The level starts in that small temple in the end of the original TR1 Lost Valley, and it builds from there. Dive and after a short swim, you will surface in a greenery area with four wolves (1-4). Go up the hill and then slide down a short slope. In this huge pit, there's nothing at the bottom, so you don't need to go down there. Climb the higher column to your right and jump to the next one. Two bats (5-6) will try to bite you here, so just kill them. Keep jumping from column to column until the other side, where you will see a crack in the wall - run and jump to it, so you can shimmy to the left until the end. Drop down, turn around and you'll be in a room with darts and swinging axes.

If you fall from this rock bridge, you'll die - and that's very unlikely to happen, right? Halfway through the bridge, jump to a passage in the right to pick up a
small medipack (1). Jump back and then jump to a flat rock to the left, where you can pick another small medipack (2). Jump back to the bridge and walk to the end. As you cross the wooden fence in the end, you'll enter this lost world and some animals will prove it to you: a crocodile (7), a raptor (8), a wolf (9) and a panther (10). In the water, there's another crocodile (11). Underwater, going to a small greenish tunnel to the left you can pick up some magnum clips (3), and going to the right you'll find yourself in a huge hall with a hole in the middle. Swimming downwards, you will pick up the Magnums (4) and you'll exit in the same pool that you would arrive if you went through the passage to the right of the lost world.

Going down the hill, notice that the whole thing is shaking. Surprise - a big gecko awaits you outside. Get rid of the
T-Rex (12) and cross this part of the valley. Climb up another hill. There's a small area here with nothing to do, suppose it was some kind of sanctuary. Jump to the passage to the right, assuming you're facing the sanctuary, and then cross this valley once again. You will reach a room with several pillars. This room will serve as an arena, for the next fight. Kill the raptors (13-14) and the T-Rex (15), using the walls to protect yourself if needed, and then go to the end of this room to find a switch. Pushing it will open a door that's very near to the entrance. Back there, enter the small room and climb up the altar. Step on the symbol to finish the level.

End of Level.
Kills: 15
Pickups: 4
Secrets: none





Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Start in an enclosed area facing a pool with a waterfall. Dive into the water and swim to the right corner to find a tunnel. Swim though and pull up to a corridor. Go forward to a ledge overlooking a large hall. From here kill four wolves (1,2,3,4). Go down the hall to the end and go left overlooking a pit-like area. Jump to the first pillar and jump back as three bats (5,6,7) attack. I found nothing in the pit-area. Follow the pillars to the left until you reach an apparent dead end. Look right and jump to the crevice on the right wall. Shimmy left to the end and drop down. Slide down an incline and climb up to the area on the right. Watch out for arrows shooting from the wall. Carefully jump through the swinging blades. In the middle flat area between the blades, jump to an alcove on the left to get a small Medi pack (1). Back to the blades and jump right into a room to get a small Medi pack (2). Back to the blades and continue to the end.


Go though the open gate and left to a large open room with a pool. From the room's edge you can kill a crocodile (8), a wolf (9), a panther (10) and a raptor (11). Dive into the pool to lure out a crocodile (12) to kill. I will assume that with the TR1 compass that the white needle is north. In the room there is a large closed gate to the North overlooking the start area. There is a small doorway in the West wall. This leads to a second room with a pool. Dive into the pool and go to the Northeast alcove for Magnum clips (3). Follow to a large underwater hall to the West. In the floor there is a hole in the floor. Swim down the hole and into a large red-colour channel. At the end of the channel pick up the Magnums (4) from the bottom. Continue and swim up into another pool. Pull up into the second room. Above along the wall is a walkway with openings. In the West side is another doorway.


Go through the doorway and at the end of the hallway turn right. Go down the inclines and turn left through a door into a large room with a T-Rex (13). In the room middle is a shallow pit. Above you hangs a rope bridge. At the far side of the room behind some partial fence work is a temple on top of a hill. If you run through the room to the other side you can climb the hill that the T-Rex cannot reach and it can be killed from there. Do not stay in the doorway because if it dies in front of the doorway, you cannot get pass it into the room. Jump to the temple last step since Lara does not want to climb onto the last step. Facing the temple there is an alcove on the left. But it is a dead end. Jump to the platform on the right, go into an alcove and continue to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the corridor into a large room with columns. There is a closed door to the left and the switch on a pillar to the far right. But before you pull the switch you have too kill two raptors (14,15) and another T-Rex (16). Don't kill the T-Rex in the doorway or you are stuck.


Pull the switch to open the door. Enter the room and see a platform with pillars. Jump up and when you run to the middle square with the pink picture the level ends.


End of Level.
Kills: 16
Pickups: 4
Secrets: none