Lara starts the level in this room with loads of cupboards. Pick up the small medipack (1) and the large medipack (2) and proceed to the next room. Pick up another small medipack (3) on the sofa and approach the door right in front of it. It will open and lead you to the bedroom. Pick up the Magnums (4) on the floor and activate the lever on the bed. This will open your passage to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, pick up the
magnum clips (5) on the cupboard. Going around it, there are more cupboards and the Shotgun (6) on the floor. When you reach the gargoyle room, pick the bathroom key (7) by the plant. Get back in the corridor and open the door. Inside the bathroom, pick up both shotgun clips (8-9) on the floor and the kitchen key (10). Go to the kitchen and open the door.

Outside, kill the
female lion (1). Climbing over one of those crates, you will find the bath key (11). Get back to the bathroom and open the bath to pick more shotgun shells (12) on the floor. Back outside, push the lever behind one of those plants to open the door to the attic and as you get near it, Pierre will attack you. Dispatch him (he will run away at some point) and enter the attic to terminate some rats (2-7). Right by the door, jump over the little fence (with help of the sloped ceiling, if needed) and pick up the exit key (13). Get back to the gargoyle room, use it and cross the door to finish this level.

End of Level.
Kills: 7
Pickups: 13
Secrets: none