TR2 - DENDERAH by TheQuad



You start this level with your back to closed door and facing and sharp blade which isn't working yet. When you walk towards the left pillar, the door opens which you could see when looking straight forward. If you don't pickup the two shotgun shells (1,2) , the blade will not slice you into two parts! But when you pickup the shotgun shells (1,2) the blade starts working and you'll need to jump across the blade. In the next room, there is closed door which must be opened with a switch. So where can we find that switch. Walk to the right side of the outstanding blocks and climb onto top. Before you flip the switch, you must know it is a timed hurry up to the next room. Walk forward and turn right. Walk up to slope and save your game just before your reach the collapsing tiles. Jump to the pillar with the small Medi Pack. Pickup the small Medi Pack (3). To get back. Walk to the edge, facing the slope. step back and jump towards the other side. You will not make it to the edge, but you will land safely on the ground between the spikes. PHEW!!! Now we need to open the door!. Go back to the entrance where you came in. just before the room becomes a block wide of two blocks wide, there is a hidden switch on the left side. Flip the switch, and enter the opened door behind the spikes. Be aware that this door is also timed, so make a run, but be aware of the spikes! Explore the next room. Here you will find another black door. Will it be timed again? If you decide to run up the slope, look out for the last block (tile) It will set you on fire. It seems be a diversion. When you are in the shame line a the slope you will see the switch. Walk towards the switch through the spikes. Jump and you will notice you van climb the wall!. Flip the switch....and jump from the edge down.... It is another timed door. Explore the Hallway. Notice the switch directly on your right. Pickup the small medi Pack (4) first before you flip the switch. It's another timed door. Go for it. In the next room climb down and just before touching the ground go to the right side of the ladder and walk through the spikes to the middle of the room. Move the moveable brown block 1 tile away, and pickup a key (5). Now walk back to the wall where you just climbed down from. Take the middle ladder to climb up again towards a edge where you will find a switch. Save your game. Turn around and let Lara face the left walk path. Make a jump for it. Now walk to the end and jump to the pillar on the other side of the room. Enter the opened door. In the next room shoot the tiger (1). When you explore the water area you will find two closed doors. Use the key into the key lock. Enter the water again and take the left door. Swim until you surface again. Explore. This time you need to solve a moveable block puzzle. First we pull the block near the water along the wall. Behind it we can pickup some shotgun shells (6). Now pull the other block two times towards the water. Now walk around and push the same block one time to the water. Now walk around again and pull that very same blocks to the left side of the first block you had moved. Now we have to move the other two blocks. First pull the left block 3 three times. Take a walk around and push the same once again. Back to the other blocks. now we discover that there is yet another block behind the block we just moved. We need to change strategy. Remember the first two blocks we moved. Move them to the left side of the water. There is some space to park the blocks. Now get the other block who is in the corner. Move it and place it after the first two blocks. (three on a row, on the left side of the water with small cave) It is necessary that you keep the walk around 'open' until you are moving the last blocks. Now head back to the other blocks. Take the one on the left side and pull it 4 times. Now the hallway is open. Continue through the hallway jump over the two blade and enter a new room. Kill the tiger (2). Climb the moveable blocks on the left side. Pickup a small Medi Pack (7). Now you need to move a block from this side to the other. Place it on the wall side where the other blocks are. You need to move the blocks away from the corner. After you have moved this block, climb on to the top and pull the block on to the none moveable blocks. Jump over it and push it away 1 more time. Now pull the other block from the corner away. (that's why you needed the block from the side. Pickup the key (8). But where to find the key lock? Go back to the moveable blocks on the other side and remove the moveable blocks that are close the the non moveable blocks. The ground block contains the key lock. Insert the key. Now head back to the water entrance and return to the great room with the water pool containing the two underwater doors. Now enter the right one. Swim until you surface again. As soon as you pull up you will be attack by some spiders (3,4,5,6,7) Kill them instantly. Pickup the shotgun shells (9). Climb onto the block at the end of the room and pickup a large Medi Pack (10). Enter the next room and kill the two appearing tigers (8,9). Turn left and walk to the end. Some along the wall you will find three shotgun shell packages (11,12,13). Explore the room. The find the switch easily, go back to the entrance where you entered this room. Get Lara's face to the water pool. Turn right and walk to the wall. Turn left and head to the second pillar. there is the switch to need to flip. Jump into the pool and dive through the black colored water in the corner. Now