door somewhere outside.  Walk out through the spike field, turn right and continue along the walkway until you reach a shallow channel with a closed door at the end.  There is a companion channel at the W end, so run over there to find the door that you opened.


Run through the long tunnel until you reach a small cave with two bats.  Shoot them and look for the LASER SIGHT next to the Buddha statue.  A cut scene shows the central building outside.  Pull the wall switch on the other side of the Buddha statue for a cut scene showing an artifact in the room beyond the spike field where you got the Revolver.  Go there, noting on the way the closed door in the central building, and take the RUBY OM PART ONE from the plinth.


Exit and run back toward the entrance in the N wall.  Continue E along the walkway a short distance until you reach two Shiva statues.  Pull the wall switch between them and continue E along the walkway.  Go around the corner and continue S past the channel until you reach two more Shiva statutes.  The block between them can be pushed, so do that to reveal a path leading to a new indoor area.  Go in and shoot the SW lion statue.  This enables you to reach a moveable block in the S wall. Push it in to extinguish the flames on the slab behind you.  Reverse roll and go there to pull down a wall switch.  This lifts a hatch on the E side of the roof.  Use the central block to jump there, pull up and hop up to the roof.  Continue forward and take a standing jump E to a higher level of the roof.  Shoot the pyramidal central cap, the one directly opposite the central building across the way.  Nothing happens, it just lets you know that some of these things are more fragile than they appear.


Continue E, hop down to the lower section of the roof and follow it all the way around the central building to the other side.  Shoot the companion pyramidal cap, the one directly opposite the central building, and pull up onto the block.  Step forward and look down E into an area that looks much like the one you just left.  Slide down and then safety drop into the new area.  Move the hat-like piece onto the central tile to open a door in the N wall.  Enter the next room and note the spike walls on either side.  Take the RUBY OM PART TWO from the plinth, reverse roll and beat a hasty retreat as the spike walls begin to converge.


In the previous area push the hat-like piece as far W as possible to open the E door behind you.  Enter the room there and pick up the small medipack for SECRET #2.  Reverse roll and run past the hat-like piece into the W alcove to locate a moveable block.  Push it to one side to reveal a second such block in the W wall.  Pull that block back, then go around it to pull it away from the first block.  Go around it again to find a passage revealed in the W wall.  Go there to find yourself on the walkway where you began this level.  Turn right, go toward the SW corner and locate two elephant stautes against the S wall.  Shoot the section of wall between them and walk through the revealed spike field.  Shoot another section of the wall just past the spikes and enter the next room for some revolver ammo.


Step in front of the receptacle in the W wall, combine the two Ruby Om Parts to form the RUBY OM, and place it on the receptacle.  The door in the central building outside opens, so go there and enter the building.  Pull the block once, then go around it to find another moveable block in the S wall.  Push the second block outside, then turn around, exit the building and run around to the block you pushed outside.  Climb up on it, face the roof and jump up to shoot a section of the roof.  Pull up, jump up to shoot another section of the roof and pull up again.  Shoot the small cap at the apex of the roof to reveal the MANDRA KEY.


Get down, run across the shallow water to the W end and use the Mandra Key in the receptacle to the left of the Shiva statues near the SW corner.  The door between the statues opens, so go inside and shoot the piece on the slab.  This ignites some flame blowers, so vault up onto the slab, jump up to grab the ceiling and carefully monkey swing past the three flame blowers.  Release when you're safely past them and go over to pull the switches in the N and E walls to lower the S spikes.  Enter the next room and push the floor lever to start a minor earthquake that takes you to the next level.


Level 3 - ...Something Has Changed!


With the debris strewn around the room it's obvious that something has indeed changed, but it's not until you get back outside (watching out for falling debris on the way) that the extent of the change becomes apparent.  Monkey swing across the pit (the flame blowers have gone dormant) and watch as the flyby takes you through the earthquake-ravaged and partially drained area outside, ending at an underwater key.  Drop down to water level and go to the waterfall at the NE corner.  Dive into the water and swim into the tunnel underneath the waterfall.  Pull the underwater lever (with absolutely no visual clue as to what you've just done) and swim back out.  Swim all the way across (diagonally) to the SE corner and pull out of the water.  Pull up onto the blocks and run S across an open field to the S wall.  Below you and to the left is a fiendishly hidden opening in the S wall.  Safety drop down below and enter the corridor.


