Abu Simbel

Author: Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough: Lucas

(Unauthorized) Walkthrough

Our adventure starts with Lara sliding down into the entrance to the temple of Abu Simbel. Notice the four huge statues and a door in the middle of them. As you approach this door, a group of desert ninjas will strike.

Dispatch them and climb up the ledge to the right of the door. There's a Cleopatra sculpture on the wall you can climb up, do it and jump to the right, over the legs of the statue, to find SECRET
- the Shotgun. Jump back and climb up to the higher ledge, grab the edge, let go and grab the jumpswitch just beneath. This opens the door to the temple and you'll fall right in front of it. Get in.

In the entrance hall, kill a few bats and proceed to the next room, full of statues. Go to the SW entrance and find a jumpswitch in the far end of the room. Return to the statues hall and head to the two entrances on the N wall. On the right, push the lever on the far wall to open a door nearby and
pick up the torch on the pedestal. Light it up on the left entrance.

(NOTE: This torch has no actual use through the level, since there are no flares to pick up, you should use it to light your way through the temple). The lever you just threw opened the central door in the W wall. Get there and jump past the squashing wall. As you go upstairs you will see another door opening. The vase on the right alcove is a trap,
the other one has a medipack inside.

Return to the statues hall and proceed through the new opening to the left. Ignore the first entrance and take the second. Time your way through the squishy wall and push the lever. This retracts the spikes in the passage you just ignored, so head back there and throw the jumpswitch. Get back to the
central entrance room and the door straight ahead is now open. As you enter, shatter the vases and pick up a Shotgun.

The Ramses II' Amulet is on the pedestal, right there. As you approach it, though, a demigod will attack you from behind. After dealing with him, pick up the quest object and immediatly backflip as a boulder will fall right on your head. The temple is collapsing, so you better save your game now. Your goal now is to get back outside alive. In the next room a cutscene will show lots of boulders falling down, trace a safe path until after the squishy block.

You are, then, back to the statues hall. Take a right to enter the SW wall where you can find SECRET #2 - the Grenade Gun, in the far entrance. Head back and if you run in a straight line from the 'door' until the opposite wall you won't have any surprise. The entrance hall is just to your left, rush to the outside (a boulder will block the
entrance as you cross it) and a new band of ninjas has shown up. Deal with them and exit the level through the trench on the NE corner.

End of Level
Secrets: 2