The Revenge of the Illuminati


Back to Basics 2010


Level by Laraís Boyfriend


Walkthrough by D&G Productions.



The Olí Factory, the Crowbar.


Go N over the bridge into the alley and open up the manhole, climb in, head N and go left at the fenced off Medipack (needs Code Card). In the corner left you can crawl under the pipes and get the Crowbar from the crate.


You could decide to go and get the Shotgun now or do it later (look in this paragraph: The Wires and the Shotgun).


Go back and into the E side of the place, use the valve there and the fans start up. Go to the W wall next to where you got the Crowbar and find the gate open. Climb the ladder to the room above; get Flares from the table and a Medipack from behind it. In the SE corner is a floor lever, DO NOT throw it yet if you want the secret. Go to a lever SW and a door opens up S, go through and shoot the resistance. Shoot all the windows E and go into the next storeroom, climb the crates SE and look for a jump lever on the E wall. Use it, it will open a curtain in the room where the baddies were, so go back there and into the curtain S where you can now get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.


Opening up the Way.


Now go back to the lever in the room N and throw it to let the TNT crates explode in the room with the crates. Head back there and go into the now revealed opening E. Follow the passage, run over the first three break ledges and stop, Climb down that third one and get Secret #2, the Uzis and 3x Uzi ammo.


Climb back up and proceed through the passage to a gate, open it with the button and go in to the end. Use the switch and get a screen of a gate somewhere. Return all the way to the old Factory and go left to a passage between the crates W, open the gate with the switch. In the next passage is the gate you saw in the screen before, using the switch after Secret 2. This passage is now safe to enter.


Boulder Run.


Climb down the ladder and rats come for you, light a flare while running to the gate in the end. It will open up, better save hereÖ Run/sprint into the passage and stay to one side, just before the fan is a ladder up, you have to jump and grab that in one of the corners, quickly go up a bit and the boulder should pass underneath. (I ran a bit away from the wall and only at the last moment curved towards one of the corners.)


Code Card.


Go up the ladder and backflip off, up another ladder, climb off to the right and save before you use the lever to open the painting. Shoot 3 Gangsters and some dogs and gather the small medipack, Code Card and Uzi ammo. Use the button S of the table to open the door S and go into the next room.


Pool Puzzle, the Waterskin.


Pick up the Waterskin from the table W and Uzi ammo from another table. In the middle of the room is a pool that has to be filled. Pull the table with the mirror (NW) away from the wall and use the button behind it. Water fills the pool, go in and pick up a small medipack and Glock ammo before using the lever W.


Thereís a rope over the pool now (S side), climb up and stand back a bit to hop to and grab the rope. I went up one step from the end of the rope. Now swing and jump to grab the chandelier. Jump and use the jump lever E to open the door to the bridge SE.


The Earth of Death.


Go out and open the next door with the button, go in and open a trapdoor W. Climb down to a balcony at the canal, the water has a deadly current, so donít fall in. Run out onto the balcony, curving left to jump to the street W. Go N and the camera changes into a fixed one making things a bit harder here. Behind a low fence S is a gravestone (R hand one) you can push aside; underneath you will find the Earth of Death. Now go E and to a gravestone in the NE corner, push it away from the breakable floor and drop down there.


The Heart of Medusa.


In this Basement is an Element Bowl E, first go jump around over the pillars to gather a Medipack SW and a small medipack NE. Then go to the bowl and put in the Earth of Death. A Demigirl will come alive on a pillar S, just run and jump over there, duck under her and shoot her with pistols. As soon as sheís gone, check your health and jump over to the N side to shoot Demigirl 2, this one will leave behind the Heart of Medusa.


The way back.


Climb back up to the cemetery, go back to the canal and jump into the balcony, up the ladder, out to the bridge and follow through all the way back to the Olí Factory. Now you can use the Code Card on the central pillar to open the gate, use the valve E to turn off the fire and get Secret #3, a small and a large Medipack.


The Wires and the Shotgun.


Go out S and up to the alley, to the right are double doors, open them up and go downstairs to open the crowbar door. Save and reload to get rid of the bats and shoot that fuse box N, pry the Wires out of the box with the crowbar. Go into the room N and check between the crates for the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Go back to where you got the Wires and climb over the crates W, head into a crawlspace S.


The Glock 17, the Lasersight and the Red Wine.


Shoot the rat and crawl backwards into a corner of the spike pit under the crate, traverse to the other side and climb in, shoot another rat. Crawl out to the left, keeping low, as thereís a Blade over your head. Go into the room W and shoot the Mafia boss. Break the windows W to get the Glock 17 and the Lasersight. Get the bottle of Brunello Di Montelcino 1997 from the table, then throw the lever in the NW corner to open the trapdoor and get down and follow through to a flooded passage, you have to fill the Waterskin here (as the place where you are supposed to do it doesnít work). Then go further to where you can swim out into the canal.


Long Swim, open the back entrance of the Theatre.


Go E and up the jetty left. Run all the way E and dive in the canal again, swim through the opening E and climb up to the right hand jetty.Above the big doors N is a Bell, shoot it to open those doors. Throw an underwater lever E and see gates opened up way back. Swim W and through the opening, then into the first left canal, follow through and climb up in that room. Grab the Shotgun ammo and open the doors E with the switch. Go into the corridor and open the doors E with the lever, step out into the Theatre.


