Video Walktrhough by Treeble


You are standing in a metal look-alike hallway. Go forwards and turn left. The right passage leads towards a secret but this secret can't be taken yet. No turn right and follow the stairs. You come in a room full of computers. Explore the left side first. Pickup a small Medi Pack (1). Now explore the left side. The only thing you will find is a closed door. Go back to the passage in the middle of the computer rooms and continue towards a water pool. Dive in the water and explore the basin. You will find an opening at the bottom. Follow it and you will come towards a ventilator which is keeping you away for going past by. So this ventilator must be shut down.


Swim back to the surface. Climb out of the water and make a run jump on the right bounce pad. When you are thrown away just keep the action button pressed. Lara will 'fly' over the gate, and land in the water behind the fence. Get out of the water and enter the new room. Go right and there you will find a switch. Flip it. Through the fence you will see that the most left door is open. Now make your way towards that door. Jump back into the water and head for the ventilator. Let the current stream get you and swim around to surface in the other pool again. Climb out and look up to the top of the wall. If you look closely you will find an opening in a corner. It is the corner above the first closed door.  But how to get there. Position yourself at the first bounce pad nearest to the opening. Now turn around so that you are looking away from the bounce pad. Save your game because you need to find the right position now. Jump backwards on the bounce pad and find out where you 'hit' the wall. Now position Lara at the same spot as your first try and move to the right remembering where to bounce pad is positioned. Try it again. You need a 45 degrees angle with the bounce pad to get in the opening. When in follow it and flip the switch. Go back and jump into the water. 


Get out and take the first door on your right, you just opened. Go in and take your first secret. Pickup the green dragon (1). and pickup a M16 clip (2). Now go to the other opened door. Enter the narrow hallway. Go down and you will see on your right another passage with a closed door. You can examine it... but for now there is nothing to get. Go further downwards. Now you will come to a cross point. Let us take the first one left. Explore and pick up a small Medi Pack (3). Notice a closed door.  Now go back and take the left passage. Follow it and you come to another closed door! Turn around and go back to the crossing. Now go left again for the last time.  You will now come into a room with some nasty green water. If I was Lara I wouldn't step in it!. Before we are going to jump to the closed doors, we are going to jump for a secret!. Position yourself in front of the bounce pad. Step back and save your game. Your goal is to make a running jump and then make a mid-air turn. So run towards the bounce pad, press the jump button and then press jump + roll + forward/reverse button to make a mid-air turn. If you did it right Lara will land on the bounce pad facing here starting point and then jumping towards the secret passage. She will land and you have found the second secret of this level. Follow the passage and pick up the grey dragon (2). Pickup also the Uzi clips (4). 


Now slide down the passage between the two blocks. You will land in the opposite room of the 'nasty' water room. Turn around and walk to the room with the 'nasty' water again to make the next jump. Make a running jump towards the bounce pad in the 'water'. Now it is your goal to land on the right side on the medal construction in the water. You can't stand on it and therefore you will glide downwards. Press jump and grab the ledge. Pull up and you will come in a room with a two closed doors and a switch.  Flip the switch. In the scene you will see that the left door above the green pool has opened. In the room where you where standing has also a door opened. It is the door which was closed when you entered the narrow passage in the beginning and looked right into another passage. Go down and go right again. Now do the same trick again. But now aim for the left side opening. When jumping correctly you will land again on the metal construction. Jump and grab the ledge. Pull up and enter a new room with a closed door and a switch. Flip the switch. You will see in the scene that the door behind the metal structure opens. At the same time the closed door in your room will also opens. Go downstairs. And go left at the crossing. Now do it again! Do a running jump on the bounce pad with the jump pad still press down. At the moment you shoot away let the button go. If all goes well you will land on the back side on the structure. Jump and grab the ledge again. You have done it now.... three times!!!


Now go forwards and take the ladder. Go up and follow the passage.You will see another closed door and a switch. Flip it and go back. When you have climbed down the ladder again, you will see a passage to your right. Remember it, but now go forwards to the structure again. Save your game. Now jump to the left side of the medal structure and jump again. Grab the ledge and pull up. Go in to the room and take the right passage. Go downstairs. Go right and then walk to the crossing. Go left and go into the passage behind the opened door. Flip the switch. Any idea where this door opens? No? OK, it's a room behind the medal structure at the 'green' water pool. Now turn around and find your way out to the crossing. Go straight over the crossing and prepare yourself for yet another jump over the 'green' water. When you have pulled yourself up in the opening behind the medal structure, take ladder again and go through the opened door. Explore it and jump down. Flip the switch. The door will open. It is a door which will lead you to the crossing again. But for now we look and the bottom in the corner and find yet another ladder. Go down. What's that? That's the computer room. Flip the switch and you will see that the first door you ever saw in this level is now open. Turn around and follow the passage back. Climb the stairs and go through the opened door downwards. Go left at the junction. You will come by the water pool again. Go forwards to the beginning of the level.


