Western Wall


Level by Yoav Siton (May 2010)


Walkthru by Harry Laudie


You start in a dark tunnel. There is a closed gate behind you. Go forward and shoot the vase. Pick up the crossbow and crossbow explosive ammo. Follow the tunnel to a large hall with many columns. You may see two closed gates in the side walls. Shoot the three mummies walking towards you. Continue east ands notice a north side hall with closed gates. Continue to the east wall and pick up flares before getting into the green-lit hole. You slide down a slope and land in a dark tunnel.


You cannot go to the left but you can see a floor level in that room. Go to the right and turn right into a short dark tunnel. Pull up into a crawl space. You can see two exits. First go to the right and stand up in a dark room. Pull back the north-west corner statue and pick up a large medipack for secret #1. Exit the room back into the crawl space. Crawl south and stand up. Pull up onto a block and enter a tunnel. Shoot two scorpions and follow the tunnel. You should hear some warning music. Run and jump over a fire trap hole in the tunnel floor. Turn left and use the floor lever. You hear a gate open.


Follow the tunnel and enter a room with steps. Follow the steps to the bottom and enter another tunnel. You are at a junction. Go west to drop into a room. Use the floor lever and hear a gate open. Climb out and follow the south tunnel. Go to the end and shoot a vase for a small medipack. Climb the north wall and pull up into the hall with the columns. Cross the hall onto an open gate and use the floor lever. Behind the gate to the left is where you started. You can see another area between the gaps in the wall. Exit back to the hall and go east.


Drop into the lower hall to the north. Go to the back and enter the open gate. Ignore the side tunnel with the closed gate. Go to the end and pull up onto the north ledge. Slide down a slope in a large cave. Shoot three scorpions that approach you. Go north to near the end of the cave. Drop into a hole at the east wall. Get into a crawl space and pick up a large medipack for secret #2. Get back into the cave. Drop into a dark hole in the west wall. Get into a lower tunnel and pick up flares. Follow the tunnel down some steps to a junction. Go east and climb the wall. Pull up and run forward to drop into a hole. Pick up the Hand of Sirius off the floor. Pull up on the east side and pick up flares. To the south is the dark cave. Climb back down the wall to the junction.


Follow the west tunnel to a large room. Go south and see a receptacle for a different item. Use a flare and see three supporting columns at the west wall. Climb the green north side of the middle column. Climb a bit and shimmy around the column to the left. Climb again and shimmy to the left at the top. Drop into an upper alcove. Pick up the Hand of Orion off the floor. Drop from the alcove and get back into the room. Go south and use the Hand of Orion in the receptacle to open the large door. Enter the open door.


Go up the steps at the east wall. Hop into another room and shoot two scorpions. Follow the room around and pass a closed door. Go to the north-west corner and drop into a hole. Use the floor lever and return to the closed door. Place the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle on the south wall and the door opens. Drop into a hole and use a floor lever to the north. You hear a gate open. Go south and return to the room where you started.


Go east and enter the open gate. Drop into a room with three floor levers. Use the middle floor lever and hear a gate open. The other two floor levers did not seem to do anything. Exit back into the hall and go north. Enter the tunnel and this time go to the right. Go through the open gate into a large outdoor area. Go into the north-east corner and a gate opens for you. Run down the dark tunnel and the level ends.