Aurum Potestas Est


Back to Basics 2010


Level by jawi


Walkthrough by D&G Productions.



A “Shooter Level”. In more than one place you will have to use tactics to deal with the many enemies, try to do a sequence over when you used a lot of health and/or ammo, because you will need it in the second part of the level.


Gold is Power… Lara imprisoned by the Mafia.





Shoot the window, that will arouse the Gangsters and they will come in to check, hop with your back into the window and take out the 2 Gangsters. Pick up the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Go out, to the left to the next room run back again go stand in that window shooting the baddies. Pick up a small medipack, now you may have to look for the last one, mine was in that other room.


Behind a crate NW is a lever opening up the ceiling hatch over the other crate in this room. Climb up to the attic and get Flares E, in the NE corner is a table, pull it away from the lever and use the lever to open the trapdoor in the room below. Get down and into the hole in the floor, crawl in W. Throw the lever in the end to open the door in the room above. Go back up and into the Sewers.




There’s Shotgun ammo to the right, drop down the hole in the other corner and open the manhole there. The current will suck you into a wider tunnel, go to the end and just run down into the water, look behind that spiked pillar for an underwater lever, lowering the spikes.


Swim in S and save before you climb out on the right hand corner. Wait till the rat is far from the edge and pull up, you will be safe from the Blade there, quickly shoot the rat. Then side flip or back flip over the Blade and go up the ladder and almost at the top, back flip into an upper passage.


Hang from the other end and drop, start jumping the slanted blocks till you are on the flat ledge. Jump to the spike pillar and then jump to a lower ledge under that ladder NE. Go up and through the passage, drop into the water from the end.

(If you want all the pick-ups, you can find some Shotgun ammo in the NE corner and go back through the S tunnel and up the ladder again to get on the spike pillar.)


Climb out onto a block SE, jump to the block N and grab the monkey climb, follow to a jump lever to open a door to the right, in the corner. Go through to a room with rats and a chain pulley, get the Flares NE, use the pulley to drain the previous room and run back. Go up a very long ladder in the S passage to use the lever in the tower, go back down and doors opened N, use the pulley in the NW room again to get the water back and swim into the doors N. Up to the jetty with the blue keyhole.


Town, the Library Key.


Swim E and left, go under the grate NE, open the doors and go left inside, through a window you can see a Secret (later). Behind the cross NW is a lever, use it to open a door at the canal and swim back to that first jetty in the W canal. Go up the ladder NW and hang from the roof, traverse right to the street light. Pull up and backflip over to an awning, jump E then N and down to a lower one and then just jump into the open door with a grab, get the Library Key there. Swim S and climb out neat the boat, open the door with the key.


The Library, the Key to the Old House.


Well, this one needs restoring… In the back is a hole in the floor, go in and up at the end after opening the ceiling hatch. Behind the broken bookcase NW is Uzi ammo, from where you came in, go SE and on a low bookcase S is a lever (greenish light there) throw the lever to raise a block in another part of the Library (not needed like I did it). Climb up behind the lever, face N and sideflip left onto the slanted one, jump with a bit of a left curve to grab the hardly visible chandelier. Now jump to the rafter W and to the next to get the Key to the Old House. Save and reload to get rid of the bats and get down to the floor. (This is how it was intended to get the Key: Go to the SW corner of the Library and left around the bookcase to the block that went up using the lever before, jump into the windowsill and go to the W side, here you have to do a banana jump around the pillar to the ledge W of it. Then jump to grab into the opening up N and slide to jump to the chandelier. I think my way was easier.)


The Old House, the Crowbar, Wires.


Head back to the canal area. And swim into the W canal, up the jetty and get into the house, open the SE trapdoor to the basement and find some windows W, shoot them. Just under the window are the Wires, walk to the window, grab up and drop out the other side, go to the table in the corner and pull it way from the Crowbar. Jump back from the table through the window timing the jump past the swinging crate and pry the Wires from the wall. Back through the window again and place the Wires in the pipe under the window. A door near the canal opens up. Make your way back to the ground floor and open the panel NW with the Crowbar. Go in, crawl through the crawlspace to get Secret #1, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go out of the house to the jetty.


Into the door W and up the stairs, face the wooden pillar and jump over the balustrade to grab the pillar, go down and get the Uzi ammo. Back up and backflip to the landing, from the top of the stairs you can grab a crack W and traverse to the window on the right. Shoot it to get out onto a balcony.


The Mask Yard.


Hop down to the balcony N and then to the ground floor. In the middle of the yard is a stand to place the Mask.


The Mirror Room Run.


Open the doors S and inside is a Timed lever on the W wall. When you use it a block goes down behind the fence in the other side of the room and to get there you have to run over a spike trap floor. First have a look S in the mirror to spot the safe parts. In the SE corner is some Uzi ammo, you can best as well get that now. What I did was a backflip/roll right curve and a run jump through the opening in the fence, curve right and from the correct spot (utmost corner of the safe tile) you can go in one right curved jump to the corner of the tile in front of the entrance W, again a run around the corner and jump onto the wooden ledge, run against the N wall and let the block take you up.


