You start the level in front of a great temple. Two eagles (1,2) are flying around. One can be shot easily, the other is flying circle on the roof. As you are nearing the building, the eagle will attack then he can be shot. Enter the building.  Explore and kill 5 spiders (3,4,5,6,7).  Walk to the back of this great room and pull in the right corner the moveable block twice. Then Climb on it. Grab the ledge and pull up. Walk the ledge until you can't go any further. Drop down and grab the ledge and shimmy to the right. Pull up again when it is possible and grab your first secret (1). Drop down, grab the ledge and then let go.  Now onto the other ledge. Pull the block seven times. Climb on and Climb onto the ledge. Jump to the other part of the ledge and pull the lever. Drop down to the ground and head for the opening where you pulled the block from. Enter the passage and go left walk downstairs until you see a opened door. DO NOT WALK any further. In front of you is a deep pit with spikes. Turn around and drop down and grab the ledge. Now let go and immediately grab the ledge again. Pull up and walk down the stairs.  Turn right and right again and you will see a room with a water pool. Walk down the stairs to a platform. Climb on the first pillar. I would suggest to save frequently. Jump to the second pillar. Now our goal is visible. A lever! Jump to the third and fourth pillar. Make a standing jump towards the fourth pillar. Now make a running jump to the fifth pillar. Do another running jump to the sixth and a standing jump to the last the seventh pillar. Flip the switch. The water is gone! Make your way back over the pillars to the platform. When you are back on the platform, take the stairs down. Find the opening under the platform. Enter the room. Go to the moveable block and pull it twice. Continue. As soon as you enter the room the flame are burning. Explore the room. You grab the ledge on the left side, shimmy to the right and pull up. But be careful. From the right is a boulder coming towards you and from the left side a spider (8). Kill the animal. (When you fall back into the water , try it again). A second spider (9) is attacking you. Now explore the new room. There is a moveable block and a slope. Walk to the left and downstairs to the moveable block. The goal is to move the moveable block under the collapsing tile. So pull the block 1 time and then push it once. Go up and then up the slope. Jump onto the collapsing tile and then go left. Flip the switch. Drop down on the block. Jump to the slope (standing jump)  or jump on the ground. The switch has opened the closed door. Jump into the water and get to the opened door. Enter the room. Here you find four switches. I think they handle the fires on the blocks. We pull the right switch and we see the first and third flame are out!.  If we pull the second switch from the right also, we see that fire 1,2 and 4 are out!. So we need to find a combination where every fire is out. Pull the switch on the left side also and all the fire are out!. Now do standing jumps onto the blocks. As you are on the third block, then you can see an entrance on the right wall. Jump into the entrance. It is hidden place full of items. Pickup the small Medi Pack (1), another small Medi Pack (2), the shotgun shells (3) and another shotgun shell package (4). Go back to the blocks and continue to the end of the blocks. Slide down the slope.  You will land in a great room. Explore it. Now walk carefully to the blades. Yep another dangerous item is rolling from left to right. Get past the first blade. To the right you will see the Uzi's and to the left some Uzi's clips. As they where 'hanging' above the ground, I wasn't able to pick them up. So I moved on. Get past the second blade and slide down. Kill the two attacking dogs (10,11), before they start eating you!. Go further up the stairs. Kill another dog (12). Now walk towards the storm ram bridge! Avoid the spikes!. Save often!. Look downstairs... Spikes at those places where you can fall off! How mean!. Continue with care. After you have past the three bags with spikes, flip the switch on the left side only. This one with stop the fire. The other one with remove part of the 'bridge'. Enter the great room.  Walk to the fountain and look left and right. See the giant spider's webs. Draw you weapons and continue to the back. At the crossing turn left. Watch out you are being attack by four giant spiders (13,14,15,16). Don't let them enclose you with cob web!!!. After you have killed them, continue forward. Turn left and then look left for a alcove, behind the two great jars.  Explore the room and pickup a key (5).  Go left and continue. You will come in the main hall again. Go forwards to the other side and go left. On the same place as where you found the key there is here also an alcove. Explore it. Pickup anther key (6). Go back to the main hall. Now go upstairs.  Kill four spiders (17,18,19,20).  Insert both keys into the two key locks. The door will open. Enter it. Go around the corner and there you will see three moveable blocks on a row. Pull the left and middle one twice. Now you have enough space to pull the right block to the middle and pull it 1 time towards to the other two blocks. Enter the new room. Jesus and what kind of a room. Just full of spikes. You have to cross it over a few collapsing tiles. Walk on the first two tiles, jump across to the next tile in the same line as the first two tiles. Then jump to next (also on the same diagonal line) tile. Immediately jump on the block in the left corner. You've made it. Jump into the water and climb out on the right side. If the look closely you will see two closed doors and a switch a the beginning of the room. Jump the brown colored crooked block. Turn left and jump to the crooked block. Pull yourself up and flip the switch. Jump all the way back to the block where you can pull yourself out of the water. Climb into the entrance. Walk forwards and kill two spiders (21,22). Climb on the block and take the key (7). Now go upstairs, but instead of going to the outside turn left. Climb on the block and pickup a shotgun shell package (8). Climb another block and pickup yet a shotgun shell package (9).  Go outside. Turn right and jump to the block on the right. The door is locked. There must be a way to open this door. But first collect all the items in this room. Jump in the water and swim to the left side. (if you are standing with your back to the closed door).  Just at the top pickup a small Medi Pack (10). Now walk along the wall to the other corner and pickup also a small Medi Pack (11). Now walk along the blue wall with the pillars to the other side. Pickup the shotgun shells (12). Now walk back and enter the entrance.  Past the blade and turn left. Try to fit the key into the key lock. "No". Go to the other side and try there to fit the key into the key lock. Yes...... Go outside.. The door is open. Jump into the water and swim towards the entrance.  See the giant webs? Yep... Kill two giant spiders (29,30). Explore the room and find the key (13) Pick it up. Now go back to the entrance with the two key lock and place this key into the other key lock. The door will open. Explore the room. No enemies, nothing. It is just all too quiet. Walk down towards the water pool. Jump on the island with the "The Lost Ark". This will end the level. Very nice level Merlin.


End of the level.
Pickups: 13
kills: 30
secrets: 1