Pickups: 8x Stars of David, Hanukkah Rules, small waterskin, small medipack, Oil Can, torch, jar + 4 Secrets (Golden Roses)


Enemies: None



2nd Tevet, 8th day of the Hanukkah


You're standing in a hallway surrounded by four small rooms and straight ahead there's a pedestal with a scroll as well as two closed gates blocking the doorway at the far end. First of all turn left and enter the first room. Hidden underneath the large green plant is a Star of David, the first out of a total of eight.


Return to the main hallway and pick up the scroll from the pedestal. These are the Hanukkah Rules and the scroll reads:

"Search for the oil.

Pour it into the dish.

Put the candles from right to the left

on the candlesticks,

light them from left to the right

and you will see the miracle of the Hanukkah."


That doesn't make much sense right now, but it'll all become clear along the way. The double gates at the far end are now open, but before going that way nip into the left-hand room. Dive into the small pool and go to the other side of the fountain to find a small waterskin at the bottom.


Climb out of the pool, go back to the hallway and now it's time to proceed through the open gates. You'll enter the very impressive-looking, multi-story Main Hall and as the enchanting fly-by indicates there's a massive wooden structure at the centre of the room, shaped as a hanukkiah- the nine-branched candlestick traditionally used during the Hanukkah. On top of the candlestick structure there's a white bowl, currently empty.


When the fly-by ends start going left and near the corner you'll find a golden chest. Shoot it and pick up the Star of David (2/8) left behind. Take a closer look at the S wall. Our ultimate goal is to open the golden gate, but for now pay attention to the Hebrew letters higher up on the wall:


In the readme you'll find a short note on the meaning of these letters, but what's important right now is to take note of their order. This will help you to solve a few puzzles that are essential to the progress of the level.


And now on with the show. Turn left and go to the E wall. Open the gate there by pulling the switch next to it. Head up two flights of stairs and a gate will open right before the third flight, letting you out onto the first floor.


Go right from the entrance and look for a switch at the back of the rightmost centre column. You'll hear the sound of a gate opening, so turn and enter the room near the N/E corner. A short flight of stairs leads up to a central platform with scrolls and books littered about and a fancy ornate block decorating the back wall.


The centre platform is flanked by two alcoves and there's a button in each of them. As you push each button a torch is lit on the wall above the corresponding alcove. Upon pushing the second button the ornate block up on the central platform lowers, revealing a hidden depression. Hop down into the depression and pick up the Star of David (3/8), causing a second gate outside on the first floor to open. 


Pick up a small medipack in front of the left button and go back outside. Go left to the far end to find the now open gate, leading into a small library. When you first enter the back wall looks like this:



This is the first puzzle where you'll be required to use the order of the Hebrew letters out in the Main Hall to your advantage. The three ornate blocks on the floor are moveable, as is the middle block up on the bookshelf at the back wall. In addition there's also a fourth moveable block behind the latter, revealing the fourth Hebrew letter required. Above the ornate block positioned right and slightly behind Lara in the above screenshot there's a button. As of now it's too high up for you to reach, so this will be our main focus here.


What you need to do is basically moving the three ornate blocks on the floor around so that you will be able to form the much-mentioned string of letters on top of the back bookshelf. The left and right letter up there are immobile and in the correct places, leaving you with two blocks that you have to move into the right position.


Start by focusing on the ornate block to the left. Stand by it facing N and pull it once towards you. Turn to face the S ornate block and pull that one towards you once as well. Finally face the central block tucked up against the back of the column with the button and pull it towards the back shelf as far as it goes. Go to the opposite side of the block and push it up against the back. By now you should have uncovered an ornate floor tile underneath the aforementioned button.


Climb onto the back shelf and pull the letter block towards you once. Now go around it to the left and push it up against the still block decorated with the same letter. At this point the picture in front of you should look something like this:


Go to the left ornate block on the floor and pull it out once. Go around it to the right and pull it once towards you. It should now be aligned with the middle tile at the back shelf. Climb onto the shelf again and pull the second letter block out as far as it goes. Drop down to the floor and move the left block BACK into its original position aligned with the other two ornate blocks on the floor. See the screenshot below for further clarification on that move:



Climb up on the right side of the letter block and push it onto the ornate block you just moved back. Pull the middle block out once, go around it to the right and push it next to the leftmost block. It should now look like this:



Finally climb onto the end block and push the last letter block up against the back wall. If done correctly the ornate tile behind you will rise into a block, allowing you to push the button. The final picture is supposed to look like this:



Push the button and turn around to find that a final ornate block has lowered in front of the back shelf. Drop down and retrieve the Star of David (4/8) from the floor. Don't leave yet though, first climb up onto the shelf and go to the far back of the alcove previously hidden behind the letter blocks. Here you'll find Secret # 1: a Golden Rose.