you are facing a great maze under water. Make sure the escape route is above you. Now take the right passage and swim forward. Take a right and a left. Then dive down and swim forward, just forward. Go left and the right. Do not take the first left, but go upwards a little bit and then take the small passage in front of you. You are now swimming in a great room with a key. Pickup the key (14). Now head back. Swim thru the small passage downwards. But when you reach the bottom run right, right and swim forward. Swim up and surface. Climb out of the water and jump across the pit, grabbing the ledge. Now back into water again. Swim the passage al the way long until you surface in a room with a great T-Rex (10). Kill the animals with all you got! After that insert your key into the key lock. The door will open, enter. Explore the room and pickup a the flares (15). Enter the next room. Pull the moveable block once and then move it away. Enter the other room. Go right and pull the two moveable blocks out of the corridors. When you insert the room on the left side you can pickup a passage of shotgun shells (16). Now enter the room on the right. A skeleton! There is another block! Pull it twice. Jump on the block to avoid getting burned! This room is fake! No way this room is fake.... just walk on the right of the fire towards the wall. If you listen carefully you will hear a door opening!. Head back to to the room with the closed door. (it was the left door). Explore the room again and pickup some flares (17). Climb onto the next passage. get up and climb onto the raised block. Don't step onto the block with the skeleton! You will burn in Hell! The block nearest to the door will open the door. Follow the hallway. You will come into a room with pillars. jump onto the first pillar. Turn left and jump onto the pillar on the other side. Jump now forward and land and lower pillar. Then drop to the ground. Pickup the small Medi Pack (18) and the flares (19). Now get the moveable block and place it onto the highlighted tile. Climb on it and the climb the pillar. Climb on the highest pillar. Now jump onto the next pillar. Stay on this site of the room. Now you are standing on the wall. Walk to the right side of the wall, and let Lara face the opening on the room behind the wall. Don't jump down. You can't get out! Step back and jump. At the very last moment press the action button. You will land in the opening. Now walk up. This time you can get left and right. To the right you can pickup (in a pit) some flares (20). Get out and go into the other passage. Walk to the pit. Watch out! It is a spike pit! Jump to carefully over the pit. walk forwards. The passage to the right is dead, and just around the corner to the left is a spike pit again. Jump over it, and pickup a small Medi Pack (21) to the left. then continue. Hop down and go left. You will see two moveable blocks. Pull the first one twice. Jump over the block and head for the other block. Pull this one three times. Jump over it and push it once again to the wall. Now go the next moveable block and pull it three time. Jump over it and push it against the other block. Now jump over the blocks and climb onto the first moveable block. As you look around you, you will notice an opening in the wall. Climb on it and jump down. Turn right and left. Take the first left. It looks like we have another maze! The hallway to the right is a dead end, so take the left passage. Walk forwards and you will see a moveable block. Don't push it, but walk around it. And push the block from the other side. But before I could push the block I noticed something weird about Lara shadow. There where two shadows!!! The new one was moving.. So I walk back and the shadow was moving along with Lara, until somewhere from the nothing, a tiger (11) appears out of the wall. I kill it. I went back to the moveable block and pushed it out of the blocked passage. Then I walk around again, and pulled it once. Then walk around and push the block 1 time. Walk around again and push the block into the corner. Now you cab walk free around. Up to the next moveable block. Pull it twice. Walk around again for the last time. Now you can enter the passage behind the block. Go left and right. turn the first or the second right. Pickup the flares (22). Climb onto the opening and go right. Walk until the spikes. Jump over it and walk further. Now you are coming to a deep pit with spike and a corridor the the left. Take the left one. Go left again. Jump down and walk until the pit with spikes. Look to you right and your left. See the climbable wall? Climb almost to the top and then jump backwards, landing on the other side near a key. Pickup the key (23). Jump down again the exit this passage. Now don't take the right passage, but go ahead. Walking down, down, until you are standing in front of a.... spikes pit! Jump and grab the ledge. Go forwards. Near the end you will see on your right a opening in the wall. Climb on it and follow the passage, until you must go right. The screen is terrible, but continue. You are now in a room with a closed door. If you look back from where you came, you can't see the exit anymore. I presume that was the reason of the flickering! Use the key to open the door. You are now standing in a great room, with a the other side a closed door.  When searching for the switch, but there is none. Step on one of the somewhat highlighted tiles. There trigger the end..... the end of this magnificent level....


End of the level.
Pickups: 23
kills: 11
secrets: none