Tomb of Death

Level by Lara's Opa (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

drop from the sky into a large enclosed area. Go west and hop onto a flat tile on the pyramid so that you do not slide down. Stand jump onto two more flat tiles to the south-west. Then a final stand jump into the open doorway. Enter and run down the left side of the slope. At the bottom, side jump to the right to avoid a falling spike ball. There are actually two spike balls, but this route only triggers one of them. Go back up to the top of the slope and run down the right side to trigger the right spike ball. Go back to the top of the slope and climb the ladder at the east wall. At the top, back flip into a tunnel. Go to the end to pick up the Pharos Knot.


Go down to the bottom of the slope. Jump over the spike balls and grab the wall ladder. Climb the wall ladder and pull up. Go to the west and look up for a ledge above your head. Pull up and see two closed doors that require two items.  Turn around and pull up to a higher ledge to the east. Pick up a small medipack and the shotgun from the ledge. Enter the east tunnel and follow it to the end.  Pick up the Horseman's Gem and return to the ledge with the closed door. Use the Pharos Knot to open the south door. Then use the Horseman's Gem and you hear a door opening inside the corridor.


Enter the corridor and go to the open doors at the end. Step onto the ledge and get a flyby of the room showing you a button that you have to reach. The flyby went into a continuous loop. To stop it, I saved the game and exited the game. Then I restarted the game and loaded the last savegame and the flyby had stopped. Go to the west side of the ledge and safety drop to a lower ledge. Run, jump, and grab another ledge to the west. Jump to the ledge at the west wall and go north. Stand jump to grab the climbable wall and climb to the top. Jump to another north ledge and enter the room. Push the big button and exit. The room is filled with water. Dive in and swim into the underwater tunnel in the north wall.


Swim to the end and pull up to a ledge. Pick up a large medipack and climb the north wall. Pull up at the top and into a tunnel. Ahead of you is a closed door. Enter the side tunnel. Turn to the right and pick up a crossbow and you hear the door opening. You also awaken a skeleton that you can shoot off the ladder. Enter the room and see four floor levers at the west wall. Use all four and turn to see that a wall has risen and revealed a closed door. Go to the north wall and the floor rises beneath you. Enter an alcove at the top and push the big button. Pick up the crowbar from the floor.  Safety drop to the floor and enter the east tunnel.


In the maze below, "B#" is a big button, "F#" is a floor lever, "D#" is an associated door that opens, and "HE" is the Hathor Effigy.



When you exit the maze, go into a dark east tunnel and pry the Golden Star from its holder. Go south and drop into water. Pull up into an east tunnel. Go forward and enter a room with sloped sides. Just sprint forward to the end and let the spikes balls roll behind you. When they have stopped, go back to the south-west corner. Go between the two steam blowers, turn around and look up. Grab the climbable wall and climb up into an alcove. Push the big button and safety drop down into the room. Run for the open east door and enter a small room. Pull the tower back two west tiles and one north tile. The block in the north-east corner moves into the wall to reveal a tunnel.


Follow the tunnel to a room of stairs. Run up the stairs and enter another tunnel. Watch out for wall darts and follow this tunnel to a slope. Run down the slope and drop into a room. There is a hole with a pole in the middle of the room. The pole is hard to see and is invisible from some viewing angles. Just grab the edge of the hole, release and grab the ledge below. You see a closed door. Safety drop into the next room below and notice the mirror on the south side. There is a tempting revolver on a spike trap. Look in the mirror and work your way to the east wall. Pick up the Ornate Handle on a safe tile near the mirror. Use the Golden Star and you hear a door open. Get back to the pole and climb up to the section with the open door.


Follow the tunnel to a room with a post. Make the Portal Guardian and use it on the post. A wraith may bother you, but there is a bird statue in the east tunnel. Enter the east tunnel and slide down the slope. The level ends by crashing to the desktop.