Level by WCookie

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start by standing on the bridge. Go west side to climb into the room, kill the bat and pull the lever to the north. Jump into the water and swim towards the east through the door you opened. Take next turn south to the end and pull the lever, swim back and through the open door into a room and pull the north lever, then exit through south hole. Crawl into a crawlspace until the end, drop into the water to collect a large medipack and Object. Back and go through the north doorway, pass the spikes and drop into the right trench, use object at the north wall to raise a block. Push the block on tile west to open the high door in the east wall, climb there and push another block to the end. Go to the next trench and push the block on tile east to open the north door. Climb the north block for small medipack, then go through the door. Watch the rolling ball trap, kill three small scorpions and exit.

Ahead is a dark place, drop to the ground and go north, kill the crocodile on your way and climb the wall into orange room. Pull the jumpswitch to open door somewhere. Now push two blocks from both sides on front tiles and both will raise, then push them on the tile at the back and this will open door in the SW corner. Collect shotgun shells and leave this room, back at the ground and push the SE block. Go through the door you opened, jump into the water to find a Skull in a west alcove. Back outside, climb the SW block, jump/grab the north wall and climb up. Go to the west, jump over the gap, then jump/grab the column and climb up. Press the button, then back to the bridge and climb the raising block. Press another button then enter the blue room. Note: if you will use the skull here you only open the east door to take uzis and then you're stuck. However, climb into the high crawlspace and crawl through the door you opened into a room with three blocks. Push the north block to take large medipack, then push the south block to reveal the real place for placing the skull. Back to the orange room, back door is open now. Press the button to flood the whole place, swim out and if you want you can take the Shotgun from NW alcove, then climb out the north ledge. Pull into the alcove with switch at the end and this will be the end.