Lara at the Games


Levels by Philip Reinking (PH)

Walkthrough by Mytly


[Note: This game involves a lot of new moves for Lara, including different ones for the different levels. Please read the readme carefully so as to familiarise yourself with some of them. Unfortunately, not all the necessary moves are mentioned in the readme, so they will be covered in this walkthrough when necessary.

Please play each level separately from the new game menu in order to avoid bugs.]



Santa Claus in Trouble


Run forward slightly to hear Santa-Lara give you instructions on the double-jump move that is vital to this level.

Lara: To make me do a double jump hold the jump button while I’m in the air, but don’t press the action button. Ho, ho, ho!

Run straight ahead and do the double jump to get to the single floating block ahead. Pick up the first Present. Double jump over to the west, run past the bouncing snowman, and double jump onto the ledge below the arrow. Walk out to the edge where the arrow is pointing. The camera angle changes to show a ledge around the corner to Lara’s left. (If you don’t like the angle, pressing look won’t change it back to normal, but saving and reloading will.) Stand on the corner and turn 45 degrees to the left, then do a standing double jump, while holding the left key to land on the next block. Climb up two ice ladders onto a platform with a reindeer and a gazebo. Pick up the second Present from the table under the gazebo.

Take a standing double jump from the west side down to another platform. Avoid the bouncing snowman. Stand on the higher floor to grab the edge of the tall block and get the third Present from there. Climb down, and line up a jump to the next block to the south. This needs to be rather precise, so stand as close to the mushrooms as you can, and then do a running double jump.

Turn west, and follow the blocks and long ledges, double jumping the gaps. Pass a hostile Christmas tree, which can push Lara off the ledge. When you come up to a fire trap, time the fire and then do a standing double jump onto its very edge. Double jump to the east (when the fire is off again) and take the fourth Present from the table. Jump back to the fire trapped block, then jump north.

Follow the ledge around two corners, then stop, as part of the ledge is spike trapped. Jump past the spikes to stand on the very end of the ledge, facing a swingpole in the distance. Do a standing double jump to it, and at the last minute, press action to grab the pole (remember to aim for the middle of the pole). Swing and press right and double jump to the ledge ahead and a little to the right. Take the fifth Present from the chest.

Follow the blocks and ledges to the north, until you come to another swingpole. Use the same technique as before to get to the next ledge. Pass another hostile Christmas tree, and pick up what looks like a candy cane from the ground (it’s really a crowbar). Jump to the western ledge. Spot the face-like object on the ground, and stand next to its ‘mouth’, facing south and use the crowbar on it to open the icicle gate. A flyby shows the gate opening up. (You may run into an invisible wall when the gate opens. Simply save and reload, and the wall will be gone.)

Stand jump and grab the edge of the sloping block ahead, then pull up and double jump onto the next platform. Cross the bridge. If you want the only secret in this level, then read the next paragraph, or else skip to the one after that.

Note the two ice sheets floating above fire traps. Stand on the northern edge of the platform, facing the lower ice sheet. Stand jump onto it, then run-jump onto the upper one, and then onto the tall block ahead. A flyby shows you a present appearing on a block near the beginning of the level. Climb down from the tall block.

Jump to the next ledge on the west (not the one with the spiralling light beam). A candy cane flies up to you and speaks:

Candy cane: If one of the doors is still closed, you didn’t find all five presents. Step into the light beam to go back to the beginning. (Of course, if you followed this walkthrough, then you would have found all the presents, and the doors will be open and no longer visible.)

Now, if you want the secret, and/or if you’re missing one of the presents, you can jump into the light beam and find yourself at the beginning of the level. Go to the first ledge with the bouncing snowman, then jump the block to the south. Pick up the present, i.e. the only Secret in this game. Now, unfortunately, you’ll have to go through the entire level again to get back to the ledge with the talking candy cane.

When you have done that, or if you skipped the secret, jump to the ledge with the sleigh on it. Use the translucent switch on the back of the sleigh. A cutscene shows the sleigh flying away, then an FMV for the next level kicks in.



Mirror’s Edge


[Note: Like in the original Mirror’s Edge game, objects coloured red show the way to go.]