You're done with the library now so go back outside and through the main entrance. Continue up another three flight of stairs and out through the gate that opens on the left before the fourth flight. You've now moved up to the second floor. Head right and shoot the urn near the corner for Secret # 2: another Golden Rose.


That's all we need to do on the second floor, so return to the stairs and keep going upwards. After three more stairs you'll reach a gate that will let you out onto the third floor. Go left and open the nearby gate by pulling the switch next to it. Enter a small room with two urns and an ornate block. Draw guns and shatter the two urns, causing the ornate block to lower.


Run through to the next room and pick up the Oil Can from the pedestal. A fly-by shows some blocks rising out in the Main Hall: three on top of the candlestick structure and one underneath a switch down on the ground floor. Leave the room and a gate will shut behind you, no worries as there's nothing else you need in there.


Now return to the main entrance and stairs. Going up you'll reach the third and final floor, but as of now there's nothing we can do up there. Instead go downstairs to the ground floor and cross over to the far side.


Locate the block that rose before, pulling the switch on top of it opens the next gate. You'll come to a stairwell identical to the one across the room. Keep going up until you're let out onto the first floor. Head right, open the gate by pulling the switch and go through to end up on a ledge overlooking a beautiful garden.


Safety-drop down to the ground and have a look around. There are two lines of blocks along the W and N wall. Ignore the E garden for now, we'll get to explore that soon enough. For now just focus on the task to be done in this part of the garden.


The four blocks with the letters that are clumped together in the middle of the garden are all moveable. You need to use these to fill out the four blank spots next to the already placed letter blocks by the walls N and W. Again the blocks need to be arranged in the same order as the string of letters in the Main Hall.


You can move the blocks in any order you like, but at the end of it the blocks should be placed as listed below. X marks the blocks that are already in place, the cardinal directions indicate where the moveable block is positioned at the start of the puzzle. 


W wall: S/E block- X- N/W block- X


N wall: X- S/W block- X- N/E block


The solved puzzle should look like this:



If done correctly you can enter the short hallway S and pick up the Star of David (5/8) from the formerly empty pedestal at the end.


NOTE: The first time I played this level I visited the S garden before solving the block puzzle and upon completing the puzzle I found that nothing happened and that the Star of David did not appear on the pedestal at all. This could be an issue triggered by saving the game in a particular spot or by the act of visiting the S garden before solving the block puzzle. To be on the safe side just solve the block puzzle when you first enter the garden and keep regular savegames in case it doesn't work.


After picking up the star continue through to the next garden. Go past the small pool with the fountain and open the gate on the opposite side. Crawl underneath the the large star on the right side and look up on the wall to spot a jump switch. Pull it down and a camera shot shows a block sliding out of the wall in the pool outside.


Standing on the newly revealed block in the pool, open the inventory and select the small waterskin. Lara will stoop down and fill it with water. Return to the garden with the blocks and pull the switch on the wall to raise an ornate block. Climb onto it and pull up into the N alcove. Turn and hop back to the main entrance.


Upon leaving the garden behind turn left and go back downstairs. We'll explore the remaining floors later on. For now return to the ground floor and go left. Pull the switch to open the final gate down here and enter a room with scales and two closed gates. There's also a jump switch underneath a monkeyswing above the entrance and an ornate tile on the ground.


Go over to the left scale, save your game (in case something goes wrong) and stand in front of the scale facing the S wall. Open the inventory and select the currently full waterskin, press Enter to use it. You'll know that everything has gone well if Lara gets up on her toes and pours the water onto the scale. The scale is pulled down by the weight of the water and the gate opens. If it doesn't work straight away, reload a previous savegame and try again.


Pick up the Star of David (6/8) from the pedestal and leave the room. You need more water for the second scale, so head right and up the stairs again to the first floor. Return to the garden with the block puzzle and head through to the pool. Fill the waterskin again and make your way back to the ground floor the same way you came.


Enter the room with the scales again. Do not attempt to pour water onto the second scale yet though, unless you want to return to the garden to fill the waterskin again. As you can tell there's a stone tile underneath the second scale that sinks into the ground when you step on it, making it impossible for Lara to reach up to the scale. What to do?


When Lara steps onto the stone tile you'll hear the sound of a trapdoor dropping. This is located just next to the entrance. Follow the short ramp down to a room with more ornate blocks and a switch currently out of reach.


Go to the single block in the corner and pull it out three times. Move around it to the right and pull it towards you once, then go back left and push it up against the other blocks. Climb onto it and pull the lever, one of the other ornate blocks lowers to your left to reveal an alcove.


Notice how the ceiling inside the alcove is made from stone? This alcove is actually directly below the second water scale in the room above. We need to find a way of holding the stone tile up so that it won't lower whenever Lara steps onto it. Left of the alcove there's another moveable ornate block, pull it towards you once.


Now drop down to the floor and, facing W, pull the block underneath the switch towards you once. Go around it to the right and push it up against the wall. Move around the block to the left and push it twice. You should now be able to climb up and push the top block into the alcove.


