The Sewer
By Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough provided by the author on his web page, along with the corresponding level for download:  

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point. There are plenty of creatures to shoot and some damp, dark and creepy rooms to explore.

You start this level at the end of the slide from the Psychedelic caverns. There is some six-shooter ammo for you to pick up before taking the final the slide into this level. Be prepared to defend yourself from some scorpions at the bottom of the slide and also, a pack of devil-dogs have taken up residence in this cave. While at the entrance end of the cave, you should find a large and a small medipack if you have a short scout about.

On a pillar at the far end of the cave, you will see a tall pillar. There are some flares to be picked up on the top of it but watch out for more dogs and bats.

Exit the cave through the doorway at the opposite end of the cave and you will find yourself in the sewer system being attacked by two more devil-dogs. Once these have been despatched, go into the taller (and dryer) of the two tunnels and run to the far end passing a grating on your left. At the end, turn right into a dark room where you will find a crossbow item and half a cartouche. Picking up the cartouche opens the grating you passed earlier.

Go to the now open room where you will find a dry sinkhole with a ladder in it. Go down the ladder and pick up the Guardian Key and operate the lever switch. This will open a gate to your next destination in the water tunnel of the sewer. Go back up the ladder and head back the way you came to the smaller of the two tunnels in the main sewer entrance. A short way in on the right is the gate which just opened. Enter but be careful. There is a pit of lava ahead and another devil-dog behind you.

You will need to do a running jump, grab, climb, slide, jump, grab, climb, slide and jump to get across this obstacle.

You are now in short passage with a door ahead. Move forward but beware of the lava pit, which you need to jump over. Having cleared this obstacle, you will end up in a tall room with a lava floor. You have quite a bit of jumping, grabbing and climbing to do here so here goes:

Turn to your left and climb onto the block. Turn to your right and jump up to the block ahead (You may need to grab and pull yourself up as well but sometimes you can jump straight up onto this block). Turn right again and do a running jump.

From here, you will see the top of another block with the other half of the cartouche. Do a running jump and pick up the cartouche then turn almost completely around. There is a dark area ahead which has another block to jump and climb onto. You will need to do a running jump, grab and climb onto this block where you can pick up a large medipack. Walk to the edge of the block and look to the left. You will see another dark block which you must now do a standing jump to.

You are now at the top of a large staircase. Go down, but beware, one of the blocks is missing and you could plunge onto the lava. Once at the bottom, go through the door into the passage and drop into a small pit to collect some shotgun wideshot ammo. Continue along the passage into a big room with a large rock formation hanging from the ceiling.

Beneath this rock is a laser sight but don't rush to pick it up just yet. A large spiked ball will drop on you if you are too hasty. Walk to the other side of the room around the rock formation and you will be able to get the laser sight in perfect safety.

There is a place on the wall in the corner of this side of the room where you may climb up to a smaller room with two lever switches. One causes a rising block to lift in the room below allowing you to exit the room; the other one opens a gate back in the smaller sewer tunnel.

Go back down to the room below and climb onto the newly raised block and, from there, climb into the passage. Go along this passage, avoiding the lava pit, and slide down the slope. Jump over another lava pit once you reach the bottom of the slide and you will find yourself, once more, in the wet part of the sewer.

Just opposite, there is now an open gate leading onto a passage. There is an alcove to the left. Go in here and you will find a small medipack. Follow the alcove on and you will come back out into the passage having just missed another spiked ball trap.

Continue along the passage and you will arrive at a large room with a lava floor. Turn right and go down three steps. Do a running jump on to the sloped block and jump three times then go down the longer slide with a jump near the bottom. Run up the ramp to the flat platform then turn left. Do a running jump, grab and climb onto the block ahead and pick up the shotgun wideshot ammo. Do another running jump, grab and climb on to the next block and pick up The Timeless Sands. Turn left and do a running jump to the block at the bottom of the ladder. Climb.

At the top, use the guardian key. This will activate a rope which you can then use to swing over to the platform at the top of a slide. Pick up the small medipack then go down the slide.

Turn right and do a running jump over the lava into the passage opposite. Go up the ramped passage to an ornate room and climb onto the block ahead. In front of you, on the next block up, is a closed gate. To open this you must turn right and climb onto the wall. Ahead of you and slightly up, is an opening in the wall. Do a running jump, grab and climb and you will be looking out into the main part of the room. There are three pillars to do running jumps over then turn right and then another three running jumps to get you to an alcove where you will find a lever switch. Watch out for the bats.

This switch activates the gate in the ornate room, so now you must go back the way you came still avoiding bats.

Once back to where the gate had been, you must do two running jumps, turn right, then one more running jump. You can now run to the exit with the red surround and leave this room behind.

Follow this passage to the dark room. There are some steps to climb on the other side of the room almost directly ahead. At the top, turn left and do a running jump onto the platform with the statue. Use The Timeless sands on the statue and a gate will open in the lower part of the room. Go back down and dispose of two devil dogs then run along the golden corridor to the red corridor and finally into a sunlit room.

Not much to do in here. There are a number of devil-dogs and bats to dispose of and a couple of small medipacks to pick up if you like. Lastly, make your way to the door opposite where you came in and go through a short passage to a red passage.

Follow the passage and go up the ramps. Watch out for scorpions and spiked rolling balls.

At the end of this passage, you will enter a huge lava room with a wooden bridge through it. Go across the bridge, where you will meet three more devil-dogs, and into the passage on the other side. If you turn left in the passage, you will find some more flares to pick up if you need them. Next, go to the end of the passage and drop into a larger corridor with lava pits.

Three running jumps will get you to the end of this corridor. Turn to the right and jump backwards so that your back is against the wall. Jump. Slide and jump twelve times then kill the scorpion. Walk to the end of the short passage. Jump and slide three more times. At the bottom of the long slide you will meet two more devil-dogs.

Once these are out of the way, follow the winding passage to its end. There is another devil-dog here somewhere, so be prepared.

You will now enter a large temple-like room. You may like to explore this room as there a quite a number of goodies scattered about in here but, be warned, there are lots of devil-dogs in this room. If you just want to get through quickly, then go straight ahead to the large carved rock hanging from the ceiling and pick up the Amulet Of Horus. Go back to the door you came in by and turn left. Go as far as you can then turn left again. At the far end of this passage is the keyhole for the cartouche. Use it. A grating will open.

To get here, you must go back to the end of this corridor and turn right. Run to the door you entered by and jump to the first pillar. With the carved formation hanging from the ceiling in front of you in the distance, turn left. Jump into the corridor ahead and follow it as far as it goes. Turn left, then left again. Go to the end of the passage and you will see an open door.

Go through this door and dispose of one more devil-dog. Enter the passage that the dog came out of and follow it. You will drop into a pit and this ends the level.

I hope you enjoyed it.