LB Advent Calendar 2009 - Christmas Castle


Level by Jonas Nebel (aka "Jonson")


Walkthrough by Josť



Advance through the small valley and pick up the flares on your way. Inside the cave pick up more flares to your right near the grate, light a flare and go to the opposite side in S wall to discover an icy moveable block; push it to the very end and shoot the small barrel to your left to pick up a large medipack (banana). Pick up the torch in the snowy floor and return to the cave. Opposite the W door there is a jumpswitch in the E dark wall; pull it and enter with torch in hand. Pick up more flares to your left and light the torch in either of the nearby wall sconces. In the N and S sides of these pillars there are wall switches, which raise blocks near the pillars. Drop your torch over the N raising block (darker tile near the pillar) and pull the switch to bring up the torch.


Go to the very NW corner of this room near the frozen pool and jump to grab the N edge, shimmy right and hoist up. Go all the way back to the raised pillar and pick up the torch. Enter the nearby N room and light the wall sconce. Go out and throw the torch to the floor of the main room. Remember well where it is 'cause you'll need it later. Now go back to the NW corner, the door there is open. Enter, climb the ledge and pick up a small medipack (apple). In this room jump into the pool and swim N, up through the hole in the ceiling and jump into the water again in the other side of the room. Continue swimming and through the open door at the end; follow the path until you can surface in an area with a waterfall and some presents.


Pick up a small medipack in SW corner and jump into the hole behind the waterfall. Swim again and in the next room notice the closed door in NE corner. Climb the central ledge and facing W jump to grab the ladder in the hole above; climb to the top of the waterfall cave. There is another small medipack in NW corner to pick up. Turn around and go over the rocky ledges in a clockwise direction to the SW corner; pick up the flares and jump into the hole to pull the switch. Drop and return through the underwater passage to the previous room with the closed door. The door is open now, continue, climb a long ladder and you're at the very top of the waterfall room. Pick up the large medipack and the flares to your left and continue through the N passage, arriving at an area with a big lake.


Jump into the water and pick up 3 x flares; go out of the water in a small ledge in S side. Take a running jump to the E rocks and continue to the very N side. Spot the crack in the N wall in the other side of the lake and jump there; shimmy to the left and continue jumping from ledge to ledge in an anticlockwise direction until you reach the low part of the stone bridge in S wall. Monkeyswing to the other side, drop, grab the crack and shimmy left to the NW opening; face E and jump to grab the small ladder in the side of the bridge. Once over the bridge the camera angle changes; don't go too far, in the E side of the bridge there is a sloped ledge; jump there and slide N, jump onto the E ledge and run E to the end. There's a crawlspace there, go inside and crawl to a room with more presents.


Turn right and light a flare to discover a moveable block in NE corner; pull it all the way S and W to place it under the monkeyswing in S wall. Climb the block and monkeyswing to the other side. Here, move the red table with the tree to the patterned tile near the N presents. Climb down and cross the bridge. Continue to arrive at the starting room. Use the monkeyswing to cross to the other side, pick up more flares and pull the floor lever to open a door somewhere...


Do you remember where you threw the torch? Pick up the torch and drop it over the S raising block (darker tile near the pillar) and pull the switch to bring up the torch. Do the same as you did before: go to the very SW corner of this room near the frozen pool and jump to grab the S edge, shimmy left and hoist up. Go all the way back to the raised pillar and pick up the torch. Enter into the nearby S room and light the wall sconce. Go out and go back to the SW corner, the door is open. Enter, and pick up the flares in the ledge to your left if you want (there are more than enough flares in this level). In this new outside area advance until you can see a big waterfall to your left. Turn right (E) to discover a crawlspace in the rocky wall near an icy small plant. Go inside to get SECRET #1: a present and a large medipack under the barrel.


Return to the waterfall area. Jump into the lake below and explore the area to find a small medipack and 4 x flares. Go behind the waterfall and climb the ledge and the ladder there. The left path is to return to the place you came from, so turn right and jump N-NE to the next ledge; go through the W opening and pull the floor lever at the end to open an underwater door. Return outside and jump into the lake waters; swim to the E end and in the NE corner there is an underwater opening with the open door. Continue diving and follow the path to the high N ledges over the lake. Turn right (W) and from the very edge take a standing jump to grab the edge of the high Wledge. Hoist up and from here you can jump to the top of the waterfall.


Go S and through the opening over the small waterfall. Drop into the E room losing some health, go E and pull the floor lever to see the frozen waters. Return to the now frozen lake and go through the E opening, climb the long ladder and push the blue spiked ball to break the ice in the small pool below (main room). Take a running jump S-SE with a right curve to the wooden S ledge, and from here to the high niche in S wall to get SECRET #2: a Christmas holly plant. Drop to ground floor and drop through the broken ice in the small pool. When arriving at the wide underwater passage, go to the NE corner and up to pull an underwater switch. Continue diving to the open trapdoors, climb and follow the passage to an outside area where the level ends.


December - 11 - 2009