The Bell for the Mask.


Throw the levers E and W and climb the block in the middle to shoot the Bell S, a block goes down N. Go get the Ornamental Mask there and go back down through the lowered timed block. Get back through the mirror room to the yard and place the Mask on the stand to open the door N.


The Harp.


Enter and go to the E wall and open the manhole, then down the manhole, swim to the underwater lever and go back to the room, push the harp S onto the other tile (not the white one). Now a gate opened in the SW corner of the room, go through and open another manhole. The current will take you back to the place where you were imprisoned before, only this time outside.


Santoriani’s Roses.


First swim W, in the end is an opening, go in and climb out onto a small square, shoot dog and Gangster and pick up the Uzis. Climb the ladder over the waterhole and hang left, backflip onto the awning. Stand jump up to the one W and jump into the alley and get Santoriani’s Rose from the back. Drop down to the lower part there and get some Uzi ammo. Grab up S, backflip and jump back N, drop down to the square and swim back to the jetty where you stared this part.


Get into the passage SE, leading to a square with a white building, go left, and opposite the Library windows you can enter the white building, careful! Trigger the falling rubble and jump over it to get a second Santoriani’s Rose from the back. Go back out the same way, as there’s more rubble in the other side. Head back W to the canal and jump over to the jetty. In the SW corner a grate opened up.


Santorini’s Mansion.


Here you get a fight for your life 2 dogs, 4 or even 5 Gangsters and the gate shut down behind you. After the fight I could pick up a Medipack and 2x Uzi ammo. At the front door you can use the Roses and open it. Inside another three baddies attack, the Glock 17 and Glock ammo are yours.


Go left (NE) up the stairs and stand on the second pillar and take a running jump to the pillar down below, climb around to the corner close to the chandelier and grab up to the chandelier. Shoot the windows S and jump in there, hop onto a low block SE and push the button. A block lowers E, grab Secret #2, Glock ammo.


Go into the 2 side rooms SE and SW, throw two levers near the windows and the doors to the backyard open up.


The Backyard, the Key to Santorini’s Cabinet.


Make your way back through the windows N the ground floor of the main hall and head S, in the back you will meet a gangster and a dog. In the pool is a side tunnel where you can find Key to Santorini’s Cabinet.


The Keys to the Church.


Go back into the house, up the NE stairs again and open the door W there. Another group of Mafioso come out, shoot them and get a small medipack. Go in and between the bookcases S, open the left hand panel with the crowbar. Follow through to a lever and throw it, drop down from the open painting and go back upstairs to the bookcases where the right hand panel is now open, get the Keys to the Church.


To the Church.


Get back to the backyard and open the doors S. Go in and climb the block in that passage, get up to the floor above and find the ladder SE, next to some windows. Grab the slanted wooden wall just to the left of the ladder and pull up, draw pistols and backflip shooting. The lower window should break. Now get up the ladder and left around the corner through the window. Slide down the other end and run over the breakable floor part, drop down into the passage and get the Medipack W. Head through the passage to where a flyby of the ruined Church, kicks in. Save and go on, shoot a dog and enter the porch N. Climb over the pile of rubble on the right hand side.


The Ruined Church.


Boulder 1.


On top of the large cross is the Bag with powdered bones you need in the bowl under the cross. Go N and along the right hand side of the cross. The white pillar there has a ladder on the side. Go up to the top and backflip/roll, backflip again and you’ll slide to a flat part of the white ledge, get a small medipack and look SW to spot what looks like a breakable ledge. It isn’t, so jump there and runjump SW up onto the walkway. Go to the S end to pull the lever on the W wall. A block goes up N behind the cross.


Make your way back to the N end of the walkway and use the chain there to get back to the ground floor. Go to the block behind the cross and climb it to shoot the Bell N. A boulder is released.


Breakledge Run.


This one is a bit tough, go to the far NE corner and up the chain there, climb up till Lara’s head is just above where the ceiling gets white. There will of course be more ways to tackle the next jumps, but this is how I managed.


Turn slightly right so when you backflip you will land a bit away from the edge of the ledge, against the pillar. Turning right start running and jump as soon as possible, before you get to the edge of the ledge, curve so you will land on the right hand side of the next ledge, against the pillar, so the pillar will also slow you down, a left curved running jump to the wall just before the next ledge. You will be slowed down by the wall as you bounce off. Repeat this and from the last ledge a jump right to the brick ledge. (Video)


Hop onto the block on the balcony and use the white rafters (left) to get to the top of the cross N. Grab the Bag of Powdered Bones. Grab the zip line and rid it to the end, go back to the cross and empty the Bag in the bowl, the second Boulder will fall.


An block lowered in the floor S of the cross, get down and in the room S is a Bottle of Blood, the room N holds the Torch (SE corner), ignite it somewhere and go into the last room, W. Put the blood in the bowl, light it and get back up to the church as a block lowered and a Demigirl appeared. Shoot the Demigirl, get the Heart she drops and go to the NW corner, climb up to the walkway and go to the S end, from the block to the balcony and into the lowered block S and place the heart in its receptacle…


End of the level.