Return to the floor above and check on the right scale again. Held up by the ornate block the stone tile should now be stabile and you can pour the water onto the scale to open the gate. Pick up the Star of David (7/8) from the pedestal and a block rises out in the room with the scales. 


The block is too tall to climb, which is why we have the nearby ladder. Climb almost to the top and backflip to land on the block. Turn left to face the entrance and use the overhead monkeyswing to shimmy towards the jump switch. Drop and press Action again to grab it, pulling it down opens a gate high up on the W wall.


Climb the ladder again, backflip to the block and use the monkeyswing to shimmy over through the open gate. Pick up the final Star of David (8/8) and go behind the pedestal. Run straight through the blue curtain into a hidden passage where you'll find Secret # 3: the Golden Rose.


Drop back down to the floor and return to the ground floor. Go right and head upstairs again. Ignore the first floor this time around, just go straight up to the second. Right of the main entrance you'll find a gate, use one of the stars here to open it. The urn is moveable, pull it out twice. Go around to the left and push it onto the ornate tile next to the tall stone column.


Use the lever right of the urn and you'll find that the block is an elevator transporting the urn up to the next level. The front of the stone column is climbable, so climb up to the top and push the urn onto the top of the climbable column. Drop back down to the ground and on the other side of the main entrance you can use another star to release a second urn from its "prison".


Move the second urn onto the ornate tile on the other side of the elevator and pull the switch next to it to send the second urn up to the next level. Next to the main entrance there is a third switch, pulling it will send the higher elevator with the first urn up to the second floor.


Drop down to the ground and head up the stairs to the second floor where you'll find the first urn. Pull it off the elevator, which will lower again automatically. Drop down through the hole and drop again down to the ground floor. Go left and flip the switch back up to raise the elevator with the second urn. Climb up to the urn, pull it onto the second elevator, drop down to the ground and use the switch next to the entrance again to send the second urn up to the second floor.


Run up the stairs and pull the second urn off the elevator, again lowering it. That's ok, we're not going to need it any more anyways. We're now going to turn all our focus towards the hanukkiah, the nine-branched candlestick. The middle branch holds the bowl which will contain the oil, but we'll take care of that later.


For now we will start going right to left as written in the Hanukkah Rules. Start off with the first gate near the S/W corner. Place the next star in the receptacle, pull the urn out and shove it along the walkway all the way up to the first gilded block on the candlestick. A camera shot shows the ornate block inside the urn alcove lowering, go back there and pull the lever. The ornate block with the urn raises, go back out there and push it onto the gilded block on the candlestick.


This is basically what you need to do all along the line. Do the same thing with the next two gates/urns/switches. For the fourth branch of the candlestick you don't have a gate, so you'll need to use one of the urns that you brought up here by the elevator. Once you place it up against the gilded block a gate behind you opens, run in there and use the switch to raise the urn. Return to it and push it onto the gilded block.


Do the same thing with the second urn you brought up with the elevator. From there on you can proceed with placing the remaining stars in the receptacles, pushing the final three urns onto the ornate tiles, pulling the switches as they are uncovered and finally pushing the urns all the way onto the gilded blocks. When you've placed all the urns climb onto the middle blocks and pour oil from the can into the white dish. Watch the following fly-by to see what happens next.


Go to the main entrance and go all the way down the stairs to the ground floor. Cross the Main Hall and head up the stairs across the room. Run all the way up to the final floor and go right to find the block that lowered. Pull the switch, opening a nearby gate. Inside the alcove you'll find a large mirror. Pull the mirror out and place it on top of the gilded tile near the blue railing.


Doing so opens a second gate at the other end, go there to find another mirror. Pull it onto the nearby gilded tile and a block lowers near the corner. Pull the newly revealed switch and a fly-by shows trapdoors open above the mirrors. As sunlight comes through it's reflected off the mirrors and streams through the centre of the decorative star, hitting the white dish and thus setting the oil on fire.


At the same time a gate opens somewhere else, revealing a pedestal with some torches on it. Returning to the main entrance, go down the stairs to the floor below and find the gate leading to the torch room. The gate closes behind you as you enter. First use the switch next to the gate to reopen it, then pick up a torch and leave.


Retrace your steps down to the ground floor, cross the Main Hall and go all the way up the stairs to the top floor to the top of the candlestick. Go to the middle block and use the fire to light your torch. As stated in the rules light the urns from left to right (opposite of the order in which you placed them) and watch as the golden gate on the ground floor finally opens.


You know where to go next, so run down the stairs and head through the gate to a beautiful garden. Before doing anything else we're going for the final secret. Go to the S/W corner and enter the dark passage, at the far end you'll find Secret # 4: the final Golden Rose. Return outside to the garden and pick up the jar from the pedestal, then watch the fly-by that brings this beautiful level to an end.