Helene's Library (La bibliothèque D'Hélène)

Level by Lambert Bouley (Bruno Turc) (April, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start by facing a corner wall. Go north-east and see a trap door on the ground. You will be back here later to open it. You see two large closed doors in the north-east on the other side of a pool. All the pools have wall darts. Go west through an archway and see a similar pool. Go south through an archway to a similar pool but this one has a closed gate. Climb a block in the north-west corner and pull up onto the wall. Hop on to the central block for crossbow explosive ammo. Go to the east side of the block and pull down a wall switch. The large north-east doors are open.


Enter the door and go east and then south into a room with a fenced pool. There is a closed gate in the pool. Go to the south wall and push the globe onto the east tile and a door opens in the west wall. Enter the open door and then run back into the water to extinguish a fire wraith. Enter the door again and see two closed gates to the sides. Go forward and you face a deep pit. Jump the gap and pick up the laser sight.


Turn around and shoot the vase in the south-east corner. Go south on the ledge and monkey swing over to the alcove. Pick up the crossbow. Use the jump switch to open the gate to the tunnel. Go back to the west ledge. Turn around and shoot the vase in the north-east corner. Go north on the ledge and monkey swing over to the alcove. Pick up the crossbow explosive ammo. Use the jump switch to open the gate to the tunnel. Go back to the west ledge. Pull the wall switch and jump back and go to the pool. Dive in and enter the underwater tunnel. The gate closes behind you. Swim down the tunnel and pick up the Music Scroll. Continue and pull up into a room.


Use the Music Scroll and you hear a gate open. Climb the ladder on the south wall and pull up to a ledge. Go west for the open gate but first go around the ledges. Shoot the vases and pick up a revolver, small medipack, large medipack, and revolver ammo. Pick up crossbow explosive ammo from a ledge. Enter the west gate and watch out for swinging chains as you go through the room. Push open the blue doors and go forward. Jump over the pit and onto a block. A ball will roll down and fall into a pit in front of you. Jump over that pit and go up the slope. At the top, jump over a fire trap and into a tunnel.


Run up a tunnel and fires start on the sides. A gate opens at the top of the slope. As you get to the top, the big blue doors also open. Go to the end of the room and slide down several steep slopes. You enter a room with arches. You see wheels to the south. Go east to a kill two horseman. One of them will leave behind a Horseman's Gem. Go south into the room with the wheels. Pull a wall switch on the block in the middle of the room. You get a cut scene showing the east door opening.


Enter the east room and see more wheels. You hear a gate open so go south into that open gate. Go west and see a closed gate. Drop down onto a block to the north and pull down a jump switch. The gate opens so enter and see another closed gate. Jump over a pit to the north and pull a wall switch. You hear the gate open. Go to the open gate and see a brass ball. Go down the north tunnel to a close gate. Turn around and shoot the brass ball to open the gate. Enter and look down to the north-east to see an opening. The dark blue wall is climbable so climb down to the opening. Enter and you get secret #1. Pick up a torch and light it on the pedestal with a fire. Follow the tunnel and light seven other pedestals. At the end, pick up a large medipack from the floor. Go back and climb the dark blue wall back to the upper tunnel. Go west and the gate opens for you. Go to the end of the tunnel and pull the wall switch on the south wall.


Return to the room with the wheels and see one wheel is turning. Go to the north wall and enter the open gate. Go to the end of the tunnel and slide down the slope. A ball will roll down behind you. Jump onto a column and then jump onto the next column to avoid the cutting wheel. Go north and jump up to grab a crevice, Shimmy a very long way to the left and drop onto a safe tile behind a fire. Pull down a wall switch and get a cut scene of another wheel turning. Go up the south ramp back into the wheel room.


Go south and enter the middle open gate. At the end, dive into the water. Just follow the map below to find the exit. The "LM" is six large medipacks to find.



Pull up into a room and pick up a large medipack. Pull down a jump switch and an earthquake happens. The floor is different and a there is a red hole in the ceiling. Pull up to the north side of that red hole. You get secret #2 and a large medipack. Now swim back through the maze back to the entrance. Run down the tunnel to the wheel room and notice that all the wheels are turning. Loop to the right and enter the last open door in the south wall. Follow the tunnel to go up many short ramps. Be careful of the swinging chains as they disappear into the wall and are hard to see. When you arrive at a closed gate, look west to see an upper opening. Pull up there and use the wall switch to open the gate. Get down and continue north down the tunnel. Pull up to another tunnel and run to the end.


Drop into the water and follow the underwater tunnel. A gate opens for you and you are back at the starting area. Watch out for wall dart and pull to a ledge. Go east, north, and west to find the brass trap door. Open it up from the south side. Run down the tunnel and drop into a room. Use the Horseman's Gem to open the large double doors. Run into the doorway and the level ends.