Level by Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara standing on a large basis, one step over the pedestal and take the Scroll of Eternity, look over the NE corner wall, you'll see a closed door. Head forward through open door in front of you into the passage, when you get to middle way you feel and hear an earthquake. Turn to right corner it's end of the passage, no way to proceed and pass the lava. Back to the room, the other door is open now, go through the passage past the room, then take sprint over the next room to avoid from a spiked boulder trap at the entrance.

Climb onto the rock, run jump and grab the crack in a wall front of you, shimmy right to a place that you can stand and drop down onto a rocky ledge. Facing to the wall behind you and climb up, backflip and you land onto a rock. Turn face to the opening, run and jump forward to next rock, don't stop and quickly get in the passage to avoid from a spiked boulder trap. Pick up the shotgun and ammo from left side alcove, skeleton will show up from the floor. Keep forward and quickly pick up medipack and ammo from next alcove at the right side, climb the stairs and at the top flyby will show you the next hall.

First crawl into a crawlspace at the west wall, in a room the camera changes position to camera angle. Go and stand onto the red face tile with bone and let the skeleton to hit on a bone, this action will open the closed door. Get in the passage and pick up the Ornate Handle, back to the hall.
Drop into the pit, get the shotgun ammo, then climb onto the block and shoot on the jug, get more ammo, head over the east wall, climb on the block and enter the lava room.

Pass the lava by jump/sliding onto two rocky slopes and land on the rocky block, run jump forward over the floor, turn to east and run jump toward the place with Hathor Effigy on pedestal. Take running jump over the rocky block, the lava tile there is not burning so you can land close there and climb onto the rock. Face to rope, run jump and grab it, swing over the ground and back to the hall. Combine the Ornate Handle and Hathor Effigy and get the Portal Guardian, place it on the stick to open the door nearby.

Enter in a big hall, walk on the stone ledge, a white ghost will start flying after you. Drop down onto the ledge below and pick up shotgun ammo, stay on this ledge and run a long way to the other side where you see a small statue to get rid of the ghost. Back to beginning ledge and drop onto the top of the high pillar, get the revolver and ammo. Face to north and take standing jump toward the ledge, go left side and drop down to ledge below, head forward and pick up medipack at the end. Turn back a few steps, then take running and jump over the ledge with the high pillar, get the flares. Before you drop down to ground, run jump and grab the rope, swing over the small ledge. Crawl into a secret place, pick up flares and revolver ammo, now crawl out and drop to the ground.

Get rid of two skeletons, look for star receptacles, go around and see closed door at the south wall. Head over the opening at the north side, climb on a half block to enter to room with many tiles and spiked boulders hanging from the ceiling. Light flare to see better the star you need on the north wall. Pick up the Crowbar at the E corner, proceed forward to other side to pull the lever floor to release the spiked boulder up above the half block. Go easily over this block, climb onto it, then use the crowbar to get the Golden Star.

Place the star, flyby will show the door is open, go over there and enter the passage. Turn to the right and run faster in the passage as spiked boulder is rolling after you, turn to left side and once again left into the passage, another spiked boulder starts rolling after you. Run over the half block, climb onto it and save the game. Go few steps forward and look over the ceiling for row of spiked boulders, run fast as you can to pass this passage traps. Climb on the wall up into an crawlspace, past the short passage ahead and climb up the wall into the next crawlspace, at this point the level will get to the end.