You start your level with a great view. The temple where you are has undiscovered places. Some parts a covered with snow, some are fading away into darkness. As walk forwards you can shoot two eagles (1,2). Explore.  At the lower parts you can pickup a small medi pack (1)  and a shotgun (2). If you look around you will notice that you have to do something with a snowmobile. As you walk up the hill again, you can look into a deep pit on your right. Walk back to the starting point. Look to the right and see a small medi pack lying on the ledge. Climb the ladder. At the very moment as you have climb the ladder another eagle (3) will attack you. After you have killed it pickup the small medi pack (3). Now (or later with your snowmobile) you can collect some goodies. Walk forward and find to the left some grenades (4) and Uzi clips (5). On the other side you will find a small medi pack (6) Jump from the ledge again and proceed with you exploration to the lowest part. On the right side you will notice a locked door with a snowmobile standing behind it. So we must search for a switch to open the gate. On the other side on you will find a switch on the wall.  Pull down the switch and the gate will open. Climb on the snowmobile and drive up the hill to the right side. There is a small opening at the right wall (between the wall and a column) where you can drive thru. At the moment that you drive down hill a bad guy (4) appears... kill him with the snowmobile. Exit from your snowmobile and kill the two white leopards (5,6) which are now running around in the lower part beneath you. On the other lower part (where you found the snowmobile) is also a white leopard (7) running around. In the distance you can see another bad guy (8). You can try to shoot him or kill him with your snowmobile. Drive up the slope and stop at the shotgun shells (7). Pick it them up. Now you need to get some speed into you snowmobile and jump across the pit to the other side. Drive thru the two wooden doors and turn right. Now you are facing two bad guys (9,10). Don't stop driving with your snowmobile, but kill them instantly. Have no mercy! If you didn't pickup the goodies in the beginning, step from your snowmobile and pickup the goodies. If not drive down the ledge and turn right. Make speed the get up the slope. On top awaits you a warm welcome by four bad guys (11,12,13,14). Shoot them or kill them when driving with your snowmobile. Step from your snowmobile and spend some time to....take a look around to see how detailed Kevin had made his first level!... Explore the surrounding. On the far left corner, just behind the snowy hill you will find some grenades (8). Climb on your snowmobile again and drive outside. Drive on the ledges and stop by the large medi pack (9). Pick it up. And then drive towards the ice block, which is blocking your way. Step from your snowmobile, and get behind the ice block. Push it towards your snowmobile once. Now pull the block once. You can now drive thru. Take the first path to the right and you will come to a ladder and pick up the Uzi's (10).  Now drive back to the ice block and get left onto the first 'hill'. Turn around (you need so nice speed) and instead to get left path, go ahead to make a marvelous jump to the other side. When you have cleared the space, go right and follow the path. Be careful not to overshoot the path on the other side, with a opening to the left. Here you can also pickup the Uzi's(10) when you haven't done this the first time.  Step on your snowmobile again and enter the opening. Climb the hill and go right. At the opening to will see that you are above the great room which you where before. Drive carefully down on the 'rope-bridge'. When you are on the other side, step from your snowmobile and kill the two bad guys (15,16) and a eagle (17). Explore this first floor. Near the other snowmobile you will find a small medi pack (11) and some Uzi clips (12). Now walk to the other side of the floor (don't cross the bridge). At the wall look to the left and you will see a small corridor behind the two orange pillars. A bad guy (18) is coming towards you. Shoot him and jump over. Make a little jump and pickup the shotgun shells (13). Head back to your snowmobile.  Now walk onto the bridge. At the other side jump onto the left ledge and pickup the M-16 (13). Jump back to the bridge and walk to your snowmobile.  Step onto your snowmobile and drive to left corner if you are standing with you back to the bridge ( you are facing away from the bridge). Gently drive downwards. Stay on the left side. Stop when a bad guy (19) starts firing at you. Shoot him. Look out for a deep pit somewhere on the right side. Drive further downwards. At the bottom exit from your snowmobile and pickup the small medi pack (14) that was lying just on the slope. Step on your snowmobile and drive to the other side of the water. Step from the snowmobile and explore the room this magnificent room. Swim around, but don't pull yourself on land by the area with the two colomns. If you do the game will 'freeze'. As the builder of this level explains to me: "There is that strange problem in the pool room.  Also, there is no "end trigger" in this level. I think the reason for that is because I could not seem to place an End trigger in the level. at this time (May 2000), i placed all the enemies & ornaments using TrItem program. I did not know how to use TrItem very well; it crashed the level when I try to use an end trigger.  So, I released the level as it was (june 2000). I could be wrong but I believe that "Return to VilcaBamba" was the second fan-built TombRaider level released for fans to play (that is, "bigger than a test level"). Roy Godbold's TR3 "London" level was the first.  I think that Fast Byte had released a TR2 "Wall" level earlier; I do not know if it was a "built with an editor" level or if it was  a modified "Wall level".  So explore this room, find the two underwater rooms. And if you saw everything you wanted to see, save this level... and say thanks to The Vagrant (Kevin) for this level. I did not find any secrets at all, but I picked 14 items.


End of the level.
Pickups: 14
kills: 19
secrets: none