15-Minute Raider - The Watery Grave

Level by matrix54

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start in front of a lake. Turn around and climb to the temple. By climbing the south wall and through a crawlspace reach the roof. Kill the bats, then grab the edge and shimmy until you can stand and take a running jump over to the north ledge. Grab the crack in the wall, shimmy, then climb up when you can and throw a switch. Headspring into the lake and swim east to look for a Secret: Bejeweled Idol. Continue SW, cross the lake and look for another Secret: Bejeweled Idol, then swim to the shore and climb back to the temple. Go through the door you opened to reach a room with a deadly floor, take a jump to a safe floor, then grab the ledge and climb onto it.

Pull the lever to cancel the spikes only in the center floor, then jump over there and collect the Gemstone Piece. Return back out to face the movable box and push it to the north wall, climb on the box and grab the crack, shimmy until the end and save. Run and jump toward a far ledge, continue and jump the next gap, then go over toward the south two columns and finish with a long jump to the west, throw the lever and then swim back to the temple. Go through the door you opened to reach a pool, jump inside and swim to the south to pull the lever to open a trapdoor in the middle of the pool. Dive to the bottom and pull another lever to pump the water from the pool. Time the spikes while going back to the pool, then climb the north ledge to collect the Gemstone Piece. Return back out, combine the pieces and place the Gemstone in the receptacle.

Back to the lake and swim through the west opened gate into a small underwater maze. Swim right, left, right, left and right until the end to collect a Secret: Bejeweled Idol, continue swimming left and enter a pool. Get out from the water, go toward the rose and this will cut the level short here.