Level by Joker

Walkthrough by Anna27

First level:

You have already a written solution from 2007 year ( Iíll just describe the new places. Of course, donít forget to pick up presents.

After level started, turn around and climb up two blocks. Donít enter to jeep, because you canít get out. Go to left from jeep and in the far away, near road, you will find first star. Turn back and go to other end. Youíll come to big rocks. Go to NE opening and to the far W side. Find upper crawlspace and there is second star in it.

Now come back to jeep, get down and follow as like it said in previous solution. When you come to the deep pit, after shimmying to the ledge with trees, you will find third star. Again, the rest is the same, I just write that, fourth star is in cave with bear (still in a deep).

Go till you come to big ice cave (see solution if you donít remember where it is, and of course donít forget to take pickups). In cave do the same as in solution. But later in the East corridor, and before the room with two moving blocks, go to N side and follow corridors till you find fifth star.

When you come to room with big pit (move the block from opening first), just go to the ledge, turn and climb down the ladder to bottom. Search it for the sixth star. Come back and just do all from previous solution till you get all presents and come to the end of level.

Second level:

See solution from 2007 if you have a problem with finding places.

First house, behind bridge:
After you place the first present in pedestal, this time enter the next room and take seventh star. When you see the big frozen gate, look carefully to other side and see something glowing. Itís an eighth star. Just go at lake and take it.

When you enter to house with two ladders and movable blocks, after pulling switch go down to kitchen and take ninth star. I mention that in a basement is a crowbar, and later you have to find house to use crowbar. Later you will find green key.

The big house, using green key:
Donít enter yet, but go the right, and at the back is tenth star (little hard to see).

Now enter to the house, when you do everything in ground floor, go upstairs, enter library (itís on N side) and find crawlspace. Inside is eleventh star.

Come back to balcony and look over entrance. Under window is the last star. Go to the right side of balcony (NW). Run and jump the brown part of the wall. Shimmy to the left and take twelfth star.

You have all stars, you can make the rest by using solution 2007. But if you remember the way, you donít need to.

Ending is a little different than previous one.