Lara's Student Crib, 1986

Level by Lara Severi

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start after a short flyby ends. You are standing in some kind of an apartment. Kick open the nearby door and find an empty bedroom. Head north down the corridor over the kitchen but kick/open another door. Enter the bedroom for shotgun ammo, and if you kick open the next door you find only an empty shower. Go out and keep going down, kick open the next bedroom door, enter for flares and keep proceeding west. Deep in the room open the sauna and relax from a long day at work. Time for coffee, go back to the kitchen, collect the medipack from the north-west corner, then climb up on the counter next to the freezer and pick up the Crowbar. Now climb the microwave and pull down the trapdoor for climbing up into the attic. Shooting the can gives you nothing. However, use the crowbar to open the west blue door and enter the room. Get the shotgun, then go back to the kitchen.

Follow back to the start and climb the counter, pick up the Lasersight and Crossbow normal ammo. Take the south corridor and kick open the door, there's only an empty shower. Kick open the GYM door and later use the crowbar to open the next blue door and you have some free time for sports activities. If you sweat, well now is the time for refreshing. Go back to the corridor and kick open the pool door, enter an empty pool. Head over to the east curtain and pass to a mirror room (I think it's for aerobics). Anyway, nothing interesting here, so go back to the empty pool and head south, kick open the door, enter a small room and pull there a lever to flood water into the pool. Now, since you've already covered the entire apartment, this will be the end of the level (without a "finish" trigger).