Little Adventure

Level by Yoav

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Shatter a vase in front of you, enter a large room and stand in the SW corner. Face S and jump left once. You should land in front of the invisible passage through the wall. Pull up and proceed through a corridor until you turn left to pull the lever switch. It opens the door in a place you started the game from, so backtrack there and enter a new area. Notice a closed door on your right and a vase on your left: shatter it and get behind it. Follow the next corridor and see two junctions again. You can destroy some more vases in the closer one, but you have to choose the latter one if you want to find another switch hidden in a vase. Pull it and get back to the area with the latest closed door. Now it's open, so go through it.

Enter a long corridor. Run through it, passing by TWO closed doors on your right (the latter of them is located at the end of a quite long passage). At the very end of the corridor, pull a lever switch and backtrack to the first of the two doors you passed by. Enter it and be patient while passing a linear set of rooms, corridors and crawlspaces. You can't get lost in here. When you find a junction at the very end of this rush, pull a switch and proceed farther through a newly open door. Behind it, you will find another corridor and a strange, inaccessible pedestal. Ignore it and pull a switch located in the next room. And yet another one behind yet another next room, in which you can see a TR3 statue of the monkey-like monster. Go through a wall on the right of this sculpture and proceed through the two last open doors. See the writing on the floor saying "THE END"? Stand on it. Unfortunately, nothing happens as there is no finish trigger.