The Mine

Level by Dempsey Rosson

Walkthrough by manarch2

Right at the beginning turn left and climb up the stairs. Take the Flares and then jump to the block right. Jumping higher two more times lets you have access to a lever. Pull it and the door on ground floor opens. While going through a T-Rex (1) appears. Quickly jump to left block and kill him from there. Jump to the highest ledge and take a Large Medipack, Grenades and the Grenade Launcher. Pull the lever and get back to ground again. Then, go through the opened door and climb the right structure, then jump over the spike pit. Pull the lever and get back. Three tigers (2,3,4) are roaming there so kill them from the block. Entering the new room triggers an army of enemies, namely five vultures (5,6,7,8,9), seven spiders (10,11,12,13,14,15,16) and another two tigers (17,18). Three Uzi clips and the Uzis on the right block with the lever can assist you therefore. Pulling that lever doesn’t effect anything. Only thing to do is killing yourself in that fire pit, otherwise just end the level because there is no end trigger.