Level by tombraiderfreak

Walkthrough by rtrger

After that long flyby (notice the ladder and the switch on the structure), go to one of the spikes, and jump through it. (See
Video, which also contains an alternative method, if you canít do it.) Climb down on the ladder to the pit, and push the switch. A door opens somewhere. Climb back to the top, and jump through the spikes again. Go to the ladder which weíve seen in the beginning flyby, and at the 2nd part of the ladder, climb to the right side to push a switch. Now you can climb up to the top.

Kill the dino, and go through the door on the right, jump to the small pool, and swim into the small tunnel. Swim through it (watch out for knives), and vault up to the small tunnel. Pull the switch, and a long flyby shows that you opened the door near the pool. Swim back, and go through the door that you opened recently.

You fall into a pool. On your left, behind the lion statue, thereís a small medipack and a shotgun. Go to the other side of the room, and head to the right side. Spot the lever on the wall, and pull it. A door opens behind you. Swim where the tunnel carries you, and after a while, head to the right side. Youíll reach a tunnel. (Note the switch.) On both sides of this tunnel, there are 2 non-solid parts of the wall where you can pull 2 boxes. (See
Picture.) So, pull the box on the left side as much as you can, and go to the corridor on the left side. Go to the end, and look up: you can see a crawlspace. Jump up, crawl to the end. Sprint through the room, so the boulders wonít kill you. Pick up the uzis, the shotgun ammo and the big medipack. Thatís the 1st secret.

Make your way back to the switch, and now push it. Now jump back into the water labyrinth. Where you see a turnout, take the right path, and swim to the very end of the maze (but take a breath in the small hole halfway), where you can pick up a Crystal Skull. Thereís nothing to do there, so swim out from the labyrinth, also from the sunken room.

Go back where you killed the dino, and on the other side, spot the door. Go there, jump through the spike traps, and a flyby shows the next room. Wait until the fire emitters stop, and reach the big platform, and collect the uzi ammo on it. You can also find a small medipack in the other side of the room. Go back where you found the uzi ammo, and spot the switch near one of the fire emitters. Wait until it stops, push it, and sideflip to the left. You wonít die, as the water is now safe. Pick up the Crystal Skull, and leave this room.

Climb down, go back to the place where we began the level. Place the skulls to the sockets. Now the central pit is flooded. Jump through the spikes again, jump into the water, and pull the lever. Swim through the opened door on your left, swim up to the corridor. After some running, pick up the Crest of Rubiek, backflip and the level ends.