#1: the Cistern

the level starts with Lara dropping into a small pool. climb up onto the landing & shoot the water rat. pull a block away from the corner of the landing to reveal a small med pack. The underwater room below has a closed gate. the switch for it is in the room above, slightly out of view. Lara should (standing on the flat landing) line herself up with a golden-bricked sloping surface & use this to "bounce-jump" sideways across the pool. from here she can jump across, throw the switch & proceed thru a tunnel into the Cistern. there are pickups to find here. shotgun ammo in a small underwater room-watch out for the Croc though- don't think you can kill him; I've never been lucky enough to "lure" him to the surface & shoot him, so best Not to bother.. & also: magnum ammo, a small med pack in a narrow "trench" at the far end of the Cistern room. There is a small underwater tunnel that's gated; don't bother with it for now. Instead, Lara should climb out of the water up onto a sloping spire & use this to -bounce-jump- up to the balcony area. On the upper level, shoot the bats & look for a watery opening in the floor. Swim down this tunnel & find the shotgun & some ammo. Return back up to the upper balcony platform & jump across to a landing near the arched bridge. you'll be attacked by 2 bats (on this bridge). There is a "camera zoom" on the bridge. If it annoys you, either draw your weapons or tap the keypad 0("look") key to return to regular -Lara view- "cameras" can only be seen if Lara's weapons are holstered. Do not worry if you cannot kill all of the bats; this is a small flaw in my level. I did not know how to "use bats" when I built TR1 Villa, (sorry!) anyways, it won't ruin your game if you can't get every one of them. On this bridge, Lara can now jump across to a landing between the iron fencing more bats to shoot. now Lara can jump across to a small platform on the wall. Another -camera view- (sorry, I like this "platform" & use it for Lara to practice her diving skills). but Don't Dive! Instead, jump across to the rose-colored room with the railings & arch. you won't be able to proceed further until you find the switch for the iron door. not to worry, it's in This room, easy to find. As you leave the Cistern area, Lara would have: the shotgun. 8 shotgun shells, 2 small med packs, 2 Magnum clips & the pistols.

#2: the Grotto

Lara will pass by the small iron door into the tall, rusty-colored "grotto" room & be attacked by 3 gorillas. she can dispatch them each with a single shotgun blast or use her pistols for a lively -jumping-shooting- classic Tomb Raider game play. However, I'm kind of *fond* of Jane Good all's work; I have 35 yrs of National Geographic's all over the house & sometimes just blow right thru this room -without- hurting the guys; I like their antics- There is a small med pack to be found here, in a floor level corner room. your plan is to use the spindly "spires" to jump across to the upper landing. When Lara reaches the upper landing, she'll be attacked by 2 bats. *!Kill!* & jump across to where the shotgun shells & large med pack are displayed on a nearby ledge. Jump back to the platform & get ready to...

#3: enter the Villa

Lara will come out into a small courtyard under the night sky & will be attacked by 2 crocs. (the Vagrant does not care for 'gators/sharks/mean fish with BIG teeth as was nearly bit by one of these sonsofwhores as a child...).you have my O.K.- *waste 'em! And there are Bats too. I like bats; they're cunning little creatures; not to be feared but *please* stay  away from them, ok? they carry rabies!... some of the interesting things they do:
#1: they star in a lot of Vampire movies...
#2: sometimes they change into sexy bloodsucking brunettes with really pale complexions & large jiggle breasts... (have I been watching to many old 70's Brit flicks?)
#3: they eat many insects like mosquitoes & houseflies (which is Good).
#4: they enjoy crapping all over your attic (not so good).
#5: they like to fly out of haunted houses at sundown in droves. which is romantic to see, especially if there's a beautiful sunset too. (not so romantic if it happens to be Your House...) however, the Tomb Raider bats should be shot (sorry Jane..) Anyway, back to the courtyard; Lara can jump up onto the roof & find a small med pack & 2 sets of shotgun shells. but, there is No Way for Lara to climb up to the "tower". It was merely placed in there for decoration. So drop back down & proceed thru a small tunnel to a ledge overlooking a much larger courtyard.  You'll get a -zoom camera- view of the gorillas & this courtyard (if your weapons are holstered, that is...)

