Nocturnal Monsters


Level by Siddhesh Karekar (CelticGuard)


Walkthru by Harry Laudie


[Note] The game executable file is called gagabeta.exe. This level has bugs by which you can get more items than you should. I did not use this bug. [End note]



The game starts with a movie. (How can you make these things?) Then the opening screen selection appears. A gem replaces Lara's house. A head replaces the passport.


Lara's House


I found nothing to do here but run through a few rooms. It can be skipped.



Nocturnal Monsters


Lara has blonde hair and a white costume with matching boots and gloves. You start standing on a bed. There are some short green cabinets to your left. Go to the further cabinet and a red wine glass appears at your feet. The cup is white but the wine is red. This was a bug mentioned by reviewers that items appear out of thin air. Pick up the red wine glass. Another bug is that you can save the game and reload and a second wine glass appears. You only need one of them.


Turn around and exit onto an empty outside balcony. Go the left and pull down the wall switch that is hidden behind a tall potted plant. You have to get near the switch from the railing side of the plant. Go back into the bedroom and go to the far left corner. Drop into the open trap door. Follow the tunnel and crawl where the walls change color. Pull up into a large white room. There are five coffins on the floor. Each coffin is labeled as monster. There are two exits doors.


Enter the left door and drop into a shallow pool. Pick up a brown chocolate and a yellow chocolate for secret #1. Return to the room with the coffins.


Enter the right door and see Lars on the bed at the end. Do not run straight for him or the floor and you will catch fire. Run along either wall behind the statue to approach him. Give Lars the red wine and glass key #1 will appear on the floor behind you. Pick up the key and leave the room by the same route beside the walls. Go back through the tunnel and pull up back into the bedroom.


Press a button on the wall near the door and the door opens. Go out the door and you are on the balcony within the house. Go to the right and press the button on the wall to open the door. Enter the room and go to the bookcases. Turn the book switch and pistols magically appear behind you. Run between the chair and short green cabinets and Disco Stick Batteries appear at your feet. Exit this room and go back onto the balcony.


Go back towards the bedroom and follow the other balcony to a door. Press the button on the wall to open the door. Enter the small room and go up the stairs. You enter a large room with a glass floor. Loop around to the left and press the button on the stereo system. Turn around and go the far right corner. Pick up glass key #2 off the floor. Another bug appears here. You can press the stereo button off and on again, save and reload and another glass key appears. Just ignore that feature and leave the room.


Go down the main stairs to the ground floor. Press the button on the wall under the balcony to open the door. Enter the tunnel and see a dead body on the floor. Continue and you are outside the building and in front of a pool. Go to the left wall and climb the column. Pull up onto the roof. Run over the roof to the other side. Pick up a yellow chocolate for secret #2. From the roof, you can run and jump safely into the pool. Swim into the underwater tunnel under the brick diving ledge.


Follow the underwater tunnel and swim over another dead body. Pull up into a basement room. Run near the front of the short green cabinets and flares appear on the floor. You cannot get to the buttons in the alcove. Press the button on the wall near the cabinets. You get a cut scene of a wall opening on the balcony. Return back to the house. Go up the stairs and loop around to the left to find the open wall near the statue.


Use the two glass keys to open the two gates. You enter a dark room with more dead bodies. In the far corner you can see something hanging from a chain. It looks like a stick with a blue gem. There is a moveable box against one wall. Pull out that box and push the box under that item. Hop onto the box and pick up the Disco Stick for secret #3. Get down and go to the tunnel that was hidden by the moveable box.


Step inside and see a fire and water trench at the bottom of the slope. Stand jump to the left and slide down the slope. Near the bottom, jump over the water trench. The water is also deadly. Press the button on the wall to open the door. Enter the door and the gate opens ahead of you. Lars is on an island in the middle of a pool. The water is deadly. Lars will throw fire balls at you. Use the Disco Stick (revolver) to shoot him quickly. His body will spin around in circles on the island. There seems to be no finish trigger. I assume that Lars death is the end of the level.