Run up the right blue ramp to jump over the fence, then slide under the pipe (use the new slide move or simply crawl). Run past the guard shooting at you, since you have no weapons (or rather, you shouldn’t have any). Use the pole to swing across the pit. Kick down the red door (by pressing action when standing near it), run through the corridor and up the stairs. Get a small medipack from the roped-off elevator on the left, then go to the right one. The doors open automatically. Go in and press the button, then get out on the new floor. Ignore the grey doors, they are unopenable. Kick down the red door, then another one at the end of the corridor.

Note the red crate, the swingpole and the red footprints on the wall, and the ladder high up on the opposite wall. Move the crate under the pole, then jump up to grab it, facing the wall with the footprints (stand on the exact centre of the crate). Swing and jump to the wall, then immediately press jump (and let go of action). Lara will jump off the wall with a twist. Press action again just after she jumps to grab the ladder. Climb up the ladder, and climb into the opening on the left. Follow the corridor until you come to a high shaft with more footprints on the walls. Stand facing the lower set and hop back. Stand jump onto the wall and keep jump pressed. Lara will bounce off two walls and land in the opening above.

Follow the corridor to a room with a grated floor with two fans underneath, and a high opening on the right side of the far wall. You have to use the air currents from the fans to get Lara to jump up into that opening. Stand just a little more than two squares away from the opening, facing it, with Lara’s right shoulder against the wall. Stand jump to the opening (even though it seems too high and far away for a stand jump), and Lara will sail into it. (If she falls just short of it, try doing it with action pressed and grab the edge of the opening.)

Go around the corner, then slide down the ramp. Jump at the third square from the bottom to grab the first swingpole. Swing to the next one, then time a jump to the red grate when the flame is off (press forward to keep swinging on the pole). Safety-drop down the corridor on the right, open the trapdoor at the end and drop down.

Climb up the crawlspace on the right wall of the corridor, drop down, pull the switch, and return via the crawlspace. The elevator at the end is now open, so go into it and press the button. Exit and go towards the door which opens as you approach.

You are now outside, on a red staircase on the side of a building. Go up the stairs and onto the roof of a building. Use the red crate to jump onto a grate hanging on the side of the next building. Use another red crate to get up on the higher part of the roof, then jump to the next roof. Watch the flyby as it shows the nearby rooftops and your ultimate goal, a waiting helicopter.

Climb onto the higher roof. Walk across the tightrope to the other side. (Be careful with the side keys, as they sometimes cause Lara to turn around. If you want some fun, try out Lara’s new tightrope move – a cartwheel – by pressing jump while she is on it.) Continue on to the next building to the south. When you reach there, Lara spots a guard standing next to a higher part of the roof.

Lara: I have no weapon, but maybe I can push the block down on that guy.

Climb onto the roof next to the block and press action next to it. A short cutscene shows Lara pushing the block down on the unsuspecting guard. Drop down and take the Security Disk he dropped.

Jump over to the building on the west (jump from the higher roof of the first building if you want the small medipack on the higher roof of the second one). Keep climbing and jumping past the next three buildings, until you come to one with three grey crates and a red one. Climb the red crate, and you can jump onto the higher roof to get a laser sight (it’s not clear why this is here, as it serves no purpose). Go to the grey metal duct and jump to the first of three swingpoles. Keep swinging, and after the third one, grab the red pipe on the wall (really the wall itself). Drop down onto another duct. Jump to the opposite duct, go around the corner, and climb up another red pipe.

Jump to the duct on the west and use the Security Disk on the computer terminal to lower a fence on the building to the north. Jump over to that building, then walk carefully to the north edge and look down to see a blue slope. Face the break in the railing on the building opposite, the slide down the slope and jump at the last minute to grab the edge of the building.

Climb on the higher roof to get a small medipack. Jump to the next building on the north. Walk over the tightrope to the next one. Jump from the lower part of the roof to the red pipe on the side of the next building, and climb up. Go to the helicopter waiting on the other side, but don’t jump to it directly. Stand on the red line, hop back, and take a running jump to grab the helicopter. The level ends. An FMV shows the main character of Mirror’s Edge grabbing a helicopter and flying away, then the scene changes to a middle-eastern setting for the next level.



Princess of Persia – The Palace


[Note: Some of the objects in the inventory are wrongly named, so I’ll refer to them by a general name (like ‘key’) or a description.]


The level begins with a cutscene of Lara waking up in a bed in a prison cell.

Lara: Where am I?