#4: Villa Mortal

at this point in the game, there are 2 Ways of playing Villa Mortal.  The long or the short version. if Lara proceeds into the big courtyard, she'll find the secrets to end the level (and miss the better half of the game) So let's go with the full version: Lara is standing on the ledge, above a pool, overlooking a large gorilla-infested courtyard. Dive in the pool, there are pickups to find in this pool. swim down a short tunnel into a mossy water room with a croc in it.
(IF, for some reason, you Cannot find a small tunnel to swim down in the large courtyard pool, it's because you're playing an earlier version of Villa Mortal.) download the full version here:
In this mossy poolroom, you can find the Magnums & 2 sets of shotgun ammo. Climbing out of pool, the you'll find a small iron door between the rose-colored pillars. & if you climb up higher, a locked gate at the 2nd floor balcony. And you'll notice 2 lion statues.  What you're really looking for is another underwater tunnel, leading out of this room. find it & swim into a kind of "dolphin pool" room. Climb out & shoot the lion. There will be a switch on one of the pillars at the poolside. However, it simply opens a gate back into the Cistern. You don't need to go there, instead, you'll want to climb upward...
At the end of the first roof you climb, pick up the Uzi ammo & proceed on to the mossy bridge. At this bridge, there's a large med pack under a ledge. drop from this ledge & grab the ledge below to get the med pack. Climb to the top of this room & enter the gold & rose archway.  Lara will proceed up a hill with overhanging branches until she spots an iron grated wall with a view back into the large "gorilla courtyard" .throw the switch on the nearby wall.
You'll see that you want to head back to the "lion statue room". the fastest way is backtrack & dive into the Dolphin pool, swim back up the short tunnel.
Climb up to the 2nd floor balcony & you'll see a tunnel across from the lion statues. This tunnel opens up into the nearby "leafy pool room". you'll have to take care of 4 gorillas here. there's no pickups to find in this room or the pool. Instead, go thru the entrance of the little temple (with the 4 doric columns); Lara will come out into "Diana's room". Diana is one statue that ...Lara won't be lugging off. However, Lara needs to climb to the top of this room, so finish off the 2 lions & start in jumping from column to column. Near the top, throw a wall switch & watch the small iron door below the 2 lions statues open. You'll head back to that room next, but first, there's other things to see.. Jump up onto the highest column & across to the Diana statue. You'll step onto a transport crystal which will drop you far below. In a room with the Uzis (secret #3). Return to Diana's room with the transport crystal & backtrack to the room with the 2 lions statues.

#5: the blue temple

back at the poolroom with the 2 lions statues, run thru the (now) open doorway into a small room with spikes. dodge the spikes, kill a lion & pickup magnum clips & a med pack. Next, Lara will go into a room with a golden pillar in it & a small temple at one end. to reach the temple, pull a golden block out of the wall (it's in the corner, near the pillar) & use it to jump up onto the pillar. there's also a med pack behind where the block was.  On the pillar, jump across to slot. do a running "grab jump" & shimmy sideways until you get to the temple. climb up into a mossy outside corridor. You should come out into the room with the blue temple. Lara will be attacked by 4 crocs here. After you finish them, there's a large & small med pack to find in this room. there's also a switch on one of the blue blocks. it'll open the tall grille door & let you out of the room. You'll "backtrack" to the large gorilla courtyard this by going thru the grille door & back to the landings high above the dolphin pool... Instead of making the "high dive" into the dolphin pool; at the top of this room, look for a tunnel in the corner. this will take you up a cavern & let you out onto the roofs above the gorilla courtyard. If you want to explore the roofs, there's a "collapsible floor tile" hanging mysteriously in air...use it to jump across to the next roof. there's ammo here.  You can now dive down into the small pool in the gorilla courtyard. explore the rooms on either side of the courtyard... You'll face a series of jumps over spikes in one of these rooms. it's a "3 bounce jump & grab" over the spikes. Jump to a corner & pull the switch(& more Uzi ammo). you can leave this spike room by going over to the block where you "bounce jumped & grabbed". use the far side of this block to let yourself down into the spikes. walk thru the spikes then jump up onto the landing & out of this room! you'll have 2 more gorillas to blow away before you can run thru the (now open door) & into the ending room.

hope you enjoyed this level; thanks for playing it!

