Walk forwards and explore the great hall. You will immerse in a large room with 4 hallways leading to other rooms. One on each side. Try to remember the hallway where you started. When entering the great room, don't climb on the white blocks, because it will turn Lara into Gold. Take the first hallway to your right. Follow it. You will come to a room with two fences. But both off them are closed. Now turn around and start walking back but look at your left side, there is just around the first corner a little cave. Pickup your first lead bar(1). Now head back to the great room, and take the first passage on your right again. Follow it and you will get to the other side off the fence! Explore... If you walk further you will see that you need 3 gold bars to open something!. Turn around and go into the passage just before the gate and pickup your second lead bar (2). Now go back to the great room and take the first passage to your right. At the back pickup your third and last lead bar (3). Go to the great room again. Now it is time to change the bars from lead to gold. but how? Yes... look for the white block who has two grey lower block beside it. Climb on the lowest grey block and open your inventory. Select the lead bars and press the action button. Lara will convert the lead bar into a gold idol. Now select on the lead bars again and press action again. Do this until every lead bar is turned into a gold idol. Now take the passage which has a low grey block in front of it. At the end of the passage insert the three golden bars in their key locks. As soon as you turn around you will see that the small fence and the other side of the great fence is open. Now we need to go there. The main great room is changed into one gigantic lava room! And you still can't jump on the white blocks!. How to get the left passage on the left side? I have found it! Thanks to Turbo, who gave me the tip. This is what you need to do. You need to jump on the white blocks, but don't stop! Jump, run and jump counter clockwise over the white blocks to the left side passage from where you started. I did it in 100 times, 200 times! I don't know, but it was fun to do. When you are on a grey block save your game. Now jump to the passage and walk forwards. At the fence you can enter the opened door fence. Enter the new hallway and turn left. Now walk to the darkness, ending this test level.

End of the test level.
Pickups: 3
kills: 0
secrets: none