At the computer room take the left opening and find the opened door. Flip the switch. Try to remember where the door opened. Now go out and go left. Do you remember that there was a other passage right at the beginning? OK, now go up the stairs. Go left and head towards the end of this hallway. Go left and right, and notice a moveable block. Push it two times and pick up the M16 clips (5,6) and the flares (7). Now pull it four times. Just so far that you can go into the room with the golden mask behind bars. Follow the passage behind the mask. Go right and pickup the small Medi Pack (8) and the m16 clips (9,10). Jump off and walk / run to the end of the long hallway. Go left and find another closed door. Turn back and notice a key lock where you have to put the mask in it to open the door behind you. Go back to the beginning of the hallway and look at the hole in the bottom. It is a slope. Now jump on the slope. You are sliding down. In total you will slide from three slopes. Your main goal is to slide backwards from the last slope so you can grab the ledge when the slope ends. This is necessary because some great white balls are chasing you. And there is now other way to avoid simply. When you are standing on a block, look around. You can't stand on the ground because it sets Lara on fire. Now jump on the little slope just behind the bounce pad and grab the slope in the middle of the room. Pull up, and jump to the slope on the other side. Jump and make Lara go right. Jump and jump, until Lara lands on the block. Now look behind that block. YES! jump down and pickup the M16 (11).


Now climb on the block again and make a running jump on the slope which is near the block where you stand on. Jump and when you land ok , jump again on the little slope. Now jump again to another little slope. Jump and grab the ledge of the block. Pull up and jump to the tile where you started your search for the M16. Now you need to position Lara on on the right corner (just image that Lara is looking towards the bounce pad and then as far as away see can go and that tile). Now turn Lara so much that she jump towards the far left corner of the bounce pad. It needs a little practice to position Lara, so save your game first. Jump and when Lara make here jump turn Lara to the right in the air. When you did it right, she will land on the ledge above the bounce pad. It is the only way up. Now walk towards the opening and you will come into a great water room with pillars and bounce pads. Now make yourself ready for the longest action of jumping and sliding I ever seen in a custom made level. Run jump and the first bounce pad. Jump to the next and the next. Then slide downwards on three slopes. Enter a hallway still sliding. Now jump and the bounce pad. And another bounce pad and another one. Now you will slide some slope downwards and to the left. Then on anther bounce pad and into a passage again. Time to save again.


Now slide forwards again and jump on the bounce pad. Jump again on two bounce pads and then slide four little slopes downwards. And at last jump on two bounce pads to land on a new passage, where the closed door just opened a few milliseconds before you entered it. PHEW!!! Save your game and jump into the water. Surface and swim along the right wall, past the opening in the wall where you have started this beautiful jump and sliding sequence. Swim to the corner and then go left again. Swim between two pillars to the next corner. Now go left once again and pull yourself up. You are now standing on a little slope and in the middle a bounce pad. (for more details see picture: thanks Halcyon). Look up and find a sloped pillar to the right of you. Run onto the bounce pad and jump to the high slope. Slide down and press the jump button. Keep the jump button pressed. You are now jumping on a second pillar. Then on to the third pillar. As soon as you jump from the last pillar steer Lara to the left so she will land on a bounce pad. Before Lara will make contact with the bounce pad press the forward key in and keep it pressed. Lara will now jump from the bounce pad onto another and another to land in the opening which lead you to the switch you need to flip. Follow the passage and flip the switch. Pick up the M16 clip (12).


Now return to the water room and stop at the ledge. Look forward and see that there a opening in the four sloped pillars in front of you. Your goal is to jump in it. So make a running jumping and press the action button so Lara will fly a little bit further. She will land in the water. Surface and prepare for a dive. Follow the underwater passage and surface. Pull up, and find yourself in a corner of the great 'water' room. Climb on the block and position Lara to the left of the bounce pad, as close as here right feet can be to the left side of the bounce pad. Save your game, so it is easier to start over if you fail. Now you need to do a side flip on the bounce pad. This will give you more speed and so it is easier to get to the opened secret door. When you land in the opening follow it and pickup the yellow dragon (3).


Jump back into the water and swim back to the starting point. Do the jumps and sliding again and when you finished, get up the ladder and enter the room where you have been before.  Follow the passage and get up the stairs. Now go left up the stairs again and shimmy to the right to land on the next floor. Go through the door and find a ladder to get to the lower floor. Go through the opened door and through the other opened door down the stairs. Your goal is to get back to the moveable block at the beginning of the level. At the end go left upstairs. Then left past the water pools on your right. Through the computer room and upstairs. Go left and at the very end go left again. Now push the moveable block two times and climb on the block. Pull yourself up.  Now climb the ladder and slide down. The moment you are landed grab a gun and shoot the MONSTER (1). When it is killed pickup the large Medi Pack (13).


Enter the next room. It is full of spikes! Walk don't run. Explore it. The best way to get on the pillar is to take the first slope on your right when entering this room. Stand in front of it and jump forward. You are jumping back on the slope behind you. Jump again and grab the ledge of the pillar. Pull yourself up and position yourself to jump to the next room.  Jump and grab the ledge. Pull up and slide down. Walk to the opening in the floor. Hop down and grab the golden Mask (14). Get out again and pull yourself up. Slide down and you are back at the ladder. Climb the ladder again (you can't get off the moveable block) and go to the spike room. The closed door is now open and it is your exit from here. Climb down the ladder and follow the passage into the room with the 'white' table. Now go right and go all the way to the end. Go left and insert the golden mask into the key lock at the back of the pillar. The door behind you is now open... Enter it and you will finish a beautiful level. Well Vinci, in my opinion isn't a test level..... It is a full grown up level..... Beautiful, well constructed, and great puzzles. Thanks Vinci.


End of Level.
Pickups: 14
Kills: 1
Secrets: 3 wish to thank Halcyon very much for providing me with a clue to get the secret which can be found in the great 'water' room with the bounce pads and the pillars. Thanks Halcyon for the picture and your help.