The reason that it has "the short OR the long way to play this level" is because I added to the level one year later, Kevin May 24,2004




Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Slide down an incline and fall into a pool. Swim quickly to a ledge to kill a swimming rat (1). Pull the movable block beside you and go behind it for a small Medi pack (1). Facing the pool, do a curved jump to a platform on the right. Pull the switch there and an underwater gate opens. Swim through the door and a tunnel into a large water filled room [Room 1]. Swim up and surface to the left [East] and pull up. Below this area is a trench where you find a small Medi pack (2) and Magnum clips (3). Below that swim into a submerged building and pick up shotgun shells (4) from the floor. There is a crocodile swimming about but I couldn't lure it out to kill it. You also see some slots that you can't swim through. In the Northwest wall there is a tunnel ending in a closed gate.


Go to the West end and pull up onto a pillar at the water level. Run/jump to a pillar to the North. Jump and jump/grab at a platform. Run into a large room and kill four bats (2,3,4,5). Go to the room on the right and dive into the water in the Northeast corner. Swim down and you are in the room behind the crocodile. Pick up shotgun ammo (5) and a shotgun (6) [secret #1] before you swim back. Go back to the ledge with the bats. Jump to a platform on the left. Cross the bridge and turn around to kill two bats (6,7). Go back and jump into the door on the right. Enter a large room and kill four bats (8,9,10,11). Go through the other door and jump to a platform on the left. Then jump south to a ledge in front of some steps. Go up the steps to the right and pull a switch on the wall. The gate in the end of the room opens. Enter the gate and go right down into an open area [Room 2]. Go to an alcove in the left to get a small Medi pack (7) and kill a gorilla (12). Exit and go to the South side of the area. Kill two gorillas (13,14) and climb a pillar on the South wall.


Jump to a pillar to the east but not too far or you drop into a spike bit. Angle a jump/grab to a pillar to the North. Climb the pillar beside it. Jump to the next two pillars. On the last pillar jump East to a section to pick up a large Medi pack (8) and shotgun shells (9). Jump to the platform to the right and run into the corridor. Kill two bats (15,16) and enter a room. There is a fatal pit to the left. Kill two crocodiles (17,18) and four bats (19,20,21,22). Climb the stairs on the right wall and jump to the roof platform with a curving left jump. Jump straight and you fall onto the spikes below.  You can see an area above the roof but you cannot climb up there from here. Follow the roof to the left, killing three bats (23,24,25), to get to the East side. Pick up a small Medi pack (10) and shotgun shells (11). Get back down and go through the gate. Go down the stairs and go left. Follow to a ledge that overlooks a large open area [Room 3] and a pool. From here you can kill two rats (26,27) swimming in the pool and four gorillas (28,29,30,31) running around. Dive into the pool and pick up a large Medi pack (12) below the entrance. There is a underwater tunnel in the west wall.


