TR Forge Advent Calendar 2009 - Christmas Level Remake

Level by Piper

Walkthrough by Anna27


Go to W end and take flares. Jump through NW side of fire place and take key from end. Open door and exit. See a hole near S rocks and take pistols from it. Jump to N mountain (near house) and shoot trash can. Jump to slope and shimmy right. Now do running jump to hole on E and little N side (it's on the rocks, hard to see). Take a crystal. Come back to front of house and enter E cave. Use crystal at receptacle and enter opened door. Immediately turn to NW side and shoot invisible glass. Climb to E block and shimmy till you will be in a ladder and climb down. Pull down lever and get a cut scene of opening trapdoor. Get out and go to trapdoor in W side. Pull out ice block and push it to circle tile. The block will rise on S. Enter to small corridor and pick up revolver. Exit, climb the raised block and go outside. Jump to house in E and push a button. Jump down and go to far NW (Be careful! There is a large hole, hard to see) and take nearby Life Potion. You get a cut scene of lowering block. Now jump to hard to see opening in the large hole (SW side) and take laser sight. Continue forward and get out from opened trapdoor.

Continue going to NW and follow all the way till you see opened gate. Jump to pool and search it for revolver ammo and flares (better do so now, because later you will be not able to get them). Get out at the center ledge and pull down hard to see switch. Combine revolver and laser sight and shoot glass at the bottom of pool in SE. Swim there, get out in dark room and take Yupíik Panel (secret 1). Go to NW corner of room and take hard to see Heal Potion. Come back to pool and swim to SW ledge. Jump to rope (use slope with angel). Swing to W hole and take Heal Potion. Climb out and you will see rising block near entrance. Use rope again and swing to other side of the slope (Climb one tile up. Lara will be too high so, climb one tile down). When you land at other side of slope, slide, jump and grab a ledge. Climb the block and use monkey swing to get to other side. Get a crystal and pool will freeze.

Exit, go to S opening near the house, climb the blocks, but not to the top, jump to hole at the end and take revolver ammo. Now climb to the top go to right (be careful not to drop into hole, but you can get out from it). You will see small crevice at NW site. Take revolver with laser sight and aim to crevice. Now take few steps back till you see something blue in laser sight (look at right). Shoot it and door on left will open. Enter, jump to bottom and take ruin keys. Notice a room behind glass. Exit and enter the hole, which you missed earlier. Use keys and the door near crevice will open.

Go there, use gem and enter big dark room. Immediately turn left and jump to ledge at SE corner. Go to the end, jump over the slope and save a game (but itís not necessary, you can come back here if you donít make it). This switch is for timed run. Pull down switch, jump down (or slide, but careful not to slide at center of slope or you will get stuck) and run to ladder at NE side. Only use up and ctrl (if you are in good position, sometimes doesnít work, and you must then use alt too) and immediately back flip and roll. Run a little bit, and then crawl till you can stand up. Quickly run and jump to opened gate at crawl space. Follow till you be in big cave with ice rocks. Some of them can be broken. Use revolver and laser sight and shoot upper pyramid at NE side. Enter opened door at N side and pick up crowbar. Go to first big ice block at W and climb up on left side (this side is darker than others). Climb down the hole in middle and push a button. Climb up and run and jump to second ice block. Climb down to another hole and pry an icy star. Get out and jump to opened gate. Use star at receptacle and safety come back down.

Enter to new opened door with few columns and fire emitter. Some of columns are different than the others and they can be shot. After that, grate around fire emitter will open. Carefully climb down the ladder and go to pedestal at W side. Pull down two switches on both sides. You will get cut scenes of key, which you saw earlier (cave with revolver). Come back there (itís not that far) and take it. Come back to cave with two switches and pedestal. Use Lost key on key hole at N side. Slide down to big cave. Jump to pool at SE side and pull down underwater lever from ceiling. Get out and come to pedestal in a middle of room. Take aquamarine from pedestal and Heal Potion from block. Hop to nearest rocks and carefully run and jump to SE flat side (use left curve if itís necessary). Turn right, run, jump with left curve to opening at left side. Climb down a ladder and take iron key. Climb rocks again and to SE side, but this time jump to NW side. Jump to gate and use keys. Jump to other side and take a torch. Get down and light torch from fireplace.

Use torch at hard to see wall torch (hook) near big gate at W side. Enter and jump to pool at NE side. Swim through crevice and pull down underwater lever. The block on middle in previous room (where aquamarine was) will raise. Push a button there and two ropes will appear. First jump to opened near trapdoor and take a staff. Now climb a block and jump to left rope. Swing to second rope. From second rope turn left and jump to nearby climbable column (you must climb rope a little high, because if you swing too far, you will not catch column). Shift right, climb to the top, shift left and take second Yupíik Panel (secret 2). Come back to first rope and swing to column at N side. Run and jump to jump switch at the wall (light a flare if you want to see where is it). The block will rise in NE room with small pool.

Climb there and use another jump switch. Now use a wall lever. Get down and get to quad. Ride to the other side. Itís tricky, because if you slow down, you will not be able to jump across gaps. When you get there, carefully ride down at opening. Notice a gate (I donít know what it is for) and ride to upper slope. Get out and combine aquamarine and staff. Use aquamarine sceptre on that strange thing. Climb a ladder and you are in a room with Christmas tree.

Open a present for Heal Potion. Now pull a carpet away from a trapdoor. Go to right side of fireplace and push a button. Enter trapdoor and pick up a torch. Light it on fire. First pull out block from door and push a toaster handle. Enter and pick up a Christmas star. Push a button for exit and take the torch with you. Come to freezing pool and light rocks on it. Ice will change to water. Swim and take second Christmas star from bottom. You can use stars on two Santa Claus statues and come to finish the level, but if you want you can go for third Yupíik Panel (secret 3). Go to the very beginning (to the house) and jump to opened trapdoor (you saw it where you got a crystal). Now come back to Santa Claus statue area and use Yupíiks Panels on receptacles. Youíll get a cut scene of opened trapdoor. Use two stars on Santa Clauses and enter the new opening. As you enter you will see opened trapdoor, which was mentioned earlier. Drop down, and take Cross from pedestal (secret 4). Climb up and continue to finish level.