A Very Good Year


Back to Basics 2010


Level by piega


Walkthrough by D&G Productions.



The Big Hall, getting some Weaponry.


Lara starts in a small hallway, walk into the large hall and pick up the Shotgun ammo from the tablet to the right. Shoot the first window N and get the Uzi ammo.


Go S and shoot the windows there, take care of the dogs running in and step through the window. Climb the ladder in that courtyard and go S, when you approach the big doors, they will close and the flyby shows a Piece of the Mask was in that room. Shoot the Gangster and get his M16, go back N to the ladder, down and N into the Big Hall. Head into the passage SW and follow through to a square. W is a fountain and behind it, in the water is the Shotgun.


A Bundle of Keys.


Head back inside and to the Big Hall, go up the stairs and on the first landing, behind the harp is a lever, throw it to open a door up E. Go left up to the next floor and the big doors S open up, two Gangsters to deal with. Go E and in the corner of the corridor is a crate with some Shotgun ammo on top. Go on to a hole in the floor and drop down, in the E wall is an entrance to a room. Go in and climb the table NW, then jump E along the crates to the ones NE, then jump S and from there to the top of the Fireplace. Pick up the Bundle of Keys and drop down to the ground, go out of the room and left.


The Attic, the Crowbar and the Nitrous Oxide.


Climb back up over the rubble to the floor above. Go to the painting on the W wall there and use the Keys to open it up. Climb up and jump from the opening to the chandelier, with a bit of a left curve and grab the corner. Jump over to the one W and grab the chain to climb up to the attic. Shoot the window W and grab the Flares. Next to that swinging crate is a tall box with a cloth over it, climb up and get the Crowbar. Go to the wooden panel E and pry it open with the Crowbar, step through and shoot the Gangster in the next room. Carefully go to the crate near the swinging crates and grab the Nitrous Oxide Feeder.


A Secret, the Rose Jewel and Uzis.


There’s another wooden panel in the E wall, open it and go down the ladder in that passage. When you go to that wooden panel, it will open up and it was the painting over the Fireplace. Stand in the opening and look N, up over the highest stack of crates you can see a bell in a windowsill. You could choose to come back here after you got the Lasersight, but you can also shoot the bell with the shotgun. Just save, line up and look up before you shoot. Shooting the bell will extinguish the big fire below. Drop down and push that Harp into the Fireplace, a block will lower and you can get into the room behind it. Hop onto the table, crawl to Secret #1, the Rose Jewel and crawl back, jump to the crate S and get the Uzis from the top. Some Uzi ammo is on the ground next to the crate. Go out through the Fireplace and out to the corridor, climb back up over the rubble to the floor above.


Some Wires and the Library Key.


Go S and near the corner is a wooden panel in the left wall, open it, shoot the electricity box and pry out the Wires. Back to the corridor and S to a red curtain, open the curtain with the Keys and go left inside the room, in the NE windowsill is a chain pulley, use it to open the curtains S. When you look in the mirror there, you can see a chandelier has to be in the middle of the room, climb up and up through the ceiling. Upstairs you will find the Library Key. Get down and pull the chain again to open the curtain so you can leave the room.


The Library, the Barn Key.


Go N through the corridor and drop down through the broken floor, go N and then W and almost at the end of the corridor is an alcove with a lever to the left, throw it to open up a shortcut to the Big Hall. Go to the end of the corridor and shoot the window. Hop into the water below and swim N, just around the corner is a small jetty with Shotgun ammo, turn around, dive back in and, climb up onto the jetty with the speed boat. Face E and jump over the boat into the windowsill, drop down into the Library. Shoot the dog and look for the Barn Key on the floor near the NW corner of the central bookcase. Get back to the window and into the water, swim S and climb onto the jetty S and just around the corner, throw the lever there to create another shortcut to the Big Hall.


The Barn, the Vespa.


Dive into the water and swim under the wooden barn W, up through the hole in the floor and use the Barn Key N to open the ceiling hatch above. Climb the ladder to the floor above, to the right and up. Go W into the barn. Run over the moulded floor in the middle and then drop down into the room below to find the Vespa there. Use the switch to open the door S and go to the Vespa to attach the Nitrous Oxide Feeder, then mount the Vespa. Go out to the square and left down the ramp into the building and to the Big Hall. Leave the Vespa here for the moment.


The Lasersight.


Go through one of the windows N and left into a small passage to the basement, just around the left corner is an electricity box where you can place the Wires, the lights turn on again. Go to the Blades N and grab up to the ceiling, climb N and then turn right to drop and grab the top of the crate there, shimmy left around the corner and drop to the floor, S is the Lasersight. When you walk back you’ll bump into a button on the N wall, push it to stop the Blades, but they should stop in an open position, so you can walk through. Walk through the first Blades till you can grab back up to the monkey climb and pass over the last Blades. Drop and go back up to the Big Hall.