The door closes behind you, but keep going.  Pull up over a block, drop down into a water-filled passage and stand jump into a higher passage where a fixed camera angle shows a spike field to your right.  Pull up onto the block to your left to restore camera control, then jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing in a loop to your left over the spikes.  Drop down into the E passage and hop down from there to a lower passage.  Use the crawl space at the end and hop down into a water-filled passage.  Walk through the spike field when you reach it, pull up and continue past another crawl space.  When you reach the ladder, climb it and go forward until a trap door conveniently drops in front of you.  Pull up into the next room and shoot a couple of bats.


Pick up the large medipack for SECRET #3, then locate the moveable block in the N wall.  Pull it out and push it to one side.  Enter the passage and find a second moveable block.  Pull it back and push it to the other side.  Enter the passage again and find that you've created a short cut back to the outside area.  Get down to the water level and make your way to the ruined central building.  Climb the blocks in the S face and jump into the alcove in the spire.  Push the moveable block once and safety drop to the floor.  Note the closed door in front of you.  You need to access the other three alcoves and push the block in each one to open this door.  The S one was the easy one.  To get to the W one, pull out of the water E and climb up until you can take a running jump and grab to the W pillar.  From there, jump to the W alcove and push the block.  Use the same technique for the N and E alcoves.  When you have pushed the fourth block, a cut scene verifies that the S door down below is now open.


Actually, no it isn't, either.  Must have been some other door, but how were you or I to know that?  Get back into the S alcove, turn around and take a running jump and grab N to the lower pillar.  Pull up and loop around to the right.  Pull up to the higher pillar and now you can see the doorway you opened up.  Take a running jump to the spire, enter and jump down into the opening in the floor.  You can hear that S door opening as you fall.  When you drop into the water, pick up the SHIVA KEY and surface.  Pull out N and exit this area.  Go to the SW corner and climb the blocks back to the upper walkwalk.  Follow the walkway clockwise until you reach the two tiger statues.  Insert the Shiva Key in the keyhole to their left to open the door between them.  Enter, go around the central barrier and slide down the slope to be carried to the final level.


Level 4 - The Golden Om


Step forward and jump into the water.  Swim into the S alcove and pull the underwater lever.  Pull out and go to the NE corner next to the tiger statue.  Back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the protruding platform.  Pull up and draw your pistols to shoot the obstruction on the S ledge.  Take a running jump and grab there and pull up.  Do the same with the next S ledge and shoot the wooden obstruction ahead and slightly to your left in the S wall.  Jump to the sloped S wall and shimmy left until you are able to pull up into the alcove.  Step forward and pull down the wall switch to extinguish a fire in the N wall directly behind you.  Safety drop to the floor and go there.  Shoot the barrier hiding the floor crawl space that was protected by the flame.  Crawl inside and push the floor lever.


Go back out and head to the NW corner.  Use the sloped block next to the tiger statute to reach the raised platform.  Repeat what you did earlier to reach the companion alcove in the S wall.  Pull down the wall switch to extinguish the flame directly behind you.  Go there and shoot the barrier to reveal a second crawl space.  Go inside and push the floor lever to lower the spikes protecting the final artifact.  Go back to the S wall and enter the narrow passage between the Shiva statutes.  You could first pull up to the upper level for some meaningless revolver ammo if you wished.  Take the GOLDEN OM from the plinth to initiate an earthquake.  Reverse roll and run back in the other direction to trigger an extremely long flyby.  This would be a good time to take a cigarette break, or whatever.  When you return, you'll find that the trap door at the upper level (where you found the revolver ammo, assuming you went to get it) is now open.  Hop down into the hole and slide down to trigger a concluding flyby in a new area that you don't get the chance to explore.  After a shot of Lara's escape helicopter, you're treated to a roll call of credits.