Levelbase Advent Calendar 2009 - Searching the Christmas Room

Level by Eelkemama (Elke Schwarz)

Walkthrough by Yoav

As soon as you start the level, climb the south wall and pick up the Green Key. Shoot the vase for flares, then pull back the display and climb inside for Red Key. Go behind the next wall and use it, then back, shoot the vase, pass the door and jump into the pool, collect flares from NW alcove and pull out. Grab the climbable wall, move around and jump/grab the next two walls, reach the exit hole and pull out. Use the key on the south wall, enter the room and pick up Revolver with Lasersight, then pull a jumpswitch. Enter the north opening door and pull the lever to open the next door and go east, collect a large medipack and later climb the wall next to the lion statue. Pull a jumpswitch and reach the end of the stairs for two small medipacks. Return and go to the west opening door, light flare and climb into a tall crawlspace, inside the room step on a trigger tile and qiuckly climb out. Run faster and pass the opened grate, continue until another grate, turn left and drop into a room. Pull the display and find Secret (small medipack), then climb the alcove for triggering the tile. Once behind the opened grate shoot a tall devil head and go to the next opening.

Continue around the walls for triggering another tile, then back and climb the ladder to reach the roof. Light flare and crawl into a crawlspace for Secret (small medipacks), then pull the lever to open grate and climb up. Once in the water hole, dive for Secret (crowbar), then pull out. Go west around the walls and grate will open so you can take three large medipacks, then pull the lever and return. Enter the opened room and shoot the vase, then pull the trapdoor and drop underground for Secret (small medipack). Go again around the walls, climb the ladder and reach the roof, exit and come to a place with closed door. Climb the west wall, drop down and reach the pool. By jumping the columns reach the north and climb to the top, then monkeyswing east until the end and grab the wall, continue moving until the alcove and pull there a lever. Go through the opened door and jump into the water, swim the tunnel and pull into a Secret room for three large medipacks. Return, run up the passage, reach the pool and some boulder will drop late!!

Anyway, go east and pull a trapdoor, climb down and slide into a highlighted blue tunnel. Surface and pull out, then step on the trigger tile to open grate somewhere. Swim and find the exit hole, climb into a room with several displays. Pull the west displays to clear space, then find and pull lever to open the grate in the room. Climb up the ladder, then the stairs until the exit and go west. Enter another room with displays, this time pull out the two middle ones and reveal a crawlspace. Crawl inside and trigger tile in the north alcove to open grate, then climb into the south alcove for Red Key. Go through the opened grate S back to the pool and climb the west block. Grab the ladder in the hole and climb up, take the south passage and reach the end. Use the key to open the grate and climb the ladder to the top and move right. Go to the end for Secret (small medipack), then back a little bit and climb up. Congratulations, you finally found the Christmas room.

Ending by Anna27:

You have to find three switches to open a door. The first one is immediately to right of entering, behind block and behind wall. The second one is to the left of Christmas tree. And the third one is in upper room. Go to SW corner and climb W wall. Backflip to the tunnel and follow to a room. Pick up all chocolates and find a crawlspace in SW corner. Now you can finish the game.