The Manor Key.


Many enemies here so use a strategy. Lure the dogs back into the corridor first (pistols), then wait back in the corridor W and the goons will come one by one and not all shoot you at the same time. Pick up a Medipack, the Manor Key and Glock ammo. Go down the isle to the stage and open a door W, go through and throw the switch in the stage masters office. The curtain lifts, so go back upon the stage and behind the curtain. You can place the Wires in the SE corner. Go climb the platform that went up E and turn to jump to the rope, swing to the next rope and then to the jump lever. The gate opens, use the valve around the corner and go through to the ventilation room.


Flood the Ventilation Room, the Rose of Neptune.


Climb the ladder on the grey duct S and find the Water Bowl. Donít fill it yet (as this will attract a wraith), but go N and up the block to a valve wheel, use it. Now grab up to the monkey climb to the NW corner and drop on the slanted block, grab the edge as you slide off backwards.


Pull up and backflip to a ledge in front of a lever. Throw the lever to flood the lower section of the room. Dive down and go up the ladder again to fill the Bowl with the water you have, a gate opens N and a wraith shows up. Dive down into the water to get rid of it. Go back up the ladder and into the open gate N to get the Rose of Neptune.


To the Mansion.


Make your way back through the Theatre and out N, swim back to the main canal and go all the way E again, left into the open boat house and use the Manor Key on the jetty. Go into the opened door and in the next garden room stands a lone column in the middle of water, on the side of it is an underwater lever opening up the door S.


The Mansion.


2 Gangsters open fire from a walkway above, nothing much you can do about it from below, so run left for the ladder NE and go up to the small balcony, then backflip to where the Gangsters are. By the time I got there one was down on ground floor and kept shooting me (and Iím not going down again). The other dropped a small medipack.


Jump from the walkway onto the red awning SW (from here I took out the baddy) and shoot the window W, jump in and use the lever there to open some big doors. Make a safety drop down to the ground.


The Villa.


Go back up the stairs N and W to the boat house. Swim out and climb up on the jetty S, go left (E) and right around the corner is the square where the big doors opened up. Go in and left to the bookcase SE and climb it, shoot the window and get out onto the garden wall. From the SE corner you can run down onto the awning, jump over the awnings to a window N, shoot it and get inside, follow through to a button lowering a rope in the Yard.


The Mansion 2.


Go out into the canal, into the boathouse and get to the yard, up to the walkway and grab the rope E (best is if you climb up a bit. Otherwise you might end up on the rooftops like I did and then you can run over the whole rooftops). You have to get onto the small roof under the upper walkway, turn around and grab the monkey climb to go over to a jump lever. When you use it a curtain lifts. Grab the edge of the roof; go a bit to the right, just over the right hand balcony below and backflip to the walkway.


The Secret Room Key and Mask piece #1.


Go into the opening N and follow through, shooting an occasional dog. Then when you enter a dining room, another Gangster (leaving a small medipack) awaits you. On the table are Shotgun ammo and the Secret Room Key. Go up the stairs SW and follow through to where that curtain went up. Climb the ladder to a room above, throw the lever on the block and get the Medipack from the top. Go through the opening E and here you have to take out 4 Gangsters, one in each corner. Just run over the bridge to the Glock ammo. From standing here you can shoot them withy the Lasersight. Jump to the S side chandelier and then jump straight S onto the base of the pillar. Drop down to the walkway below and use the lever S to lower the block in the middle. Go get Mask piece #1, go to the lever N and open some curtains on the bridge above, thereís an entrance to the Secret Room. No short way up, so go down by jumping over the balustrade near the crossing so you will land in the water below.


Another Detour, The Secret Room for Mask Piece #2.


Go through the door S, up to the walkway and back inside, follow through till you are back on the big bridge. Behind the pillar E are the open curtains, use the Secret Room Key there and step inside. Shoot the windows in the central bookcase. Go to a crowbar panel SE and open it, then go to the crowbar panel in the N wall, open it and get a Torch. Ignite the Torch SE and go to the central bookcase. Save, then put the Wine in the bowl and light it with the Torch (do not save in between). A wraith appears, you better avoid it for the moment as you would have to go all the way down to the water again to get rid of it. Run into the alcove in the middle of the E wall and grab Mask Piece #2. Now run to the bridge, jump to one of the chandeliers and get to the walkway below, again a hop over the balustrade at the crossing to get into the water on ground floor.


The Villa 2, the Library Key.


Go out to the canal, swim over to get to the Villa again and go in and to the right, climb the bookcase NE. Throw the lever up there to open a curtain W and get down, to go up the stairs.


Take the right hand stairs and then turn left to a balcony where you opened the curtain before. Go down and follow through, the doors open up, shoot the dog and the Mafia boss. He will drop the Library Key. Go climb back up to the Hall and head NE where you can open the Library doors.


The Library.


Go in, place the Heart of Medusa, the combined Mask and the Rose of Neptune. The doors open, go through and the level ends.