Open the chest on the east side of the room for some flares, then climb out using the crawlspace on the west. Turn right and follow the corridor, passing a storeroom on your left, and climb into a crawlspace next to a pair of double doors. Use the switch in the crawlspace to open the doors.

Enter a tall room with square pillars and a high balcony on the north side. Jump to grab the crevice on the south-eastern pillar, jump again to grab the higher one (new move: just press jump while holding action, and Lara will jump straight up). Tap back (down arrow key) to make Lara turn around and jump to the crevice in the pillar behind her (just tap the key once, don’t hold it). Shimmy right and around the corner. Tap back to turn around and grab the swingpole. Climb on the pole by pressing jump, then jump to the crevice in the pillar ahead. Shimmy all the way to the other side of the pillar, and jump off it (by tapping back) to land on the balcony. Stand next to the east wall and press action to make Lara run up the wall, pressing a switch in the process. The candles in this room are now lit.

Safety-drop off the balcony and go to the storeroom you saw earlier to get a torch. Light it on one of the candles. Go to the south end of the corridor and set fire to the barrel. The guard near the gate will see the fire and come running.

Guard: Oh my god! FIRE!

He will try to keep the fire at bay, and ignore Lara. Pick up the key he dropped, and use it to open the nearby door. Go down the corridor, noting a closed black gate in the corner. Use the switch to open the double doors, and go out into the courtyard with a pool and two fountains.

Lara: The water system isn’t working for some reason.

There are many tasks to do in the courtyard, but they can be left till later. For now, open the chest to the right of the door to get a crowbar (which looks like a dagger), return to the black gate, and open it using the crowbar. Drop down to the flooded floor, and down the hole in the middle. Follow the corridor and climb out at the end. Use the rope to swing over to the opening at the far end.

Enter a tall cistern-like room with a structure in the middle. Grab the crevice in the south-eastern corner of the structure, then jump back to grab another in the southern wall of the room. Jump straight up to the next crevice, shimmy left and drop down in the opening. Follow the corridor up some steps and come out in another opening facing the structure. Grab the crevice, shimmy around the corner and one square beyond. Jump straight up to arrive on top of the structure. Jump over to the corridor on the south, and pull away the table blocking the fan. A flyby shows water starting to flow in the cistern and the nearby rooms, and a rope appearing in the room with the flooded floor.

Make your way down to the floor of the cistern (the easiest way is to jump onto the sloping part of the structure, slide and jump with action to land in the opening you came from, then safety-drop down.) Leave the room. In the next room, the rope is too far to reach from this end, so slide backwards and safety-drop onto the wet floor. Grab a crevice at the far end, jump backwards to grab the swingpole, turn around (press back) climb up on the swingpole, jump to grab the edge, and pull up. Drop down into the hole, and make your way back to the flooded room.

Climb the ladder back to the ledge near the entrance. Run-jump to the swingpole in the eastern wall, climb up on it and jump to grab the monkeyswing. Swing over to the ledge in the corner. Slide down the middle of the slope and jump at the last minute to grab the swingpole (alternatively: slide backwards and grab the edge, then press back to jump with a twist and grab the swingpole). Jump to the rope, and swing over to the platform with a turn switch. Stand on the north-western square of the platform, facing the switch’s handle and press action (you may need to adjust Lara’s position a couple of times, or press action more than once to get it right). A cutscene shows Lara pushing the switch, water falling from the ceiling of the flooded room, and water starting to flow in the two fountains in the courtyard.

Return to the courtyard and jump into the water. Pick up a small medipack and a pole (wrongly called ‘secret’). Pull an underwater lever to raise a cage under the left fountain. Climb on it and pick up a Golden Ball (wrongly called ‘Eye of Horus’) from the basin of the fountain. Wade out of the pool. Use the ball on the hand-shaped receptacle on the right of the south double doors to raise a cage in the corner. Hang from the side of the cage and jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Run jump to the swingpole (Lara may grab the air above the pole), swing to the next one, and Lara will automatically run on the wall and land on the far ledge.

Use the pole on a high receptacle on the west wall by standing under it and pressing action. Stand directly under the pole and jump up to grab it and swing to the higher ledge. Use the switch to raise a timed cage. Roll, run off the ledge, run to the cage (ahead and to the right), climb up and run jump to the wooden platform. Jump to the next ledge and pick up another Golden Ball. Jump into the pool below, and climb out. Use the golden ball in the receptacle on the left side of the double doors to open them. Follow the corridor, avoiding two spiked logs on the way.