Swim into the tunnel and follow to a partially submerged room [Room 4]. Swim straight across and a little to the right to find a hole in the floor against the far wall. Dive down the hole and pick up the Magnums (13) [secret #2]. Go the Southeast corner to lure out a crocodile (32). When it is dead go back to the corner for shotgun shells (14). Pull up on the West side. There is a closed gate behind you and a closed gate to the Southeast on the second floor. In the Northwest corner there is a hole and you can swim into and down at the end and follow a tunnel to a pool. Climb out into the room [Room 5] and kill a lion (33). On the nearby pillar is a switch that opens the underwater gate back to an first room you were in [Room 1]. Go the Southwest corner to a mound. From there pull up to a platform. Run/jump to a platform to the North and to a roof, Follow the roof to the far left to pick up Uzi clips (15). Return to the first bridge structure and go right. Jump to a block on the other side and jump to the roof on the right. Jump to the ledge on the right and follow up some inclines to a large room with a switch at the end. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of a gate opening on the second floor in the earlier room [Room 4]. Notice on the way back that there is a closed gate over a spike trap. Go back out and jump to the left ledge. Go to the corner into an alcove. Follow the tunnel slopes upwards and exit overlooking the first area [Room 3]. Go left over the roofs until you see a breakable tile floating in the air. Jump to it and run/jump to the far roof. Continue to the right to the other roof to pick up Magnum clips (16). Continue over the roofs and eventually pick up a small Medi pack (17).


Dive into the water and through the tunnel to Room 4. Surface and climb the slope on the far wall. Jump left over blocks and pull up into the open gate. Follow around counter clockwise to the end and there is tall dark opening on the right. Go into the opening and down some stairs in a dark hall into an open area with a pool. Kill four gorillas (34,35,36,37) you see around the area. Go to an area left of the pool and see some dark leaves on the East wall. Walk through them into a cave. See more leaves to walk through and reach an alcove overlooking large room. Notice the spike trap at the bottom. Get to the floor and kill the two lions (38,39).  Go up the stairs on the West wall and continue right to the highest level. Turn right and jump over some columns until you reach the switch. Pull the switch to get a cut scene of the gate opening back in Room 4. Also from here you notice that the tree on the ground was actually a giant statue of a woman. My thanks to the reviewer Avmaster for this next tip. Make sure you have full health for the next jump. Notice that the statue has a bar over the left breast. Jump to the platform behind you and jump to the statue's right breast. Grab and shimmy right and pull up. You slide down a series of slopes and land at the bottom into a large room. Pick up two Uzi clips (18,19) from one corner. In another corner pick up the Uzi's (20) [secret #3]. In the far side is the same bar on the floor. Run to the bar and you are transported back to the column by the switch. Return the way you came or slide to the right and up the blocks to the entrance. Back through the leaves, the pool area, and the tunnel back to Room 4. Go to the open gate at the water's ledge and go in.


Follow a tunnel to exit into a room with spikes on the floor. Kill a lion (40) and go to the area behind the spikes to the right for a small Medi pack (21) and Magnum clips (22). Go to the left of the spikes into a room and kill a flying gorilla (41). You see the shadow on the ground and he drops from the sky. Pull a movable block from the Southeast corner and pick up a small Medi pack (23) that was behind it. Put the movable block near the column and get to the top, Turn to the East and jump to grab a crevice. Shimmy right to the end and drop down. There is nothing on the ledge so pull up into an alcove on the East wall. Follow the twisting tunnel into an open area with blocks, some steps and a closed gate. Kill four crocodiles (42,43,44,45) and pick up a small Medi pack (24) from the top of the far right steps. In the far right corner there is a large Medi pack (25). Pull the switch on a block and the gate opens. Go in but be careful of the spike trap.


Down the inclines and into Room 5. From here either go left over ledges and a tunnel to Room 3 and carefully drop down. Or dive in and swim though Room 4 and back into Room 3 and pull up. You are back to Room 3. There is a closed gate at the end and openings on both sides. Go to the East opening and pick up a small Medi pack (26). Go to the West opening. Use the slopes to jump over the spikes and land on a flat ledge. Pick up shotgun shells (27) and jump over the spikes to the South. Pick up a large Medi pack (28) and pull the switch on the wall to get a cut scene of the gate opening and a gorilla charging out. Jump to a slope and slide down to grab the edge. Drop into the spikes and then walk through them to the exit door. Jump the ledge and pull up. Run and jump on a block and kill the gorilla (46). Go through the gate and kill a gorilla (47) if it did not exit earlier. As you approach the blue door the level ends.


End of Level.
Kills: 16
Pickups: 28
Secrets: 3 out of 3