1: Outside the estate.
Lara starts the adventure in the front yard of the Lodge. Quickly dispatch a flying mutant, pickup the shotgun shells to the left of the porch & return back near Lara's starting point. Find the block & push it in, revealing magnum ammo. if you pull the block off to one side, you'll find secret #1(the Uzis). Jump over the spike trap & collect the large med pack at the end of the tunnel. Return to the right side of the building's front, where you'll find a switch that opens the front door.

2: the Living room, Dining room area.
Draw your pistols, run into the living room & do battle with "shotgun baddie". He's kind of numb-acting.  I've noticed that he doesn't move much; seems to stay pretty much in one spot. you'll have to run around him shooting to drop him. Take the shotgun from him when he's expired. Pickup a small med pack over by the piano. In the Dining room, there are Uzi clips to pickup. proceed down the hall to the Library.

3: the Library.
You'll be attacked by the Cowboy. Try to always stay in back of him & blast away! he'll drop the Magnums when he's beaten. use the push able block to jump up on top of the book shelves. There are many pickups up here, including secret #2 (more Uzi clips).  Also a switch which opens a door into the hall.

4: the Grand Hall.
(well, it's not so grand but...) Phaedra's waiting for you in here. She's hard to hit when she's in the air; the better strategy is to "stay out of her way" by sideways jumping & shooting. You may have to stop to replenish your health. Eventually, you'll drop her...

But wait!

She gets back up again; this time she stays grounded, no flying. I find the shotgun useful for knocking her down *permanently*. pickups are: a small health pack & magnum ammo. next, head upstairs. there's a switch that'll open the second door in the Library. Also, Uzi ammo on the floor (in front of the switch). you can jump onto the chandeliers & collect a large med pack & secret #3(more Uzi clips). exit the Hall, go thru the Library &
into the tunnel. best to save Right here!

5: the Courtyard.
before sliding down the slope into the Courtyard, you'll want to top off your health & check on your ammo levels. Slide down the slope, jump over the lava & do battle with the Giant Mutant. There is a "method to the Madness" of fighting him. although the "playing field" seems small; it's not really. if you're quick on your feet & always moving, always shooting, you can take him out. In fact, I only use the pistols myself. You'll get used to "faking out" the Mutant so he'll move where you want him to... there's time to pick up the extra Uzi clips on the corner. Lure him over to the corner opposite the large med pack, then run back & get the med pack. You may have to use the Uzis; use up the Uzi ammo, jump out of his way & SAVE. Return to the game, replenish your health & Save. Return to the game with the Magnums & finish him off. Either way, the first time I ever played the Giant Mutant (in the original TR1) I was completely blown-away by him. For about 2 days, Lara did a lot of "plunging to her death" or "getting flying lessons" from the Giant Mutant. So, after you finish him off (& his "death throes" animations are kind of funny: he stiffens up like he has an "internal hard-on" them explodes into pieces!)  heh heh... Now you can find the door switch Out of this Hellhole! It's in back of the left-hand column (if Lara is facing the "slide hall"). carefully jump onto the (mostly) black floor tile, throw the switch to open the small door and exit the level.

kills 5
pickups 22
secrets 3