Abandoned Village

Level by Lara Severi

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: You need to used the revised city.WAD with this level; otherwise, you can't climb walls and when you open doors Lara is swallowed in a floor!! You can fix this by replacing the provided city.WAD with the other one. Look at
this site and choose the Revised Wads option.

This is a short Walkthrough to a short Level.

Start with Lara standing in a short passage, look over Lara's head and you'll see wooden barrier blocking the high crawlspace, leave it a while as you'll be back here in less than a minute. Head forward to the pool at the middle of the yard, get into it and pick up the Lasersight. Get out of the pool and look around you, at the north is a closed brown door and from the east a dead-end passage, the only way you can go is to the west. The trapdoor will open when you get nearby, don't climb down yet, just jump over the hole to pick up the crossbow gun and back to the beginning passage. Now you can shoot on the high wooden barrier, then jump and grab the edge, pull Lara inside and drop into a small place, go behind the corner, there you can find the Crowbar.

Back to the yard where you left the open trapdoor and climb down the ladder, follow the shallow water passage then climb up go to the door and open it. Before you climb up the ladder shoot on the wooden barrier, then climb up into a crawlspace and drop into next passage with two closed doors. Break into the first room and push the lever, it opens the brown door at the yard, it also does some "magic", when you get back to the yard you see the motorbike parked in the corner. Get out from this room and break into the second room, kill the soldier then go to the end of the short passage, it's a Secret Place, climb onto the half block and get the Grenade Gun. Get out from here and before you leave this place, reach another Secret Place, shoot on a high wooden barrier and climb into a niche, get Medipack.

Make your way back to the yard, when you get over there kill the soldier who comes out from the dead-end passage. Get the motorbike and drive through the open door, turn left to the side and keep driving onto the ramp across to other side. It's a short drive and you need to get off from the motorbike forever, use with crowbar to open the blue door, proceed to next room and shoot on the high wooden barrier. Climb into the opening, you see in front of you a jumpswitch, turn and drop down, turn again face to the jumpswitch, jump and pull it and you hear noise of an opening gate.

The gate you just opened is right beyond the closed door near to you, open it and go to the climbable wall, right before you reach the ceiling backflip and land onto a ledge behind you, pick up the Crossbow Normal Ammo. Keep going to next room with grate floor, get Flares from the corner, move to the blue door, it opens with crowbar, then get into the canal. Swim along the canal till you reach the large canal and get out of the water, light flare to see better then use the crowbar to open the blue door, slide down onto the slope and head forward to place with pool.

Get into the pool and pick up Grenade Normal Ammo, swim over to the other side opening, you can't climb up into the room above, it's a little high. Get out of the pool from the opening you entered by, look on a wall for crack, jump to grab it and shimmy to the right side around the pool until you reach the next room. Kill the soldier then head inside the room, there're two short passages in front of you, climb onto the block from the left side to get some Shotgun Ammo. Proceed into the passage and pick up the flares, also there's a closed brown door that I never found how to open. Turn and get out of the passage, climb onto the block from the right, pick up the Shotgun. Keep over the crawlspace, turn and grab the edge, then drop down the long pit into the canal below, short swimming forward and guess what--end of the level.