Eye Of Tihucan

Level by Lara's Opa

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a typical Egyptian room. Go to the east side for the Ornate Handle and the door in the north opens. See the stick for the Portal Guardian in the west side, then go forward into the next room. Jump into the pool ahead, dive to the bottom and take the Hathor Effigy nearby the underwater door. Then back to the first room and combine both pieces to get the Portal Guardian and place it on the stick, get the screenshot of an opening underwater door in a pool. Back again to the pool, dive in and swim into the underwater passageway at the end, get out to the room above. Head north-west, watch the dart emitter, then climb up the ladder into a crawlspace, turn left into a Secret Room. Pick up Shotgun with ammo, two medipacks, Uzis with clips and flares. Keep crawling to the end, turn around and drop onto a block, turn around and jump down.

Ahead is an Egyptian room with fountain and flora around and doors in the south side. Head north toward the hole, drop down, grab the glass wall while you hear the spike trap behind you. Move left and grab the ladder, then drop onto the block below, turn north-west and simple jump forward to the next block. Quickly put Lara's hand into the tiny hole as a lot of beetles climb up the block too, then jump back to the high block, grab the ladder again and climb up to get out from there. Go south through the opening doors, pass the blade traps and follow the passage down to the next room.

Notice that you can step onto the marked spikes trap floor and get a slow motion flyby focus on the north wall but what for?? Anyway, climb the grave at the middle, push the cover and take the Pharos Knot. Then go toward the east wall and pull the jumpswitch next to the closed stone door, it will open the door here and also the next stone door in a south wall. First go through the opening door at the south wall. Climb onto the block ahead, take a running jump over the hole with spikes and drop into the next hole. Climb up the ladder into a room above and go place the Pharos Knot in the receptacle. Get back to the room you came from and go through the opening door at the east wall. Follow the marked bridge to cross the deep pit to the other side. As soon as you pick up the Gem, you get fast flyby showing you circular electric current flow on the grave and the level ends.