Level by Kurtis

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara looking like a Klingon. Save, slide and jump forward, try to grab the west ledge, pull up to collect MP5 with clips, drop into the pool below, climb out from the water and go west. Save again and simply sprint over the bridge while spiked boulders fall; when at the end, jump forward, grab the sloped wall, drop, grab the edge below and pull inside the alcove. Jump toward the SE breakable tiles and reach the end for a Secret: AT4-HS with 40xRockets. Run and jump to grab the west tile, then take a standing jump to the north tile and grab. Pull up and go one step forward jump to the next tile and continue with a running jump to grab the opposite wall. Climb, move left and keep climbing up to grab the ceiling automatically, a short monkeyswing and drop/grab the crack, shimmy, drop onto the slope and roll/jump to grab the ledge. Take a series of walking tight ropes, then jumping several sloped columns over to the great ledge and grab it but don't pull up. Save, drop onto the last sloped column and jump/grab the ceiling underneath, then monkeyswing. Walk the last tight rope, then grab a tall crack in the wall and shimmy. Climb inside the building.

Found by manarch2: For another Secret, the Uzis, jump into the right sloped part.

Now hop on a mound, enter the north opening and follow the wooden bridge. Climb the north alcove and pull a lever to flood the room with water and this will help you to reach the south passage. Go to the end and jump to the great ledge, collect The Golden Mask from the center pedestal. While the ceiling collapses, go stand with your back to the south edge and make the jump backwards trick (drop while pressing ctrl) to land into an alcove. Note: from now on earthquake will not stop until the end, so try to stay cool. Jump south and follow the passage, drop into a tunnel and time the spiked boulder to reach the top, grab the west tall wall and climb into a crawlspace. Reach a room with green deadly water, your goal is jumping those blocks around until the last one in the middle and finish with a jump to the west. Trigger a spiked boulder, then follow up the passage, then hop west and slide, kill a bunch of dogs and reach the south edge.

Take a running jump to land onto a lower ledge next to east wall, jump the next ledge and follow the wooden bridge but not to the end. Just before the passage make the jump backwards trick to land into an alcove underneath. Go inside, grab the rope to pass the gap and then use your hand in a tiny hole. Return back, take a curve jump to north ledge, then jump the next ledge, continue with a long running jump to the NE ledge and climb up the wall. Reach again the far wooden bridge and this time go to the end, climb the raising block and jump over to the north opening. Follow the passage until the end and jump/grab the crawlspace, pull inside then climb up the wall. By climbing the next wall and exiting through the hole the level ends.