Enter a library. Note the balcony running all around it, the cage and crates on the south side, the crevices on a pillar on the north side, a rope hanging from the ceiling, and a moveable table on the floor. Jump up to the higher crevice on the pillar, shimmy to the exact middle of it, and press back to jump to the rope. Swing over onto any part of the balcony. Find the switch behind the pillar you just climbed, and use it to open a bookcase on the ground level. Jump off the balcony or climb down using the crates on the south side. Use the switch behind the bookcase you just opened to lower the cage. Move the table onto the lowered cage, then use the switch again to raise the cage. Climb up next to the table using the lower crate, and move the table onto the adjacent crate (with a lowered cage on it). Use the switch once more to raise the second cage (and lower the first one). Use the crevices and rope to get up on the balcony again. Move the table off the cage and all the way over to the west side of the balcony, onto a patterned tile. Doing so opens the double doors on the east side of the room. Go through the doors and run ahead as the next pair of double doors opens automatically.


Maze Map



You are standing at the entrance to a maze. Orient yourself using the map above. Go south, then east to find a trapdoor near the south-eastern corner of the maze. Open it and climb down the ladder. Take a running jump to the swingpole to the west. Shimmy all the way to the right end of it and turn around. Swing and jump off to land beyond the slope ahead. * Pick up the Small Waterskin and Stick. Jump to the crevice in the wall and press back to grab the swingpole behind you. Swing and jump off the land in the shallow water. Fill the waterskin now, if you like, as the water is handy. Go left, climb up two ladders and up into the maze again.

[* Bug note: At this point, it is possible that Lara may not be able to swing over the slope, and instead keeps landing just short of it. If so, try this method before jumping to the swingpole: Set up a running jump, take one walking step forward, and then run jump as normal, and Lara should grab the pole. Now when you shimmy right and jump to the slope, she should land correctly.]

Follow the southern wall of the maze and find and opening in the middle leading into a clearing. Stand on the ramp and take a running jump to the tree branch/swingpole. Swing and jump to grab the high opening ahead. Follow the corridor to an open area with a small pool and a skeleton on the ground. As you approach the skeleton, a flyby shows you a gate in the maze (the gate leading to the element puzzles in the map). Stand near the skeleton’s head and press action to pull it away. Get a key for the gate you just saw and a torch. (You can also fill your waterskin in the pool if you haven’t done so already.) Return to the maze.

Go back to where you entered the maze (west) and go to the north-western corner to find a statue with a pot of fire. Light your torch on the fire. Note the stand in front of the statue, but you don’t have the full artefact for it yet. (You can get the nearby small medipack now if you like.)

Now make your way to the north-eastern part of the maze (you can leave your lit torch where you can easily find it again). Locate a place where a ball is rolling on a ramp, open the trapdoor next to it, and climb down the ladder. Run-jump to the swingpole, shimmy right and swing to grab the ledge ahead. Pick up the Jerrycan. Safety-drop down into the shallow water, and climb up two ladders to return to the maze.

Go back to the entrance of the maze, picking up your torch on the way, and then to the south-eastern part. Find the gate to the clearing with the element puzzles beyond it and open it with the key. (You can make a side trip down the lane on the right for a small medipack if you want.) Use the water from the waterskin on the puzzle with the blue lines, and the oil from the jerrycan on the other one, and then light it. (Note: Do not save and reload before completing the element puzzles fully, or the water or oil you poured will have disappeared.) The gate between the two opens.

Enter cautiously, as a wolf pounces on you. Since you have no weapons, you have to find another way to kill it. Lure it to the place with the rolling boulder (all the way to the entrance of the maze and then to the north-eastern part). Time the boulder and jump on the ramp, then quickly off. The wolf hopefully will not be as quick, and will get crushed by the boulder. Now carefully get the Crank it left behind from the ramp.

Return to the courtyard where you first met the wolf. Use the crank on the well handle, and Lara will turn it to draw the bucket up from the depths of the well. Stand against the wall of the well and press action to get a Gem out from the bucket. Go back to the north-western part of the maze, combine the Stick and Gem and use it in the stand in front of the fire statue. This opens the gate on the right.