The Jump.


Mount the Vespa and go up the stairs, left and through the big doors to the corridor, left and to the next corner.


(In case you didn’t get the Secret before, leave the Vespa here and go up in the open painting in the W wall here, over the chandeliers to the Attic, all the way E and down the ladder, now you can combine the M16 with the Lasersight and shoot the bell in the window N. Shooting the bell will extinguish the big fire below. Drop down and push that Harp into the Fireplace, a block will lower and you can get into the room behind it. Hop onto the table, crawl to Secret #1, the Rose Jewel and crawl back, jump to the crate S and get the Uzis from the top. Some Uzi ammo is on the ground next to the crate. Go out through the Fireplace and out to the corridor, climb back up over the rubble to the floor above. Get back to the Vespa.)


Ride N and along the left side of the corridor, while hitting the “sprint” key so you can jump the gap in the floor. Leave the Vespa there as you’re done with it.


The Library.


Jump W over the next gap in the floor and shoot the 2 Gangsters, get the small medipack from the table W. Open the big doors N and step into the Library’s first floor, jump NW into the windowsill and shoot the window. Jump NW over the canal and grab the red awning, shimmy to the right hand side and pull up, then backflip into another window, shoot it and jump over to the central bookcase, then over to the passage E. Follow to a small chamber and pull the chain there, the central bookcase will turn 90 degrees. Safety drop down to the ground floor and go to the big doors S, you can open them with the button next to them. Go S and through that shortcut door to the Big Hall, up the stairs to the N side and through the big doors into the Library again. Jump onto the central bookcase and then to a ledge N and a bit left.


Detour for an important Secret.


Do not go out of the room yet, but turn left. Jump and grab over to the window W and shoot it, step outside and look up in the alley across the canal. Shoot the bell there and the door below the bell opens up. Hop down and climb up onto the jetty with the speedboat. Save before you enter and take out the 4 Gangsters, maybe even try to lure then out one by one. Inside on a crate is the Grenade gun. Jump onto the crates SE, get the Grenades, then jump W over the crates to find a small medipack on the stack SW. From here look NE and spot the jump lever on the block on the ceiling, line up and do a curved jump to grab it and raise a platform N. Get onto the platform and then jump E onto the stack of crates NE, to get Secret #2, a Rose Jewel.


First Piece of the Mask.


Go back out to the canal, jump across to the window and get into the Library, go out S and through that shortcut door to the Big Hall, up the stairs to the N side and through the big doors into the Library again. Jump onto the central bookcase and then to a ledge N and a bit left again. This time shoot the windows N and jump over to the red awning N, grab up into the window above and shoot it. Once inside shoot the dog and push the doors E open, follow down to a Medipack. Go back up to the room where the dog was and shoot the window SE; jump straight across into the window (hold Ctrl) and shoot it to get back into the Library. Grab the bookcase E and climb up, walk over to the zip line and use it to get to the balcony S.


Climb the E bookcase and backflip with a roll to grab the ledge behind you. Use the monkey climb to get to the bookcase in the corner and get Mask Piece 1.


Drop down and jump to the window NW, dive into the canal and swim S and right to the into Barn, climb up and walk into the room W, step out into the opening S and jump to the fountain pillar, pick up the Shotgun ammo. Jump to the wall of the cemetery and turn around, hop backwards from the wall to grab the jump lever. It will open the gate to the square (shortcut for later). Go to the E side and climb the ladder to the top of the wall, get the M16 ammo and then look up W to spot the bell in the tower. Shoot it to open the door in the tower. Turn around and pick up a small medipack and climb down the ladder. Open the double doors next to the ladder and get the Shotgun ammo in the far away corner and Grenade ammo next to that tree.


Now go W and pull/push the small cross standing left of the entrance into the tower. A block lowers to the left, enter the crypt there and open the manhole.

Dive in and follow through to where you climb out into a passage, a flyby takes over showing you a large Hall with bridges. (To the right of you is a place where you can always climb back out of the water to get back up to the upper level if you happen to fall in).


Hall with the Bridges, raising a Block.


Climb the ladder to the left, go S and jump over S to the next bridge and take a right into the opening W, climb the ladder and in that room you’ll find another ladder around the corner, down to a cellar.


Blade Swim.


Below the grates in this room are Blades, first go get the small medipack SW and save at the hole in the grated floor. I faced E and hopped in backwards, then swim forward and down a bit. Keep going from side to side aiming down every time. Near the bottom is an opening E, swim through and throw the underwater lever on the pillar (a block will rise above you). Then swim into the tunnel S, climb up for air and get the Glock ammo near the fence. Now follow the same route back, again up through those Blades. Get back up that ladder N and down the other ladder to the Hall with bridges.


Detour for an Important Secret.


