As Lucas said in the original level:
This level will not take you more than two minutes. A walkthrough has been written only for the sake of having walkthroughs for every TR2 custom levels available.

You will start in a dark hallway. If you look up you will see a key lock, but don't worry about it either. Go forward, read the author's message saying: "This level isn't much fun, but it's an example of what can be done with a little bit of imagination, a little bit of elbow grease, and a whole lot of luck". Take a left and you will get a overhead view displaying EEP2. Pick up the
flares (1)  in front of you. In the spikes maze, avoid the marked tiles saying "Do NOT Stand Here". In all the cases you will burn to death. Just for fun, look for the special tile. Just by the "2" tile, you can pick up a key (2). Now walk to the water and jump in it. Use a flare and swim down to the bottom. Grab the SILVER DRAGON (secret #1). There is a nice picture of Lara on the bottom. No swim back up and take hallway left. Pickup the GREEN DRAGON (secret #2). Then pickup a small medi pack (3). Swim to the surface. Climb out of the water. You are standing in a nice room with a few Lara pictures on the wall. In one corner there is a door with the text: "Did you forget Something?". Because you have the 2 statues, the door is open. If you didn't take them, this door will be closed until you have pickup those statues both. Climb on the climbable wall and jump backwards to enter hallway. Proceed. Do not run towards the door. Save your game, before jumping over the ledge. There is another message on the door: "The End? No The Start!" Take a flare and walk until you can't get any further. Step forwards and slight down. Press the jump button and grab the ledge. Now pickup the GOLD DRAGON (secret#3). Use the key on the key lock. The glass door will open and this is the end of the level.

End of Level.
Kills: none
Pickups: 3
Secrets: 3 out of 3