Original TR Conversion Project: The Caves V6.0

Level by Artimus Revel Brown Jr. (KingSpyder) (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start with a flyby ending with Lara in a cave. Go west and sprint through the darts. Hop onto a block in the south-west corner for flares. Go north and Lara looks upwards to the left at another cave. Continue north and go to the north-west corner and kill five dogs. Grab a slope and jump into the opening in the west wall. Get secret #1 and pick up a small medipack. Go back to the opening and climb up into the cave. Go west and kill three bats. When the cave splits, go south and at the end go to the south-west corner. Pull up onto a higher cave and get secret #2. Kill a bat and pick up a small medipack. Get down and go east to pick up flares. Then return to the main cave and continue west. At the end, go south down a slope and emerge into a large cavern. Go to the south wall and drop into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and pull a switch to open the door.

Enter and kill two bats. Go to the south-east corner and pull up into a higher cave. Follow the cave and emerge into a large open area with two rope bridges. Follow the ledges on the north and west walls and cross the first bridge. Kill three dogs on the cave floor. Just keep following the ledges and cross the second bridge. At the end, go south into an open doorway. Continue and go south to drop into a pit and kill three dogs. Enter the doorway in the north-east to kill two bats. Go north to step on a tile that opens the north wall. Before you exit pick up a small medipack in the west alcove. You are in the cave below the bridges. Go to the south-east to climb the ledges and go back over the second bridge. Continue as before, but this, jump over the pit and continue south.

On the other side, go to the south-west corner to pick up a small medipack. Then go down the steps and enter the next room. Kill three dogs and look north to see a closed door. Go there and loop to the left to jump onto a ledge on the west wall. Enter the room and get secret #3 and pick up a small medipack. Exit and go to the north-east corner for a wall switch. Pull the switch and jump the blocks to the west to get into the timed door before it closes. Follow up the stairs to a room to kill a dog. There is a hole on the north side of the room.

Drop into the hole and into a lower cave. Go east and north to jump over a trench. Go west to pick up a large medipack and kill a dog. Continue into a west alcove and pull a wall switch. You get a cut scene of the doors opening in the trench. Jump into the trench and go west through the open doors. As you approach the second set of doors, the level ends.