Secret Org

Level by Lara Severi

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start in a VCI passage. Open the left door and enter the room for clips, then follow the south passage and kill the soldier. Shoot the wooden barrier and crawl into a dark crawlspace. At the end turn around and drop into a room filled with boxes. Open the door and follow the passage, kill the soldier and come to a room with a shallow pool of water in the middle. Go around the pool and reach the south-west corner. Kick in a door and enter the next passage. Kick open the left door and enter a room with six alcoves and shallow water. Pick up medipack from the left side, then head south-east for the crowbar. Back to
the passage and use the crowbar to open the blue door. Kill the soldier ahead and follow the short passage to reach the next room. Notice there are two crawlspaces blocked by a wooden barrier. First shoot the faraway wooden barrier, then kill the dog and crawl for a secret. Pick up the grenadegun super ammo. Now shoot the second barrier and crawl inside, kill the dog, turn to face west and keep crawling forward to reach the ladder. Climb up and backflip into a short passage. Run to the end and open the door, kill the soldier, then pass to the next VCI passage. Use the crowbar to open the blue door.

In front of you is a line of fire. Take a run forward through the fire as fast as you can, pass it and drop into a water hole. Pull out of the water and pick up a large medipack give yourself the health you lost. Climb up the ladder to a room above, head west and pull the ceiling trapdoor. Climb up into a room above and get the Uzis and kill two bats. Open the north door, go a little forward and slide down a few slopes. Crawl west at the exit opening, turn around and drop into a room. Kill the soldier, then go forward but look for a jump switch in the north wall. Pull it to open a brown door further in the passage and come to a room with a pool at the middle. Head east and stand in front of the gap. if you look down you can see a dead soldier at the bottom. However, jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing forward to cross the gap, but before you reach the other side the level ends.