Enter the room to see a long curtain up ahead, and Lara provides a clue on how to proceed next.

Lara: Perhaps I can use the knife I found to slide down on this.

Take a running jump over the railing to the curtain and press action to slide down. Just before the bottom edge, press roll and action to jump off and grab the swingpole behind. Swing over to the opening ahead. Turn left and line up a jump to the swingpole ahead, but don’t jump until the fire emitter is about to go off. When you jump to the pole, Lara will run on the left wall and jump off to grab the far ledge. Stand jump to the next swingpole, and Lara will once again automatically wall run, then jump to go through an opening on the right and slide down two slopes. Jump backwards onto the second slope and jump again to grab the swingpole. Climb on it and jump to the far ledge.

Go down the steps and enter a room with a canal. Go around the corner and drop down into the water. Swim into an opening and pull the underwater lever to open a door at the far end of the room. Climb out of the water and go north and through the door to end the level.



Princess of Persia – The Street


[Note: This level is a continuation of the previous one, but if you want to avoid bugs, better start the level from the level list in the new game menu.]


A flyby shows a street bazaar, then a hole in the ground with a ladder in it. Lara is down that hole, so run forward and climb the ladder. (You can explore the street if you like, but there is nothing there, so return to near the hole.) Stand directly below the pole next to the hole and jump to grab it. Swing to the next pole, turn around, climb on top of it and jump to grab the wooden platform. Jump over to the next wooden platform.

Go through the corridor and jump onto the platform on the left of the opening. Use the swingpole to get to the platform in the corner. Face the long pole * that spans the breadth of the street and jump to it. Shimmy to the left and swing to grab the next pole, and then over to the wooden platform. Jump to the next platform diagonally across the way. Jump to two more swingpoles * and then to a wooden platform on the far end of the street. Go into the alcove and pull the switch to open the double doors below.

[* The first pole in both these sets is buggy, and Lara may not grab it, or if she does, she will grab it in such a way as to leave her unable to grab the next one. use the method described in the previous level: Set up a running jump such that Lara’s back is against the wall, take one walking step forward, and then run jump as normal, and Lara should be able to grab the pole.]

Safety-drop down into the street and go through the open doors to enter a courtyard with three sets of double doors, and a shallow pool with an island in the middle. Jump over the railings to the patterned tile on the west side of the pool to open the western double doors, and jump out. You can run jump over the blade traps if you run from the left side of the corridor. Stand on the raised patterned tile to open the far doors. As soon as you step off the tile, the spinning blade traps ahead start working, so run past them carefully.

Enter another courtyard. Climb the trellis on the north wall, shimmy right and drop down onto the slope. As Lara slides, press action, and she will turn around at the end to grab the edge of the slope. Press back to jump with a twist and grab the swingpole (You could also try to jump to the swingpole at the last moment while sliding, but this is very tough to get right). Swing to the next ledge. Turn around and take a running jump to the trellis on the side of the block. Climb up and jump over to the ledge ahead. Stand next to the zip line and press action, and Lara will slide down it (holding the line directly with her hands), and land in a balcony. Note the patterned tile high on the right wall – it’s a switch. Stand under it and press action, and Lara will run up the wall and press it. The eastern double doors in the courtyard with the pool and island are open now. Jump into the water and make your way past the traps to that courtyard and go through those doors.

As you enter the corridor, a blade trap starts swinging, so be careful. Jump up to grab the swingpole, climb on it, and jump to the ladder ahead. Climb it and drop into the alcove to the right. Light a flare to see a low crawlspace and go in to find a Key. Safety-drop down to the corridor. Walk ahead and the blade traps start spinning, so make your way past them. Use the key to open the double doors.

Enter the enclosure carefully, as two lions come out of their cage on the right. Lure them onto a spike trap in the middle of the enclosure to kill them. Then go into their cage and pull a switch to open the last set of double doors back in the courtyard with the pool and island. Make your way back to the courtyard, past the traps. (If you’re feeling brave, you can just try to avoid the lions and pull the switch, but the lions will follow you back to the courtyard).

Enter the north double doors and the level ends.



Princess of Persia – The Coast


Just run straight ahead onto the wooden pier. A cutscene kicks in.

Lara: The game’s world seems to end here.

The level ends, as does the playable part of this game.





This is not a playable level. Just watch the girls singing.