You start locked in a small room with two switches. Activate both, then go down to the new area. Enter to the area to the left, kill the Mafioso and push the switch on the wall. Then cross the previous room, and in the dark corridor, kill the baseball bat guy and push the switch. Climbing up on a small area to the left, you can find the SALMON DRAGON. Go back and dive into the water. Surfacing on the outside, kill the Mafioso and the dogs, operate the switch and then go back. While swimming back, look carefully on the walls to find an underwater lever, that will open your way to the BLACK DRAGON. Pick it up then go back to the initial room, where a new switch has been revealed. This switch opens the other underwater door. Swimming through, you will reach an area with several movable blocks. Follow the image to know where to push them, the numbers indicate the order they should be pushed. Beneath one of them, you will find the CYAN DRAGON. Once you get the door open, cross it and you will reach a small alley, where you will be ambushed. Dispatch the Mafioso's, climb up the ladder and push the switch. Enter the cages, killing whoever crosses your way, and then go down to the carpet area. Kill the Mafioso leader (the big guy with two shotguns), then go to the central structure. Push the button, enter it to activate a final switch. Then, enter the newly open area and Lara will look for a painting on the wall, and this raid will be over.

End of Level.
Secrets: 3