Go to the SE and look for an opening in the E wall near the water level, jump from the bridge and wade there to climb in. In the SW corner of the room is a ceiling hatch, open it, turn around and climb up. Shoot the bell there and a gate opens up below. Drop down, swim to the SE corner, climb out there. Climb the low bookcase, drop from the side and shimmy right to the high bookcase, climb to the top and get Glock ammo. Jump to the chandelier and then to the N side of the room, on the bookcase NE is Secret #3, a Rose Jewel.


Now jump back onto the chandelier and over to the opening E. Place the 3 Rose Jewels and enter Secret #4, the Secret square. Climb up the back of the central pillar and get the Glock 17. Jump to the awning E for the Medipack and then go down to get the Glock ammo on the terrace N. Leave the room, jump over to the chandelier and then to the door W, push them open.


A Torch.


Go out to the bridges and go N, jump over to the N side and go in E, right around till you are outside again. Hang from the edge of the floor and shimmy right, pull up and enter the passage with the ladder, go up and up the hanging crate and save. You have to operate the jump lever E top open a door below, but there are also spikes below. So immediately after landing on the slope, do a side flip. Jump to the wooden panel N and open it with the crowbar, go in and as soon as you get to the Torches, a flyby shows the Fireplace. It’s the only spot where you can ignite the Torch, so we have to travel back.


Ignite the Torch.


Go out the door, walk to the right (W) and just run down into the water below. Go up the steps and out the opened door. When you are back in the Hall with bridges, jump over the gondola and go N, up the steps and follow through. Jump up over the coffins to the floor N, up some steps and step out into the tower, throw the Torch down and safety drop down, take the Torch and go out, left through the gate you’ve opened before (jump lever) and down the ramp E into the Big Hall. Through the small door N into the corridor and E to the room with the Fireplace, save before you enter. Three Gangsters attack, one in the room and 2 will come from the corridor. Then light the Torch in the Fireplace and make your way back to the cemetery, through the opening in the tower to the crypt. On the S side of the floor you can light the wall torch and the door opens to the left, jump up over the coffins to the opening S and jump on to that pillar (S wall) where you are back in the Hall with bridges.


Raise two more Blocks, the Jump of Spikes.


Go S and take a right. In this room is a wall torch to the N, behind a sloped spike trap. You can either jump onto the sloped side and keep jumping to and fro to the N. Light the wall torch and the room will shake, the spike trap is gone, drop the Torch for now and go down the dark passage where the spike trap used to be. You will bump into a lever on a pillar, use it to raise a block in the Hall with bridges.


Go around the pillar to the next room E and take a left, crawl underneath a swinging spike bag and throw the lever in that room to raise the second and last block. Go crawl back out and into the room S, watch out for another swinging spike bag and get the Shotgun ammo there. Now return the way you came and go get your Torch. Jump up onto the wooden floor near the columns E or W and walk over to the S side, jump off and go out to the Hall with bridges.


Mask Piece 2.


Over the first bridge ahead and turn right (S), hop down onto the raised block below and jump up S, go left and left (N), using another raised block to jump to the next bridge. Inside the NE room you can light a wall torch to open the door, step in and light another wall torch. Drop the Torch inside and hop on the table to get Mask Piece 2, at that moment the door you saw closing up at the start of the level, will open up and 2 Gangsters will open fire.


Using the Mask.


Pick up the Torch and go back out to the bridges, go all the way S and into a small room with a big Bowl. Carefully light the Bowl and go out, left and over the lower floor where you see a wooden door. Jump NW to that block you raised and then up S to light the second Bowl. The door opened, so drop the Torch as you don’t need it again and hop over the little fence to the open door. Up the stairs and combine both Mask Pieces to place the Carnival Mask on the stand.


Final Battle; Gangsters and Demigirls.


Save before you enter the next room, run left around the corner into a small niche, pick up the Medipack. Then take out a heavy weapon and find the 2 Gangsters (on two of the pillars in the room) to shoot them first from where you are. Then run to the middle of the room and sidejump left and right while shooting the Demigirl SE, then turn around as the Demigirl NW will come alive.


Then climb the SE pillar and grab up to the monkey climb, go over to the NW corner, another Demigirl will come alive below. You could jump into the niche N first to get the small medipack and then drop down to the ground floor to take her out. Get back up to the monkey climb and follow around to the SE corner. Jump and grab the ladder N and go up to the ledge. Run left against the bookcase and turn to shoot the Gangster. There’s another Demigirl on a bookcase W. Run E; then right and then jump over to the central ledge, take out another Gangster and then that Demigirl. Climb the bookcase left of the one where the Demigirl was and another Demigirl will come alive when you step on top of the W bookcase.


The Wine Bottle.


Shoot her and jump to the chandelier, then over onto the balcony E and enter the room.  On the Table is the Wine Bottle, one of a Very Good Year. When you pick it up, Bartoli runs in to stop you…. When you’re done with him your mission is accomplished.