Go down the steps, into the small pit by your right. Pull the block, fall into the water and pick up the GOLDEN KEY and a small medipack. Swim back up and maneuver the other push able block in this room, moving it to the other side so you can climb up and pull a lever. Go up the steps, to the right and follow the catwalk to find the key lock. Use the key and return to the door.

In the corridor, pull the block to get into the niche and pick up a large medipack and the Magnums. Keep going in the corridor, down in the hole and to the right. Take the block to the outside so you can climb on the catwalks - pick up the RUSTY KEY in one side and the GOLDEN KEY in the other. Take the block back inside so you can reach the key lock and use they golden key. Return and proceed through the newly open door.

Go up to the bridge and pull the block so you make huge steps, climb them up and use the rusty key. Then keep going up in the room, operate the lever and enter the door right behind you. Go down, then to the right, and find a GOLDEN KEY in a hole. Return, pull out the block and use the key where the block was. Go upstairs and climb the ladder, pick up another GOLDEN KEY, fall into the gap and pick up a RUSTY KEY. Pull the block, use the rusty key, climb on the block so you can reach the floor back where you were and cross the now open door.

End of Level.
Secrets: none